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2008-09/10 - Reversing Cancer, The Easy Way

Thanks to Carolyn Trimmer for facilitating these interviews. Anyone diagnosed with Cancer is served to hear all these through prior to considering how to proceed reversing their symptoms.

Eventually I'll have an outline for these and as you listen, keep a list of each part and what you find most interesting. Email these to me and I'll start an outline.

Divine Purpose Audios

Here's a list of several recent audios related to Divine Purpose, Divine Work & Sacred Commerce. Chronologically the first audio in these series is from our Conscious Marketing Round Table which is a group of 200+ Conscious Meetup Group Organizers. This audio really started crystallizing my thoughts about how to organize and share the practical application of how to Discover Your Divine Purpose, then proceed to Designing Your Divine Work so you can enjoy Living Well Doing What You Love, All Day, Every Day.

As Spirit moves you, track all our Divine Purpose Activities by joining http://RadicalHealth.com/meetup for events, http://DavidFavor.com/facebook/purpose for content and http://DavidFavor.com/RoundTable for implementing your Divine Work. If you join our Round Table you must answer all questions to be considered for membership.

Kicking Diabetes, The Easy Way
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2008-08-06 - Raw Spirit Radio - Laura Fox interviews, David Favor, Lisa Persico, Michael Goode
2008-07-31 - Perfect Weight, The Easy Way, Part 2 - Lisa Persico interviews David Favor
2008-07-29 - Super Foods 101 Part 2 - Todd & Steph interview David Favor
  1. Introduction
  2. What's Really Raw
  3. All About Cooked & Raw Agave Nectar
  4. Call Overview
  5. Weight Verses Inches & Cells As Balloons
  6. Perfect Elimination With Fiber & Alkaline pH
  7. Perfect Weight, The Easy Way
  8. Addressing Root Causes Rather Than Symptoms
  9. Reversing Diabetes, The Easy Way
  10. Youthing & Longevity, The Easy Way
  11. Why Doctors Are Out of The Loop
  12. 3 Key Questions to Consider Before Taking Advice
  13. Todd's Super Food Experience
  14. Why Super Foods Only Work For Some People
  15. Getting Started With Raw Super Foods, The Easy Way
  16. Questions & Answers
    • Super Foods & Gluten Considerations
    • Why We Dropped Angstrom Minerals
    • Measuring pH, Food Combining, Botanical Verses Fish Oil EFAs
    • Measuring pH Revisited, Juicing, Sprouting, Super Foods
    • Colonics Verses Salt Flushes Verses Groceries
2008-07-24 - Raw Food, The Easy Way, Part 2 - Jenya Hampton interviews David Favor
2008-07-22 - All About Raw Spirit Fest - David Favor interviews Happy Oasis
2008-07-22 - Perfect Weight, The Easy Way, Part 1 - Lisa Persico interviews David Favor
  1. Rapid Cycling & Weight Verses Inches
  2. Painless Detox is the Only Good Detox
  3. Lisa Persico's Personal Slimming Experience
  4. Groceries Verses Supplements, Remedials & Add-ons
  5. Quickstart Approach for Fast Energy, Mood, Beauty & Body Sculpting
  6. How Chocolate Bliss Works
  7. The Radical Health Cacao Product Difference
  8. Sugar Metabolism & Perfect Weight
  9. Importance of Product Source & Following Directions
  10. Calories Verses Nutrients
  11. Nutrient Buckets, Rebooting Biological Intelligence & Adaptive Eating
  12. The Protein Myth
  13. Q&A: Candida, Immunity, Spleen/Pancreas Function
  14. Q&A: Importance of Pure MSM
  15. Q&A: Power of Salt & Displacing Microbial Intelligences
  16. Q&A: Chocolate Bliss & Nut Milks
  17. Q&A: Niacin Flushes
2008-07-20 - Atlanta After The Feast Talk - David Favor answers Jenya Hampton's Group's Questions
  1. Natural State Salt, Nori Wraps, Caloric Density to Nutrient Density Upgrades
  2. Determining Amounts of Foods to Eat
  3. Rapid Hair Regeneration, The Easy Way
  4. Challenges with Nut Butters
  5. Excipients, Juicing, Shelf Life
2008-07-18 - Performance Athletics - Brandon Horak interviews David Favor
  1. Why Couch Potatoes Outlive Performance Athletes
  2. How I Gained 40 lbs in 30 days
  3. All About Strength Verses Mass
  4. Protein Myth, Sustained Energy
    This long audio will eventually be available as individual clips
2008-07-17 - Raw Food, The Easy Way, Part 1 - Jenya Hampton interviews David Favor
  1. David Favor - Short Bio
  2. Radical Health - Short Bio
  3. Raw Food & The Negatives of Persistent Immune/Sinus/Respiratory Challenges
  4. Raw Food & Maintaining Consistent Weight
  5. Raw Food & The Negatives of Persistent Detox Symptoms & Fasting
  6. Which Expert is Right? No approach is right all the time, for all people, in all situations.
    Some approaches are right, sometimes, for some people, in some geographic areas.
  7. Quick Cacao Overview
  8. Reversing Fibromyalgia, The Easy Way
  9. Consistent Vitality, Weight & Body Sculpting
  10. Rebooting Biological Intelligence & Adaptive Eating
  11. Blue Green Algae Options
2008-07-16 - Super Food Alchemy - Courtney Taylor & Isaac Clay interview David Favor
  1. Super Foods Defined
  2. Cacao - King of Super Foods
  3. Kicking Drugs, The Easy Way - Part 1
  4. Cacao Caffeine Chemistry & Toxicity - Part 1
  5. Chocolate Bliss Alchemy
  6. Vanilla Agave Nectar Alchemy
  7. Cacao & Vanilla Synergist Alchemy
  8. Rain Forest Rush Alchemy
  9. Kicking Drugs, The Easy Way - Part 2
  10. The Woes of Alkaline Water
  11. Fiesta Mole Alchemy
  12. Q&A: Dogs, Chocolate & Caffeine
  13. Q&A: Rain Forest Bliss as an Ayahuasca Upgrade
  14. Q&A: Kicking Diabetes, The Easy Way
  15. Cacao Caffeine Chemistry & Toxicity - Part 2 - With Lisa Persico on 2008-06-14
  16. Cacao Caffeine Chemistry & Toxicity - Part 3 - With Courtney Taylor on 2007-12-20

