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Your Step By Step Guide
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This Step-By-Step Guide really began it's life when I had Crohn's Disease so bad my digestion and elimination stopped in 1995. Over the years we've made several versions of this guide available. You can read past guides and much of the information contained in them has been changed, sometimes dramatically.

The guide you're reading right now will always contain our most recent research and suggestions.

There are two general approaches to using this guide:

  1. You can read this guide, wait until you've integrated all the information, attempt to seek out products which are similar to ours and get started. This is the time consuming, expensive way. And if you've read Super Food Product Quality Guide you already know similar products can be worlds apart in quality.
  2. An alternative, which I recommend, is to start today. Enjoy your rapidly expanding health and expand your knowledge as time permits. This will save you years of time, money and energy.

First Time Visitors

When people come to our site their first email or phone call to us usually goes something like this:

  1. Wow, your site is the first place I've ever read content this clear.
  2. And there's so much... I'd like to get started today. Where do I begin?

This guide provides a simple starting point, then progresses into details about each step.

Here a little starting assistance:

  1. Start Your Free Radical Health Membership right now:
  2. Consider who you speak with as you begin your journey. You'll be served to only discuss your health upgrades with people who are on your similar fast track. You'll find these people when you join your Local Support Group.
  3. Join Your Local Support Group
    • You can find these by Web searches, local bulletin boards or asking at your Farmer's Market(s).
    • No Raw Food Feast/Potluck in your local area, start one. And if you require assistance setting up a Raw Food Feast and promoting it, be in touch and we'll assist you.
  4. Natural State refers to a product in it's most pristine, usable state.
  5. Trade in your scales for a flexible, clothe tailor's rule and track your inches (measurements), rather than weight.

Your Step-By-Step Guide

Step #1: Kicking Your Excipient Habit

Excipients are non-nutrient substances used to ease the process of packaging and encapsulation. When products from Goji Berries, to Salt, to Herbs are mechanically packaged into bags, boxes and bottles... material is required to flow through a variety of equipment. This process works best when product is dry and chalky.

Until June of 2006, Yemiah and I simply ignored the entire excipient issue. All products we manufacture are excipient free. Also all the products we use are excipient free. Hence, we had no consideration of this issue until Dr. Bob Marshall challenged me to do some research on excipients.

Research indicates excipients destroy T-Cells (immune system) and block nutrient uptake.

This inspired thought about some of our clients who seemed unresponsive to all health habit upgrades. We went back to our previously unresponsive clients and suggested they experiment with living on our Coco Chai + Vanilla Agave and Super Soup for one week. The outcome was rapid and far surpassed my expectations. 100% of these people went from non-responsive to hyper-responsive, usually the first day. Hyper-response meaning they seemed to respond to all health upgrades, rapidly and intensely.

If you're health upgrades seem to provide little or no outcome, remove all hidden excipients from your eating style and note your experience.

After this experience in our client practice, I recommend your first step be Kicking Your Excipient Habit!

This means only using products from excipient free companies such as Radical Health.

Unless a company specifically states they are excipient free, chances are they use excipients. Excipient use may be deemed to be a trade secret by any company, labels may refrain from disclosing excipient content.

Keep this in mind, a person who is constantly ingesting excipients may initially feel better from the nutrients and as excipient load (build up) then immune system destruction and blocked nutrient uptake will create pervasive, systemic, dis-ease symptoms which will surely be misdiagnosed turning into costly events.

You can read over previous Radical Health excipient articles for more detail.

Step #2: Kicking Your Isolate Supplement Habit

Isolate supplements are non-nutrient, synthetic substances which mimic natural substances. This includes most supplements like amino acids, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, etc.

Vitamin B12 is one of the worst offenders, as B12 is the physical substance from which DNA (cellular blueprint) is synthesized. Using synthetic B12 is a recipe for disaster, as the DNA synthesized alters slightly during every replication sequence.

Some researchers now believe people with no pre-disposing factors may be developing Cancer due to long-term use of synthetic B12 supplements.

Synthetic Vitamin C (ascorbates, primarily ascorbic acid) is also extremely challenging.

Ascorbates are synthetic chemicals and are very different than Natural State, Berry Based, Vitamin C. Each ascorbate (there are many) leech a specific mineral out of tissue. Ascorbic Acid leeches magnesium and hidden ascorbic acid used in processed foods is a primary component in magnesium deficiencies.

To me synthetic isolates are right up there with excipients.

If you desire enjoying your highest, peak health, all day, every day, with grace and ease, you'll be served to only ingest Natural State, nutrient rich, calorie sparse, whole foods.

