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Audio/Video Clips By Date

2008-03-08 - David Favor: Having Your Own Wildly Profitable Raw Super Foods Business

2008-03-06 - David Favor Interviews Tonya Kay: How To Be A Raw Food Superhero

2008-03-06 - Lisa Persico Interviews David Favor: Raw Super Food Basics

2008-03-01 - David Favor With Brandon About Raw Food Business Design

2008-02-19 - David Favor All About Bee Pollen

2008-02-17 - Client Consult with Linda

  1. Chocolate Silk Smoothie By The Gallon Recipe
  2. Radical Health Compared To Similar Companies
  3. Why Enzymes Required With Raw Food
  4. HCL & Reversing High Blood Pressure, The Easy Way
  5. Salt & High Blood Pressure Urban Myth
  6. Rapid Joint Regeneration, The Easy Way

2008-02-13 - David Favor About Chemical/Metal Cancer Link

This audio was done in a large room with several speakers, so parts of the volume are very low. I'll have our audio engineer fix this and repost individual clips in the future.

2008-02-11 - Client Consult with Robin & Melani

  1. All About Green Foods
  2. Raw Super Food Roundup
  3. Mood & Hormone Balancing, The Easy Way
  4. Reversing Acne, The Easy Way
  5. Immune System Boosting, The Easy Way

2008-01-19 - Christina Morrison Interviewing Rick Carleton

  1. Scenar Machines - Part 1
  2. Scenar Machines - Part 2

2008-01-19 - Peak Neural Energy, The Easy Way
Courtney Smith interviewing David Favor.

  1. EMF Effect & Raw Food Diet
  2. EMF Effect Buffering Strategies
  3. EMF Effect Buffering With Foods & Nutrients
  4. Neurology Compared To House Electrical Wiring
  5. Engaging Biological Intelligence
  6. Importance of Cold Stored Nuts & Seeds
  7. Power of Living on Chocolate Silk & Fiesta Mole

2008-01-11 - Client Consult with Ben

  1. Nutrition & Mercury Filling Removal
  2. Nutritional Preparation Before Mercury Filling Removal
  3. Constant Comfortable Temperature (Adrenal/Thyroid/Parathyroid) - Part 1
  4. Constant Comfortable Temperature (Adrenal/Thyroid/Parathyroid) - Part 2
  5. Easing Skin/Palms/Feet Detox/Sweating & Niacin Flushing
  6. Cost Optimal Cleansing Programs
  7. Robert Leach Structural Alignment Testimonial
  8. Decoding Road Trip Potato Chip Cravings
  9. Swingtime Bouncing Between Cooked & Raw
  10. Transitioning From Cooked To Raw, The Easy Way
  11. Conscious Language & Eye Reading Example
  12. Will Power Alternatives
  13. Translating Long Term Drug Use Effects
  14. Tracking Linguistic Patterns & Anthropology

2007-12-29 - Keeping New Year's Resolutions, The Easy Way
Courtney Smith interviewing David Favor.