This interview started out to be about Cacao Alchemy and quickly evolved into an overview of Radical Health Super Food Synergists.

As we covered the Raw Food Synergists - Chocolate Bliss, Vanilla Agave Nectar, Rain Forest Rush, Fiesta Mole & Sun Fire Salt - this interview returned or crossed through balancing chemical use.

Upscaling use of both pharmaceutical drugs and sacramental drugs was covered in detail.

Clips 4, 15 & 16 are of particular interest as these clips cover why most Cacao products are toxic, how our Cacao products are different and how you can test your Cacao products to determine their effects.

2008-07-15 - Super Foods 101 Part 1 - Todd & Steph interview David Favor
  1. Introduction
  2. David Favor - Short Bio
  3. Salt, Water, Hydration, Alkaline pH & Nutrients
  4. Outcome Modeling of Truth in Action
  5. The 5 Hurdles for Going & Staying Raw
  6. Bypassing Hurdle 1, The Easy Way - Heat & Dry
  7. Bypassing Hurdle 2, Staying Raw, The Easy Way - Nutrient Density
  8. Bypassing Hurdle 3, The Easy Way - Overeating Nutrients
  9. Bypassing Hurdle 4, The Easy Way - Psycho-Spiritual Healing
  10. Bypassing Hurdle 5, The Easy Way - Divine Blueprint Expression
  11. Beyond Greens Into Super Foods
  12. Beyond Perpetual Detox Into Rebuilding
  13. Nutrient Bucket Health Model
  14. Strength Building, The Easy Way
  15. Product Quality Low Down
  16. Your Mastery of Super Food Alchemy
  17. Two Great Health Stories
  18. Q&A: Beyond Astrology, Ayurveda & Blood Type Symbol Systems
  19. Q&A: Eating Power Greens
  20. Q&A: Biological Intelligence Continuum
  21. Q&A: Regrown Thumb With Chia & Super Foods
  22. Q&A: Rebooting Immunity to Reverse Hashimoto's & Other Autoimmune Dis-ease
  23. Q&A: The Roots & Reversing of Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis
  24. Q&A: Rebooting Thyroid Function
  25. Q&A: Follow The Money to Track Truth
  26. Q&A: 5 Minute, Super Food, Quickstart Program
  27. Wrapup
2008-07-10 - The Super Food & Consciousness Connection - David Favor interviews Courtney Taylor & Isaac Clay
  1. Introduction & Administrivia
  2. Dallas Raw Food Event Overview
  3. How Super Foods & Consciousness Technologies Relate
  4. Raw Foods Compared to Super Foods - Part 1
  5. Raw Foods Compared to Super Foods - Part 2
  6. Raw Food Simplifying Technologies
  7. Wrap Up
2008-06-28 - Bio-Optic Holography Intro - Bob Stevens
  1. Bio-Optic Holography Intro - Part 1
  2. Bio-Optic Holography Intro - Part 2
2008-04-20 - Raw Food Lifestyles - By Courtney Taylor & Brian Smith
  1. Raw Food Lifestyle Discussion #1
  2. Raw Food Lifestyle Discussion #2
2008-03-20 - Raw Food Diet Practical Applications - Patrick Timpone Interviews David Favor
2008-03-19 - Enhancing Postural/Structural Alignment - Rick Mathes & David Favor Discussion
  1. Introduction to Egoscue
  2. Introduction to Radical Health
  3. Raw Super Foods Defined
  4. Daily Core Super Foods
  5. Pain Free Detox & Beyond Using Raw Super Foods & Egoscue
  6. The Consciousness & Raw Super Food Connection
