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Your Step By Step Guide
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You can read my story for how this guide began it's life. This guide will index the action items we suggest for people in our client practice and will be more up to date than previous guides and articles found elsewhere on this site.

Getting Started

The best way to start is just to start. In other words, take action right now.

Pick one of the packages from Our Raw Super Food Catalog, preferably the Starter Pack, which meets your budget considerations. Alternatively, place an order with your single, highest priority, health outcome and your target budget.

Step #1: Kick Your Non-Nutrient & Anti-Nutrient Habit

Most "so called" health foods and supplements are packed with non-nutrients and anti-nutrients. These range from mild, inert fillers to harsh compounds like magnesium stearate (excipient) and ascorbic acid (preservative). This also includes isolate, synthetic substances like chemical vitamins, amino acids and denatured/heat-coagulated minerals.

Some highlights include:

A frequent question posed to us is, "where's you're proof?" To me it's self evident why we're best served to eat premium, Natural State, Raw Super Foods free of non-nutrients and anti-nutrients. If you require more information about this, I suggest you start with abstracts.

And our primary proof comes from direct experience. A small number of our clients were non-responsive to all health upgrades, even when the person seemed to be "doing everything right". 100% of these clients became hyper-responsive to all health upgrades within 1-3 days after ceasing intake of all non-nutrients and anti-nutrients of which I suspect magnesium stearate was the worst offender.

Step #2: Ensure Your Optimal Hydration and Alkaline pH

There's a huge difference between how much water we drink and how much water arrives at our cells. Probably over half the new clients who visit us are drinking huge amounts of water and show skin features of chronic dehydration.

Balanced hydration and pH go hand in hand. Attempting to balance pH with a remedial (drug-like) technology like drinking alkaline water or daily dosing of expensive Coral Calcium is an uphill struggle.

Balanced hydration and pH arise naturally from ingesting correct foods and fluids. If I was in a life or death situation and required balancing pH immediately, I'd invest a few pennies and mix a tablespoon of Sun Fire Salt into a quart of warm water and drink it.

Chronic dehydration usually starts with incorrect quality and quantity of salt intake. Most prepared foods are laced with volcanically heated (2000-4000 degrees) salt mixed with chemical flowing agents. How much salt? Only your taste buds can tell you the correct amount of salt for you.

Step #3: Your Raw Super Foods Fast Track

In the past we provided recipes with ingredient ratios and components designed to detoxify, build and reboot increasing levels of biological intelligence. For most people this was just too complex. Now these recipes come pre-mixed for you:

You can start with the ingredient lists and uses and engage your imagination from there. You can acquire these and many other Raw Super Foods from our Low-Tech Order page near you.

The primary signal for eating arises from nutrient deficits. As nutrients are withdrawn from your nutrient bank and used, your body tracks your nutrient reserve levels and when they run low a hunger signal is generated or intensified.

When people implement this guide they tend to "forget" to smoke, drink, take drugs, eat animal products. As people begin to ingest nutrient rich, calorie sparse foods, their biological intelligence reboots and they "forget about" or lose their taste for downscale nutrient sources. We receive regular email from long term smokers and drinkers about how they realize they've quit, days after their last smoke or drink.

Upscaling to a nutrient rich, calorie sparse eating style also supports optimal hydration and pH, as this usually includes blended foods and preparation styles which produce high water/fiber/nutrient foods which greatly supporting hydration and pH.

Check Yemiah's Raw Food Recipes to get you started.

And Yemiah's Raw Food Delights DVD Set is one of the best ways to rapidly refine/expand your Raw Food Recipe preparation skills. For me Yemiah creates recipes anyone can reproduce perfectly every time for some of the best simple, fast, gourmet Raw Food I've experienced to date.

Step #4: Reboot Elimination Strength & Speed with Salt Flushes

Be sure to read over our Raw Super Food, Product Quality Guide to understand why there are better choices than using Gray Sea Salt which is full of petroleum (gray color) residue and listen to the audio All About Water & Negatives of Alkaline Water. Best to be clear about Water and Salt quality before beginning Salt Flushes.

A Salt Flush (or Salt Wash) is 1 Tbls. of high quality salt, preferably Sun Fire Salt or other nickle dust free salt, mixed into 1 Quart warm water. Hold your nose and down it goes.

You can think of Salt Washes as a "quarter colonic". Where colonics only clean the colon, Salt Washes clean stomach, small intestine and colon.