  1. Interview Administriva Example
  2. Keeping New Year's Resolutions, The Easy Way
    Enjoying Continuous Will Power & Resolve
    Upgrading 12 Step Programs from recover-ing to recover-ed to thriving
  3. Raw Super Foods for Continuous Peak Will Power & Resolve
  4. Research Source Material Behind Radical Health
    Mega Millionaire Sharing His Philosophy
  5. Where's Your Research & Proof Radical Health Work?
    The Short Way & Long Way to Have Your Own Radical Health Experience
    Rebooting Your Own Biological Intelligence
  6. Analytical Versus Experiential/Experimental
    Interplay Between Divine Blueprint & New Year's Resolutions
    Transforming Intellectual Choices to Feeling/Spiritual Expression of Divine Blueprint
    Instant Upgrade: What's My Next Best Step?
    Instant Upgrade: Am I Awake? And What's My Next Best Step or Activity?
    Instant Upgrade: Choice Tied to Eye-Blink, Heartbeat, Inbreath, Outbreath
    Instant Upgrade: Eating in Full Congruence with Your Expanding Desired Outcome
  7. Quick Remedial Fixes Versus Continual Easy Fixes
    Moving Boulders with Toothpicks Versus Cheater Bars
  8. Staying On Track & Rapid Recovery Back On Track
    Staying Raw While Traveling, The Easy Way
    Our Raw Food Travel Staples We Always Pack
  9. What's Beyond Will Power & Resolve
    Instant Upgrade: Awakening Devices from Gurjeiff & Gold
    Instant Upgrade: "Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus" by E. J. Gold
    Instant Upgrade: Attention, Awareness & Presence as Our Three Transformational Tools
    Instant Upgrade: Rebooting Consciousness with Practical Quantum Physics & Linguistic Tracking
    Instant Upgrade: Mapping Meditative Practice and Sailing Tacking to Everyday Activities

2007-12-27 - Raw Pregnancy, Childbirth, Child Rearing
Courtney Smith interviewing Yemiah Favor.

Click here to hear this 90 minute recording covering:

  1. Yemiah's with four Raw Pregnancies, Childbirths, Child Rearing
  2. Divine Blueprint expressing as onion layers
  3. Yemiah's secrets having four <90 minute births, smooth & easy
  4. Yemiah's secrets for pregnancies free of morning sickness, mood swings and cravings
  5. Yemiah's skin care & work out tricks

2007-12-24 - David Favor, client consult with Matt.

Click here to hear this 45 minute Adaptogenic Caffeine discussion.

2007-12-21 - David Favor, client consult with Staci.

  1. Rebooting Upscale Part #1
  2. Rebooting Upscale Part #2
  3. The Chia Bliss Factor
    Inspiring Loved Ones Upscale, The Easy Way
    Yemiah's Recipe: Chia Tapioca Recipe
    Yemiah's Recipe: Activated Nuts
  4. Red/Blue Pill Matrix Considerations
  5. Yemiah's Recipes: Chia Bread, Cheese Crackers, Sunflower Wakame Cheese
    Nutritional Yeast Considerations

2007-12-20 - Cacao Toxicity & Cold Weather Raw Fooding, The Easy Way

2007-12-15 - David Favor
Raw Food Diet, The Easy Way
San Antonio Raw Food Meetup Conference Call

Click here to hear this nearly two hour recording covering:

  1. The Truth Continuum, all things good at different times
  2. Why Raw Food?
  3. How Radical Health Raw Super Foods differ from other sources
  4. Along the Autism Disorder Spectrum
  5. Caloric Restriction & Nutrient Intensification
  6. Raw Food, The Easy Way
  7. Cancer from the Raw Food Diet?
  8. Clearing out Lyme Disease, The Easy Way
  9. Regenerating/Rebooting Adrenal/Thyroid/Parathyroid function
  10. New Radical Health Products - Rain Forest Rush, Chia, Nori, Carob
  11. Chia uses
  12. Cereal Grasses, Blue Green Algae & Seaweeds compared
  13. Balancing pH
  14. Swingtime (bouncing between Raw & Cooked) raising cholesterol levels
  15. Decoding cravings, spices & culinary essential oils
  16. Comparing cigarettes & nicotine with high fructose corn syrup & inulin
  17. David's daily, primarily liquitarian, Raw Super Food eating style
  18. Juicing versus Raw Super Foods

2007-11-30 - David Favor
Designing your own Raw Food business with Bhagirit.

  1. Raw Food Business Design - Part 4
  2. Raw Food Business Design - Part 5
  3. All About Ultra Tocos & Vitamin E Antioxidants

2007-11-29 - David Favor
Client consult with Johna.