  7. Chocolate Bliss Recipe/Effects Decoded
    Importance of Cacao Bean Full Fermentation
    Importance of Cacao Been Full Shell Debris Removal
  8. Simplicity & Affordability of Raw Super Foods
  9. Metabolism Simplified
  10. Fiesta Mole Recipe/Effects Decoded
  11. Why Radical Health Products are Excipient Free
  12. Rapid Upleveling of Join Health Using Raw Super Foods & Egoscue
  13. Starting Your Own Personal Radical Health Program
2008-03-14 - Conscious Language Laser Guide - David Favor
2008-02-02 - Formula For Life - Paul Nison Talk
  1. Introduction
  2. There's More to Health Than Diet
  3. 3 Causes of Disease
  4. The Power of Smiling and Humor
  5. IBD - Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  6. IBD & Diet
  7. IBD & Dairy
  8. IBD & Meat
  9. What Doctors are Good For
  10. IBD & Stress
  11. IBD & Raw Food
  12. Degrees of Wellness come from Knowledge
  13. Why Vegans & Raw Foodists Get Sick
  14. 3 Motivations for Getting Healthy
  15. One Disease, Many Symptoms
  16. Catching Disease Early
  17. 2 Stages of Disease
  18. Why People Overeat
  19. The Power of Sprouts
  20. Emotional Eating Factors
  21. The Power of Exercise
  22. The Challenge With Cellphones
  23. Formula For Health
  24. 3 Keys for Eating Well
  25. Fats & Sugars Correctly Eaten
  26. Supplements & Blood Work
  27. 4 Steps to Formula For Life
  28. Fresh Air, Sun & Other Health Contributors
  29. Enthusiasm & Discipline
2007-12-20 - Cold Weather, Raw Fooding, The Easy Way - Courtney Taylor interviews David Favor
  1. Introduction
  2. Product Update
    Chia, Carob, Nori, Vanilla Agave Nectar, Bee Pollen, Hemp Seeds, Tocotrienols, Golden Flax
  3. Connecting With Us by way of http://RadicalHealth.com/meetup
  4. Affording Raw Foods, The Easy Way, Part 1
  5. Cold Weather Raw Food Diet, The Easy Way
  6. Cold Weather Cacao/Chocolate Drinks
  7. Maintaining Continuous, Peak Energy
  8. All About Bee Pollen
  9. Rebooting Biological Intelligence & Intuitive Eating
  10. Adaptogen Caffeine
  11. Cacao Toxicity Myths & Truths
  12. Courtney's First Guarana Experience
  13. Living With Noise Pollution
  14. All About Vanilla Agave
  15. Mention of Divine Blueprint & Divine Partnership
  16. All About Coconut Oil
  17. All About Plastic Bottles
  18. Q&A: What's Guarana?
  19. Q&A: How do Guarana & Cacao compare?
  20. Q&A: How do Guarana & Yerba Matte compare?
  21. Q&A: What about Adrenal Burnout & Caffeine Tolerance?
  22. Q&A: What's Chia's main benefit?
  23. Q&A: How does Chia effect/support strength?
  24. Q&A: What's the best way to travel with Chia?
  25. Q&A: What about mixing Chia with Chocolate drinks?
  26. Q&A: Affording Raw Foods, The Easy Way, Part 2
  27. Q&A: What else can you do with Chia?
  28. Q&A: What about Vanilla's practical & esoteric properties?
  29. Q&A: What about Bee Pollen causing allergy symptoms?
  30. Connecting With Us at 512-280-5802
2007-11-12 - Debunking X-Rays & Irradiation Myths - Courtney Taylor interview David Favor

