Fibromyalgia Alternative Natural Treatment

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How Long Till Your Pain's Gone & Your Full Comfort Returns?

This guide's inspiration is a recent client testimonial.

After 40 years of constant pain, her full comfort and energy returned the first day of using our products.

This may seem miraculous and we see this daily in our client practice. Return to full comfort is fastest when our clients only use our products until all their pain ceases. Then phase in one new food/supplement at a time, refraining from any which create pain.

Fastest return to full comfort for most comes from:

  1. Starting with blended foods like our Turbo Silk & Fiesta Mole Super Soup, refraining from all other foods/supplements until pain stops. This includes all non-nutrients and anti-nutrients (excipients/ascorbates) which range from blocking nutrient uptake to shutting down primary immune function. Rapid return to full comfort requires full immune function.
  2. Then transitioning to the simple, gourmet recipes covered in Yemiah's Raw Food Delights DVD Set.
  3. While implementing each step of our Step-By-Step Guide.
  4. Using the Raw Super Foods we source, import and package. Use our products until your pain ceases, then experiment with other sources avoiding any which cause a return of pain.

Fibromyalgia Causes

Fibromyalgia relates to chronic pain of muscle & tissue fibers progressing from:

  1. Dehydration: Constriction (becoming smaller) of blood vessels, lymph channels and synovial membrane (liquid joint tissue surfaces).
  2. Fluid Viscosity: As dehydration intensifies blood, lymph and synovial fluid (liquid joint tissue) viscosity becomes increasingly thick and sticky, which in turn accelerates dehydration.
  3. Pain: As fluid passages constrict and fluids thicken, silting begins. Silting sediment begins to affix to and accumulate on fluid passage walls, extending like stalagmites in caves. Eventually these sharp, hard protrusions meet. The resulting pain is similar to walking on sharp rocks or broken glass.
  4. Intensified By: Stress, nutrient sparse foods, cooked foods and environmental toxins, to name a few.

My Life With Fibromyalgia

You can read my personal story and the quick version is this. When I was two I drank a large quantity of gasoline. This caused many health challenges for me over the next 33 years. In 1986 I'd lost 80-90% of my physical mobility and was only awake 4-6 hours daily.

When I moved, my entire body felt like broken glass was scratching across every internal surface of my muscles and joints.

Back then it took me 18 months to reverse my pain. Today I imagine it might take 2-4 weeks, at most. Many of our clients reverse their symptoms in days.

How I Restored My Health And You Can Too

If I were faced with Fibromyalgia pain today, here's what I'd do to rapidly reverse my symptoms:

  1. Prescription Meds: I'd continue these and only make changes under the direction of my health practitioner.
  2. Cease All Supplements: I'd cease eating all 'so called' supplements. Every product in a bag, bottle or box. Check our Step-By-Step Guide for more details. Most supplements contain excipients and include components which have been heated at high temperatures, exposed to irradiation during import and are stored/processed incorrectly, meaning they've lost much or all of their nutrient/healing activity. Many people's pain comes from or is aggravated by their expensive supplements.
  3. Drink Your Meals: I'd live on blended foods centering around our Raw Food Recipes of Turbo Silk & Fiesta Mole Super Soup until my full comfort returned. (I'll talk about how long this will take next.)
  4. Enzymes & Supplements: Finally I'd use one each of Digest (enzymes), Salivarius (probiotics), Blue Green Algae (prebiotics) and Camu Camu (Vitamin C) with and between each meal, until my full comfort returned. I'd also use as much B Complex as possible.
  5. Water: I'd drink 1-2 times my body weight in ounces of water daily.

Product Sources

The products I refer to above are products we source, import and package. You can order these right now from our Raw Food Store, low tech order page. Even if you imagine the products you're using are great, if you still have pain I suggest you switch to only using ours as an experiment and based on how fast your full comfort returns you may prefer to use ours for life.

To ease your ordering consider our Super Food Pack or Super Mood Pack.

I'd like to say you can use cheap, commonly available products and if you do your outcome will vary. The reason we created our business was to have high quality foods for ourselves, because finding these commonly was nearly impossible.

Our products are some of the best and some of the most expensive in the world. Most people experience a difference between our products and other sources immediately. Use our products first, so you have a reference point to start from. Then experiment with other products if you feel this is required.

Enjoy your best day ever!

- David, Feb 8th, 2008