  1. Chemistry of Grief
  2. Fiesta Mole & Lycopene Tricks
  3. Transitioning to Raw Food & Decoding Sugar Cravings

2007-11-29 - David Favor
Designing your own Raw Food business with Amy.

  1. Raw Food Business Design - Part 1
    Rebooting Biological Intelligence
  2. Raw Food Business Design - Part 2
  3. Vitalize & Deep, Continuous Sleep
  4. Raw Food Business Design - Part 3
    Becoming a Radical Health Wholesale Partner

2007-11-23 - David Favor
Booking conversation with Patty Foley

2007-11-23 - David Favor
Client consult with Ann.

This consult centers on anxiety effects arising from thin myelin which is nerve sheathing and serves as our neural insulation and electrical interface to our external world. Rapid remyelinization or myelin regeneration is can produce near instantaneous relief of anxiety when thin myelin is an issue.

  1. Bee Pollen/Lecithin for Female sexual fluid health
  2. Digestive Enzymes & Pre-cancerous tissue
  3. Rapid Remyelinization Part 1 - Super Foods Components
    Attracting Healing Situations Part 1 - Absorbing Energy From Others
  4. Attracting Healing Situations Part 2 - Honoring Intuition
  5. Rapid Remyelinization Part 2 - Thriving Amidst Stress
  6. Upscaling Along Your Eating Style Continuum
  7. Ear/Hearing/Physical Symptoms Tracking Past Event Artifacts
  8. Rapid Remyelinization Part 3 - Protocol Summary
    Optimal Breast Health Part 1 - Breast Cancer Roots
  9. Optimal Breast Health Part 2 - Clearing Lymphatic Channels

2007-11-17 - David Favor
Client consult with Nancy.

  1. Getting Started With Raw Food
    Preparing for Chemical/Metal Detox/Chelation
    How calcium phosphate biofilm may start and how they relate to chemical/metal accumulations
  2. Macrobiotics Part 1 - Nightshades & Juicy Lunar Energies
  3. Robert Leach alignments compared with chiropractic adjustments
  4. Macrobiotics Part 2 - Eating Tropical vs. Eating local/seasonal

2007-11-14 - David Favor
David Favor's Holiday Thrival Guide

Every year about this time people begin asking how they can have a holiday season filled with grace and ease. Here are some tricks I suggest.

  1. Diabetic Friendly Eating
  2. Obscenely Decadent Raw Food Holiday Dishes the easy way with Yemiah's DVDs
  3. The Mood/Neurotransmitter/Hormone Equation
  4. Maintaining Peak Mood With Challenging Relatives
  5. Upscale Salty Holiday Snacking
  6. Meal Replacement Salad Dressings
  7. Upleveling Your Relatives Coffee Intake
  8. Travel Tricks For Deep, Continuous Sleep

2007-11-10 - David & Yemiah
Q&A with the Dallas Raw Food Group

  1. Intro for David, Yemiah & Radical Health, then Hormone Health
    Short intro about David & Yemiah's Raw Food Adventure, then short overview of Radical Health
    Ovarian/Hormone health using Bee Pollen, Maca & Hemp Seeds
  2. Dehydration Temperature Considerations
  3. All About Cravings
    Decoding reasons for cravings - nutrient requirements, detoxification, acid pH.
    Immediate and long term upleveling of craving satisfaction.
  4. Asthma Free the Easy Way Part 1 of 2
  5. Our Typical Daily Raw Food Diet
  6. Intro to Raw Food Diet Preparation
  7. Future Raw Food Diet Preparation Resources
  8. Raw Food Education Resources
  9. Low Sugar Tips & Tricks
  10. Reversing Systemic Psoriasis
  11. Raw Food Community Building
  12. Upleveling Your Health the Easy Way
  13. Six Client Testimonials
    Gary, Barbara, Debbie, Courtney, Brian & Glenda
  14. Asthma Free the Easy Way Part 2 of 2
  15. Courtney's Testimonial
    Joys of upscale Chocolate, Agave, Maca & Hemp Seeds.
  16. Brian's Testimonial
    Joys of upscale Chocolate & Guarana for expanding laughter, ease and relaxation.
  17. Nikki's Testimonial
    Rapid repair of knee injury using MSM and Camu Camu based Vitamin C
  18. Wrapping Up

