What's a "Not Fast"?

Very simple. Refrain from using the word "not" and not ('nt) contractions.

What's the Point of a "Not Fast"?

Minds work in a holographic mode. Tell a child, "don't play in the street" and the image of "play in the street" appears on their mental screen. The child then goes directly into the street.

Tell a child, "play by the house" and they will go directly "away from the street" "to the house".

The word "not" negates or short-circuits desired outcome, tending to create what your "notting", avoiding, anti-desiring.

Replacing "not" and "'nt contractions" with what you're "desiring" rather than what your "avoiding" adds a highly active, creative energy to all your words. This in turn sets the stage for the "Law of Attraction". This combination of energized words and thoughts then permeates and fuels actions aligned with your desired outcome activating the "Law of Attraction" in real time.

What About When You Really "Don't Know" Something?

First, at some level we all know everything. Period. So saying "I don't know" is really far less than true.

Try substituting responding, "That's a great question!" or "I'll research your answer and get back to you."

How Long? How Often?

I did my first "not fast" around 1986 and now I've integrated this as part of my daily life. Try this for a while and see what happens. You may find you're hooked as I Am now.

For me "How long? How often?" is all day, every day.