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Help! Our Government in Action

Your Free Radical Health News Bulletin
For the Week Ending June 13th, 2003


:::: Contents

     - Administrivia

     - Opening Remarks

     - Links

     - New Products & Customer Appreciation Special Update

     - The Chemistry of Grief, Stress & Depression Prep

     - Wrapping Up

:::: Administrivia

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:::: Opening Remarks

:: Our Government in Action
This is a quick bulletin about several actions our government
is pursuing. Details are in the links section.

If spirit moves assist in any way you can.

:::: Links

:: Raw Food Parenting on Trial
If you or someone you know has raised Raw Babies please assist
this couple with your response:

   Original story

:: S. 722 "Dietary Supplement Safety Act
This bill could devastate our ability to choose what Super Foods
and Super Nutrients we desire to enjoy. Please follow this link
to help make sure this bill disappears:

   How you can help

:::: Products & Customer Appreciation Special Update

:: New Products Added

1) Dark Earth Raw Carob

2) New Source for Dulse, Wakame and Nori

3) Chem-Free for drug/chemical detox and Metal-Free for
   heavy metal detox. Shine a light at an angle into
   your eyes. If you see any type of yellow/gold/amber
   ring chances are you'll be served by Chem-Free. Any
   other colored ring and Metal-Free may serve you.

4) An order for Raw Nuts is going in on Monday, so if
   you desire some call 512-280-5802 and let me know
   your items and quantities.

5) The $30/case Penta Water is going fast. If you
   desire some, be in touch.

:: Customer Appreciation Update

Dark Earth Carob, Chem-Free and Metal-Free are included
in this month's special, as we got a great deal on
our initial purchase of these items.

:::: The Chemistry of Grief, Stress & Depression

:: Preview
Next issue will be cover this important topic. This
issue is dedicated to Aurora Winter, the author of

   Struggling and Soaring With Angels: Healing a Broken Heart

I met Aurora and her partner Alex by way of Mark Victor Hansen
at the L.A. Book Expo. What a great pair they are.

Aurora shared her book with me, which is her diary over the time
when she unexpectedly lost her husband and love of her life. Her
book chronicles many years of her struggle, then soaring as she
healed herself.

Having had a psychotic break when my father died recently, I
well understand the multi-dimensional aspects of grief. Much
intervention was required by our great friend Bob Stevens and
others. I wish we'd had some of the Super Food and Super Nutrient
technologies then, that we have today. My ride would have been
much smoother.

Next issue will focus on the physical and nutritional aspects
of weathering grief with ease and grace. Aurora's book can
assist with the emotional component. Pick up your copy here:

   Struggling and Soaring With Angels: Healing a Broken Heart

There are several signs of lingering grief - hermit complex,
panic attacks, sobbing watching emotional movies or reading
emotional stories, panic attacks, persistent anxiety and
intense paranoia descending for (seemingly) no reason.

We'll talk about this more in the next issue. For now I
recommend you pick up a copy of Aurora's book and leave it
closed. Read the next issue, make sure you have plenty of
pure water, Immortal Sun Sea Salt, Angstrom Minerals and
Lymph/Chemical/Metal cleanser on hand, then we'll open
Aurora's book together and begin a rapid program of
integrating grief.

You may also be served to have some personal assistance.
If your intuition suggests this, I recommend you follow.
Aurora's book is quite powerful and will serve to remove
the capstone of any lingering grief, unlocking memories,
preparing the way for your great healing.

Your ride may be a wild one... and just on the other side,
a brand new life awaits you.

:::: Wrapping Up

If you have questions or desire to design your own personal
Radical Health program, be in touch:

Enjoy your best, most radically healthy & prosperous day ever!

- David Favor, Publisher

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