Step #3: Ensure Your Optimal Hydration and Alkaline pH

Hydration and alkaline pH tightly coupled, as they revolve around salt balance. The quality and quantity of salt/water intake determines hydration, as...

Salt and water are the basis of life. Salt is the substance which holds water in solution.

You can read our Super Food Product Quality Guide to learn more about the wide variations in salt.

How much salt? Each individual is unique and your body will notify you about your correct salt intake by your salt desire. If you've been eating processed food and denatured, excipient rich salt for years when you start with high quality salt you may experience intense salt intake temporarily as your body exchanges old, downscale salt with new, upscale salt.

What water is best? Personally I prefer the most acidic water I can access. Water pH is set by mineral levels. As mineral content decreases, pH becomes more acidic and hydrating.

To me, the purpose of water is to emulsify, dissolve and leech out downscale, inorganic mineral deposits. If water is saturated with inorganic minerals, especially if you can see them in the water (shudder), these minerals interfere with water's cleansing activity.

The usual promotional feature of alkaline water is the change to it's wetting angle, which relates to surface tension and how easy water uptake can occur.

The cheapest way to enhance water's wetting angle is to add a pinch of Himalayan Salt, drop of essential oil or freshly squeezed sour citrus juice - lemon, lime, grapefruit. These cost optimal technologies are usually better than the $50/bottle water additives or expensive, bottled, designer water.

Vanilla Agave Coco Chai
Click each to enlarge.

Step #4: Your Fast Start With Raw Super Foods

Your fastest starting point is to choose one of the packages from Our Super Food Catalog, preferably using our auto-ship program which include several additional free products.

If you have budget considerations a minimum starting point is Coco Chai + Vanilla Agave Nectar with Himalayan Salt and Digestive Enzymes.

Coco Chai is our premium chocolate drink mix with 80+ Natural State, Raw Super Foods. Vanilla Agave is really Raw, processed between 110-115 degrees, with 100% Natural State, Vanilla Bean Powder free of sugar and other fillers.

My primary foods are Turbo Chai and Super Soup. I make large quantities of these and use them during the day. Here are my exact recipes.

Turbo Chai Gallon Recipe
1 Cup Vanilla Agave
4 1/4 Cups Pure Water
1 1/2 Cups Coco Chai Drink Mix
1 Cup Activated Nuts like
Pistachios, Walnuts, etc.
2 Tbl Pristine Guarana
1 Tbl Pristine Yerba Matte
Blend till smooth and add
10 1/2 CupsPure Water
10 Drops Pure Essential Orange Oil
Refrigerate & drink all day
Super Soup Quart+ Recipe
1 Cup Frozen, Shelled Edamame Beans
5 Cups Warm Water
4 Tbl Premier Tomato Powder
2 Tbl Premier EFA Oil Blend
Olive, Flax, Sesame, Borage)
1 Tbl Pristine Maca
1 Tbl Pristine Hemp Seeds
2 Tbl Pristine Pine Nuts
1 Tbl Pristine Himalayan Salt
1/4 TspRed Pepper Powder
1 Tsp Cumin Powder
1 Tsp Sage Powder, Poultry Seasoning
or other seasoning of your choice
Blend till smooth

Using these recipes daily has dramatically changed my daily schedule. 10-15 minutes in the kitchen and the majority of my food is done for the day.

For every glass of Coco Chai I drink I usually drink an equal amount of pure water.

Vanilla Agave

My Super Soup is extremely versatile.

It's great with Avocados. You can use it as a salad dressing. Alter spices for different flavors - Oriental, Thai, Italian, etc.

It's great with additional Activated Nuts, Raw Crackers or Raw Chips.

Another fantastic addition is Sauerkraut or Raw Sour Cream.

A great way to satisfy your desire for crunchy, heating and drying foods is the Veggielicious Spice product from WholeFood Farmacy. You can check Yemiah's site. They have a 5pack of these called VeggieHUNA Spice, which is your best investment.

If you've been considering experiments with Internet Marketing using a Network Marketing Company, I suggest you experiment with this product line. Once people try Veggielicious Spice, they're hooked for life.

Their Veges are low temperature dehydrated. The only less than 100% Raw component is their low temp roasted corn. It's a great transitional food while your upgrading your Raw Food Diet intake.

Step #5: Reboot Elimination Strength & Speed with Salt Flushes & Cacao Flushes

The smooth and easy way to reboot elimination speed and strength is with Salt Flushes and Cacao Flushes.

A Salt Flush is 2 tsp Himalayan Salt in a quart of warm water, hold your nose and down it goes. This salinity (saltiness) is close to seawater. Most people will experience a strong elimination within 15-30 minutes. If no flush occurs, this is usually an indication a person is extremely salt deficient. In this case, I'd personally drink another quart of water and wait a day to do my next salt flush. If no salt flush occurs in a few days, some people increase up to 2 Tbl of Himalayan Salt.