All about X-Ray & Irradiation shipment questions.

How we manage product quality which includes X-Raying, Irradiation, cold storage and transit conditions through agreements with our vendors (farmers/consolidators) and brokers (logistics management).

Then what happens when we reject product due to unacceptable species/genus, heat index (product has been processed at high heat), organophosphate levels (insecticides, pesticides, fungicides) and exhaust fume levels (ships, loading dock fork lifts, trucks, planes) and why you may care, because our rejected product may be purchased by some of our competitors with less stringent quality requirements and resold in the Raw Food marketplace.

2007-09-30 - Reversing Autism, The Easy Way - David Favor Hosts Discussion
  1. Introduction
  2. Autism as Next Evolutionary Stage
  3. Sudden Infant Syndrome
    Correction: this clip should have said 3, 6 & 9 months, rather than 9, 12 & 18 months
  4. Tracking Chemical/Metal Accumulations
  5. OCD Adjunct Symptoms
  6. Balancing Sugar Metabolism
  7. Reversing Diabetic Symptoms, The Easy Way
  8. Lymphatic System: Chemical/Metal Partitions
  9. Lymphatic System: Inner Workings
  10. Aggressive Herbal Chelators
  11. Adrenal, Thyroid & Parathyroid Fire
  12. How EDTA Really Works
  13. The Evils of Dietary Polymers/Plastics
  14. Decadent Vegan Butter Replacement
  15. Maserati Neurology
  16. Slow Change Strategies
  17. The Trouble With Rice & Other Hidden Sugars
  18. Candida's Powerful Healing Nature
  19. Hearty, Warm Raw Foods Which Tasted Like Cooked Foods
  20. Raw Food Diet, The Easy Way
  21. Yemiah Raw Food DVDs & Minimal Kitchen Time Strategy
  22. Living On Chocolate, Simple & Easy
  23. The True Meaning of Addiction
  24. Autism, Epilepsy, OCD, Excessive Weight & Neural Myelin Density
  25. Coconut Oil's Powerful Healing Nature
  26. Pristine Product Sourcing
  27. They Joys of Seaweeds
  28. Candida Indicated by Eye Circles
  29. Raw Foods With Cooked Food Flavors
  30. Private Consultations with David & Yemiah
  31. Salt's Powerful Healing Nature