2007-11-08 - David Favor
Client consult with Joey

  1. Edamame Beans & Blue Green Algae
  2. Candida & Expensive Cleanse Programs
  3. HCL, Salt & Aliesthetic Mechanism
  4. NCD & Chemical/Metal Detox/Chelation
  5. Conscious Language, The Laser Version
  6. Real-Time Chocolate Silk Testimony

2007-11-01 - David Favor
Client consult with Bruce & James

  1. Raw Super Foods defined
  2. The Hormone & Neurotransmitter Equation
  3. Food Fungus - oranges, mushrooms, peanuts, corn
  4. Balancing pH & Food Combining
  5. Negatives of Fasting
  6. Fasting benefits, without fasting

2007-11-01 - David Favor
Client consult with Lisa

  1. Audio Step-By-Step Guide
  2. Lycopene from tomatoes without heat
  3. Healing power of cold processed, adaptogen caffeine
  4. All About Salt Flushes
  5. All About Water & negatives of alkaline water
  6. All About Green Foods & Green Powders
  7. How I use Fiesta Mole
  8. Separating positive and negative soy products

2007-10-10 - David Favor
Client consult with Rick & Teresa

  1. Part 1 of physical & consciousness interactions
  2. Part 2 of physical & consciousness interactions
  3. Part 3 of physical & consciousness interactions

2007-10-07 - David Favor
Business-centric client consult with Amanda & Chanon

  1. How Windows gives away your financial data
    How to use Linux to run virtual copies of MacOS and Windows to ensure your on-line banking, brokerage accounts and credit card transactions are kept private. Also how to run multiple Windows version browsers simultaneously to verify Web page presentation on multiple version of Windows.
  2. Practical Conscious Languaging - Noticing & Upgrading Death Wishes
  3. Practical Conscious Languaging - Divine Blueprints, Awakening, Fasting Alternatives
  4. Practical Conscious Languaging - Conscious Creating
  5. Conscious Languaging - Speaking True
  6. Sex/Intimacy/Heart Connection as Food
    Basis of most men's sex drive and women's persistent/chronic vaginal/urinary infections.
  7. The Three Real Business Assets
  8. General Business Structures
  9. High Yield Investing, Currency Markets, Trade Surpluses/Deficits

2007-10-05 - David Favor
Client consult with Tony

Practitioners in the know refer to this class of chemicals as Kiddie Cocaine because this class of chemicals are legal amphetamines/cocaine combos. This rather long discussion covers the broad terrain required to understand and unwind long term use of these chemicals. This discussion also applies to unwinding use of street amphetamines, crack, crank, cocaine, etc. And to a lesser degree to unwinding long term use of coffee.

  1. Aderall/Ritalin Free Part 1
  2. Aderall/Ritalin Free Part 2
  3. Aderall/Ritalin Free Part 3

2007-09-30 - David, Yemiah, Shama & Robert Leach
Saturday Advanced Living Discussion Group

  1. Yemiah - Skin Care Secrets
  2. Robert - Alignment Magic
  3. Robert - The Scenar Machine
  4. Shama - Living & Working in Thailand
    Shama also provides Thai guide/relocation services for people desiring deep immersion travel for short or extended stays. You can email David Favor with your Thai adventure questions.
  5. David - Autism Free The Easy Way
    This applies equally to Autism Spectrum Disorders, CFS, Bipolar, Manic/Depressive, Panic/Anxiety Attacks, ADD, ADHD, psychosis, neurosis, schizophrenia, Diabetes, Sugaraholism, Alcoholism and Chemical/Metal Toxicity.

Early Talks