Upgrading Your Needs & Wants

This is a very slick trick which has a profound effect on your consciousness, ability to manifest and ease of staying on track with your highest.

Look up the words "need" and "want" in your dictionary and you'll find they both mean "lack".

Consider the statement, "I want/need more love/money/health." When we make a statement the machinery of creation engages to support us having our decreed (spoken) outcome.

Thus when we say, "I lack more love/money/health" creation's machinery engages to support creating this effect in our lives.

Try these simple upgrades and see how they "feel" in your gut and what happens in your life.

Change the word "want" to "desire" and the word "need" to "require".

Keep in mind "desiring" and "requiring" are definite upgrades and there's a slight catch. Both are processes approaching an outcome, rather than a completed outcome.

An even more powerful upgrade for "want" and "need" is to upgrade from a process approaching outcome to a completed outcome. So a state rather than a process.

Experiment with these and check your "gut feel" and "life effect":