Water retention may occur with Salt Flushes, which is good. Water retention only occurs to accelerate removing toxins from tissue. When a body with stored toxins registers the availability of high quality salt and water, it will retain both. Water is held in contact with tissue to leech out toxins. When the water saturates (toxins begin to precipitate out), then this water will be expelled.

As a body comes upscale this process can progress into 'rapid cycling', where salt and water are retained for a few hours then expelled. This process continues until mineral quarantined toxins are completely expelled. This may create rapid weight swings, with the final swing to optimal weight.

How long to keep up Salt Flushes? I did until the water expelled during my bowel movements became clear. Then 1-2 Salt Flushes yearly seem to be great maintenance.

Cacao Flushes are a bit different. Where Salt Flushes clear out easily removed digestive tract material, Cacao Flushes go after more deeply, encrusted matter.

Think of mineral sediment encrusted around the interior of a pipe. This material is extremely hard to penetrate and once penetrated, water behind this sediment easily cleans the pipe.

Cacao Flushes return our digestive tract's full elasticity (flexibility) and peristaltic (squeezing) strength. This action is directly tied to Cacao's extreme magnesium content (highest of any food), Chromium/Copper content and opiate receptor alkaloids.

Salt Flushes and Cacao Flushes are the cheapest Colonic money can buy. And where Colonics only clear the colon, these flushes cleanse stomach, small intestines and colon.

People with extreme magnesium deficiencies may experience intense cramping, as magnesium reserve levels come back to peak and peristaltic (squeezing) strength returns.

The primary contributers to magnesium deficiencies include:

  1. Excessive use of Calcium supplements, especially Coral Calcium.
  2. Use of synthetic, isolate ascorbates (Vitamin C) in supplements or hidden food additives.
  3. Regular use of expensive colon cleanser or bowel movers. These are especially bad because common components of these destroy all good bacteria (turning off digestion and nutrient uptake), leech magnesium and tear intestinal lining creating/intensifying leaky gut syndrome.

The easiest way to do a Cacao Flush is with 1/4 Cup of Cacao Powder or 1/2 Cup Cacao Nibs. You can mix these in with your Coco Chai or with Vanilla Agave and Whole Coconut Flour and eat it by the spoonful.

Using downscale Cacao can create massive headaches, adrenal crash and nausea.

Be sure to read our Super Food Product Quality Guide and use only upscale Cacao for Cacao Flushes.

Step #6: Maximize Your Digestive Fire

Digestive Fire relates to how fast and completely a person is able to reduce complex foods into component nutrients, then transfer those nutrient components across the intestinal track wall.

Digestive Fire can be greatly increased by using excipient free, plant based...

Digestive enzymes which reduce complex food into simpler component nutrients.

Prebiotics, such as Natural State Raw Agave and Blue Green Algae, which create an ecology (environment) where Probiotics multiply and implant into the intestinal tract walls faster.

Probiotics are primarily intestinal wall implanted, aerobic (oxygen breathing), friendly flora (bacteria) which further reduce food components and facilitate their transfer across the intestinal tract walls into our blood streams.

Using these together, especially taking one each of Digest, Salivarius & Crystal Manna with and between each meal, supercharge Digestive Fire to continuous, peak efficiency.

Another contributer to optimal Digestive Fire are seaweeds as:

These three glands are the Holy Trinity of Energy and work together to manage energy metabolism in our bodies.

Goji Berries have a place here also, as Goji Berries seem to boost HGH (Human Growth Hormone) production and regenerate the HGH release pathway. HGH has been called the Fountain of Youth as HGH is a primary contributer to our youth. This applies to our internal experience and externally in quality of skin, hair, nails and eyes.

Step #7: Ensure Optimal Nutrient Intake

Optimal Nutrient Intake expands our consideration of Raw Super Foods to include products like Vitamin C Complex, Vitamin B Complex, Flora loaded with nanoized nutrients (Nanoized products) and all supplement-like substances to only be in a Natural State form.

The two really big wins here are Berry Based, Vitamin C Complex and Nanoized B Complex. People with deficiencies in either of these usually feel instant exhilaration the first few times they use these.

Super Indium is another powerful synergist, which can increase nutrient uptake by 75%.