Salt Washes give most people rapid, full elimination within 15-30 minutes. If no flush occurs, this may indicate a person is extremely salt deficient. In this case, I'd personally drink another quart of water and skip a day before my next Salt Wash. If no flushing occurs in a few days, some people increase up to 2 Tbls. or more of Sun Fire Salt.

Water retention may occur with Salt Washes, which is good. Water retention only occurs to accelerate removing toxins from tissue. When a body with stored toxins registers the availability of high quality salt and water, it will retain both. Water is held in contact with tissue to leech out toxins. When the water saturates (toxins begin to precipitate out), then this water will be expelled.

As a body comes upscale this process can progress into 'rapid cycling', where salt and water are retained for a few hours then expelled. This process continues until mineral quarantined toxins are completely expelled. This may create rapid weight swings, with the final swing to optimal weight.

It's very important to only use acid pH water if cycling begins, otherwise energy will go to detoxing minerals out of the water if alkaline pH water is used. Read section above on salt and water for more details.

How long to keep up Salt Washes? My preference is one/day until water expelled with my bowel movements is clear. Then a Salt Wash every few months seems great maintenance. I follow my intuition on when to do these.

Step #5: Optimize Your Digestive Fire

Digestive Fire relates to how fast and completely a person is able to reduce complex foods into component nutrients and transfer those nutrient components across the intestinal track wall.

Recently manufacturer's of expensive designer cleanse programs and candida killing products have fostered the perception candida is bad and interrupts digestion.

Candida, parasites and other microbial entities are like ants, pill bugs and rats. They only become active as a secondary digestive system when our primary digestion system is offline. These agents are meant to only become temporarily active in emergency situations and only become a negative force when people persist in continual downscale, life habits which require these entities to remain active on a continual basis for extended periods.

In many cases, candida and parasites may be the only thing keeping a person alive or at least upright and functioning. Killing candida and parasites can cause a variety of rapid onset, health degeneration. Better to support these agents finishing their activity by rebooting digestion and elimination, so microbes leave intact, under their own locomotion.

For more information read the article Candida's Healing Power.

Digestive Fire can be greatly increased by using excipient free, plant based...

Digestive enzymes which reduce complex food into simpler component nutrients.

Prebiotics, such as Natural State, Cacao Powder, Raw Vanilla Agave Nectar and Blue Green Algae, which create an ecology (environment) where Probiotics multiply and implant into our intestinal tract walls as rapid as possible.

Probiotics are primarily intestinal wall implanted, aerobic (oxygen breathing), friendly flora (bacteria) which further reduce food components and facilitate their transfer across the intestinal tract walls into our blood streams.

A powerful experiment is to go one month using Digest, Salivarius & Crystal Manna one each with and one each between meals.

Another contributor to optimal Digestive Fire is to ensure our internal throttle or gas pedal is working. Our throttle mechanism is made up of our adrenals, thyroid and para-thyroid, which are best supported by high quality salt and seaweeds as:

These three glands are the Holy Trinity of Energy and work together to manage energy metabolism in our bodies.

Goji Berries have a place here also, as Goji Berries seem to boost HGH (Human Growth Hormone) production and regenerate the HGH release pathway. HGH has been called the Fountain of Youth as HGH is a primary contributor to our youth. This applies to our internal experience and externally in quality of skin, hair, nails and eyes.

Step #6: Ensure Optimal Nutrient Intake

Optimal Nutrient Intake expands our consideration of Raw Super Foods to include products like Vitamin C Complex, Vitamin B Complex, Flora loaded with nanoized nutrients (Nanoized products) and all supplement-like substances to only be in a Natural State form.

The two really big wins here are Berry Based, Vitamin C Complex and Nanoized B Complex. People with deficiencies in either of these usually feel instant exhilaration the first few times they use these.

Super Indium is another powerful synergist. Indium has been shown increasing nutrient uptake by 75%.

Step #7: Optimize Your Deep, Continuous Sleep

Here are my primary considerations for enjoying deep, continuous, sleep:

  1. Quiet Sleeping Area which encompasses removing all sensory input. Sound. Light. Electrical Fields.
  2. Clear Lymphatic System which can be optimized with Vitalize. Lymph Fluid is pumped by movement and can only pump when lymphatic passages are clear. Vitalize dissolves the 'glue' which holds together lymphatic sediment in cases of lymphatic passage blockage which is referred to as 'stagnant lymph'.
  3. Moving Lymphatic System which comes from all exercise, including walking once lymphatic passages are clear.
  4. Adequate Tryptophan which can be found in nuts, seeds and is especially high in Edamame Beans. Many dairy and turkey cravings relate to Tryptophan deficiency. For most, shelled, organic, non-GMO, Edamame Beans are usually best. If Tryptophan deficiency is occurring, a simple test of eating a handful of Edamame Beans will tell the tale. People who start eating them frozen, by the handful, usually have raging Tryptophan deficiencies.
  5. Hormone Balance which is usually easily done by way of Chocolate Bliss, Ultra Tocos, Goji Berries, Bee Pollen, Hemp Seeds, Maca and Vanilla (in Vanilla Agave Nectar).

Skip expensive, isolate, synthetic melatonin and HGH and try Natural State, Raw Super Foods first. You may be surprised by how quick and deep you sleep then how energized you are when you awake.

Vitalize User's Guide - Clearing Stagnant Lymph The Easy Way

My preference for using Vitalize is to start with six capsules 2-3 hours before bed with 16+ oz. of water. This will fully hydrate the herbs and allow sufficient time for you to expel your water before you sleep.

Most people will have a strong 'sleep response' for the first few days, which is a nice way of saying they pass out.

It's extremely important to do this before bed, as driving or other activities may become hazardous if a person becomes drowsy.

Then after the initial 'sleep response' dissipates, usually 3-4 days, I'd finish the bottle at three capsules before bed.

Then I'd keep another bottle handy for any nights I felt sleep might be long in coming.

If I felt stimulated, rather than relaxed, I'd switch over to using Vitalize in the morning until the stimulated feeling passed. This happens rarely and is usually an indicator of chemicals/metals purging from lymphatic system. If this occurred and I was desiring to sleep, I'd take three caps of Pure Radiance Vitamin C, two caps of Chem-Free and two caps of Metal Free. Many times this combo will neutralize free floating chemicals/metals, especially mercury, which usually brings a body back to relaxation.

Step #8: Rapid Parasite & Chemical/Metal Flushing

Parasites, chemicals and metals usually travel together. Previous steps in this guide do the heavy lifting of flushing large, intestinal parasites. Parasites referred to here are partitioned in biofilms and cerebral/spinal fluid with no white blood cells access. You're best served to start this step when you're experiencing the following:

  1. Your skin is wrinkle free, indicating correct hydration to your most external cells.
  2. Your pH swings primarily around 7 pH during your day.
  3. Your sleep is deep and continuous.
  4. Your energy is at peak all day, every day.
  5. Your eye color becomes light.

Biofilms are calcium phosphate compartments which surround parasites, protecting them from our immune system. Biofilm based parasites are neither recognized nor effected in any way by our immune system. Many times these biofilms have chemical/metal accumulations and fibroid tissue integrated into their structure.

Many times biofilms show up in mammogram screens. Many people prefer dissolving biofilms from the inside using Raw Super Foods, rather than having breast tissue removed surgically.

The point here is to mobilize and rapidly eliminate all these materials together. This is extremely important as our bodies are very intelligent about partitioning chemicals and metals so they effect us as little as possible.

If chemicals and metals are mobilized in a downscale system, with 'stagnant lymph' and slow elimination, these substances can spread through a body becoming lodged in lymphatic passages (stagnant lymph) or reabsorbed (slow elimination). When this happens symptoms can range from mild discomfort to organ damage or worse.

The general components used, in addition to 3-6 months continuous use of the previous steps in this program are:

  1. Vitalize in use during entire process to keep lymphatic passages free flowing.
  2. Sun Fire Salt & Seaweed Energy supports peak adrenal, thyroid & parathyroid function.
  3. Allicidin (Garlic) to dissolve biofilms.
  4. Oleuropein (Olive Leaf, pronounced All-u-rope-peen) is a natural, wide-spectrum booster of anti-biotic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal activity.
  5. Protease is an industrial strength, protein digesting, enzyme which tends to break down pathogen cell walls so our immune system can more easily recognize and destroy them.
  6. Chem-Free is a powerful chemical chelator.
  7. Metal-Free is a powerful metal chelator.
  8. Pure Radiance Vitamin C is another powerful metal chelator, especially for mercury.

With each follow the directions on the bottles. With Protease, Allicidin, Oleuropein, Chem-Free and Metal-Free, I'd start with one cap daily for a week to ensure my comfort, then uplevel to dosage listed on the bottles.

If I lived in an extremely polluted, urban center I'd personally use Chem-Free, Metal-Free and extra Pure Radiance C on a daily basis.

Wrapping Up

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And enjoy your Raw Super Food adventure!

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