Step #8: Optimize Your, Deep Continuous Sleep

Here are my primary considerations for enjoying deep, continuous, sleep:

  1. Quiet Sleeping Area which encompasses all sensory input. Sound. Light. Electrical interference.
  2. Clear Lymphatic System which can be optimized with Vitalize. Lymph Fluid is pumped by movement and can only pump when lymphatic passages are clear. Vitalize dissolves the 'glue' which holds together lymphatic sediment in cases of lymphatic passage blockage which is referred to as 'stagnant lymph'.
  3. Adequate Tryptophan which can be found in nuts, seeds and is especially high in Edamame Beans. Many dairy and turkey cravings relate to Tryptophan deficiency. For most, shelled, organic, non-GMO, Edamame Beans are usually best. If Tryptophan deficiency is occurring, a simple test of eating a handful of Edamame Beans will tell the tale. People who start eating them frozen, by the handful, usually have raging Tryptophan deficiencies.

Another contributer is adequate movement/exercise. If lymph fluid is moving a long walk every day is usually enough to move lymph fluid and stimulate production of hormones.

Hormones are another large contributer. Using Coco Chai with additional Goji Berries, Maca, Bee Pollen, Hemp Seeds, Whole Coconut Flour and Pure Vanilla Powder is great. Each of these Raw Super Foods contributes specific nutrients to hormone production, release, transit and uptake.

Skip expensive, isolate, synthetic melatonin and HGH and try Natural State, Raw Super Foods first. You may be surprised by how energized you are when you're awake and how deeply you rest during sleep.

Step #9: Rapid Candida Flushing

One of the most common questions I receive is about Pathogen Flushing. In general, either Candida or Parasites. Along with pathogens people many times ask about chemical/metal flushing.

Candida is a powerful partner to us, which becomes active as a secondary digestive system when our primary digestive system atrophies or crashes.

When people ask me, "How do I kill my Candida?", I respond by "You better hope you fail in that activity."

Candida 'turns on' when it's required and 'turns off' or goes dormant when it's activity is complete. A better way to think of Candida is, "How can I support and accelerate my Candida to compete it's mission as fast and smooth as possible?"

The answer is to reboot Digestive Fire to it's maximum along with maintaining Optimal Hydration, Elimination & Lymphatic Flushing. Increasing digestive enzymes and increasing intake of Natural State foods like Coco Chai and Super Soup can be used to reboot primary digestion if it's compromised.

Step #10: Rapid Parasite & Chemical/Metal Flushing

Accumulations of parasites, chemicals and metals is tightly coupled. In general, you're served to go after all these together. Many of the previous steps in this guide address the heavy lifting of flushing large, intestinal parasites. Parasites referred to here are partitioned in biofilms and cerebral/spinal fluid where no white blood cells are available.

This process can be extremely intense and is best started after continuously implementing all the previous steps for 3-6 months, preferably until eye color has become light and energy/rest cycles are at continuous peak.

Biofilms are compartments which surround parasites, protecting them from our immune system. Biofilm based parasites are neither recognized nor effected in any way by our immune system. Many times these biofilms have chemical/metal accumulations and fibroid tissue integrated into their structure.

The point here is to mobilize and rapidly eliminate all these materials together. This is extremely important as our bodies are very intelligent about partitioning chemicals and metals so they effect us as little as possible.

If chemicals and metals are mobilized in a downscale system, with 'stagnant lymph' and slow elimination. If these substances spread through a body becoming lodged in lymphatic passages (stagnant lymph) or reabsorbed (slow elimination) symptoms can range from mild discomfort to organ damage to death.

The general components used, in addition to 3-6 months continuous use of the previous steps in this program are:

  1. Vitalize in use during entire process to keep lymphatic passages free flowing.
  2. Allicidin (Garlic) to dissolve biofilms.
  3. Oleuropein (Olive Leaf) is a natural, wide-spectrum booster of anti-biotic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal activity.
  4. Protease is an industrial strength, protein digesting, enzyme which tends to break down pathogen cell walls so our immune system can more easily recognize and destroy them.
  5. Chem-Free is a powerful chemical chelator.
  6. Metal-Free is a powerful metal chelator.
  7. Pure Radiance Vitamin C is another powerful metal chelator, especially for mercury.

Chelators are substances which attach to and temporarily neutralize chemicals and metals during their transit and elimination. Drinking Pure Radiance Vitamin C with a pinch of Himalayan Salt, Pure Organic MSM and Vanilla Agave makes an industrial strength medium to supercharge chelation. The Camu Camu and other berries in Pure Radiance greatly ease and accelerate chemical and metal flushing.

Chemical/Metal Flushing is best done after eye color is light and until all colored eye rings/splotches are cleared. Eye rings occur between pupil and iris. You can see these by shining a flashlight in the side of your eye at and angle.

If I lived in an extremely polluted, urban center I'd personally use Chem-Free, Metal-Free and extra Pure Radiance C on a daily basis.

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