Eating Raw, What's The Big Deal?

What exactly does "Eating Raw" mean? And what are the payoffs?

Most people begin upgrading their diets because of a serious
health challenge, to reverse aging or just to increase their

"Eating Raw" means eating foods in their most natural state,
rather than processed. Prepared at room temperature, rather
than cooking.

"Eating Raw" tends to produce rapid and dramatic increases in
health, beauty and vitality.

"Eating Raw" seems radical to many. Probably because our
culture ritualizes cooked food eating. Holidays. Business
lunches. Dating. Sunday lunch. Family dinners. The list is long.

Since all creatures "Eat Raw" in nature, "Raw Fooders" consider
"Eating Raw" as very natural.

To sum up "Eating Raw", we in the network enjoy:

    100% Uncooked, Unprocessed, Primarily Organic, Gourmet Vegan

Glue on the outside is glue on the inside

It's been many years since my wife Yemiah and I have had
meat, dairy, grains, rice, flour, legumes, tofu, Tempe or
potatoes. Foods which tend to create glue or rot quickly on
the outside, we tend to leave on the outside. Also complex
proteins like fish, meat, foul and dairy which create massive
uric acid crystals (kidney, gall bladder pre-stone material)
we leave on the outside also.

Chemistry of "Eating Raw"

The reasoning behind "Eating Raw" is simple. Heating and
processing food evaporates charged water shorting out electrical
potential, transforms minerals from organic to inorganic and
destroys enzymes. Cooking or processing food means nutrient
destruction. When this type of denatured food enters our bodies,
subtle nutrients are leeched from our bones, blood, lymph and
organs to replace the destroyed nutrients.

This nutrient leeching is the pre-cursor for all manner of
degenerative, auto-immune and rapid-aging dis-eases.

Electrical potential is somewhat related to pH and Acid/Alkaline
balance. More importantly the electrical aspect of food is what
"gives us a rush" from eating.  This is easily experienced
by drinking a glass freshly squeezed grapefruit or red
bell pepper juice verses the same juice cooked, even at low
temperature. "Raw juice" gives a rush and cooked juice is flat,
dead and tends to depress our energy, when consumed.

Transformed minerals are the basis of pre-stone material
in organs and the root of arthritis. In essence, inorganic
minerals are sediment which displace water (dehydration)
and oxygen (cellular mutation and cancer). This also thickens
blood and lymph fluid, straining the heart, causing insomnia
and creating a breeding ground for Candida, bacteria, viruses
and parasites. All of which create Chronic Fatigue over time.

Enzyme destruction means the pancreas is now called on to
transform its metabolic enzymes into digestive enzymes.  It
takes roughly 10x of metabolic enzymes to make 1x of digestive
enzymes, plus a huge amount of energy for this transformation.

Eating cooked food means the pancreas has to digest food
instead of breaking down pre-cancer cells and regenerating
cells, which is it's real job.  Most pre-mature aging can be
quickly reversed with high-octane, enzyme supplementation. This
means very specific types of enzyme mixtures and strengths,
rarely found at your local health food store.

"Eating Raw" means extreme transformation

"Eating Raw" transforms lifestyle, so "Raw Fooders" talk about
"Living Raw", because "Eating Raw" builds up huge amounts of
bodily energy. This shows up as a cycle of feeling ecstatic,
then crashing as our body uses built up energy to detoxify and
purify. This cycle continues until our bodies regenerate back
to their natural, child-like, youthful state. Then the party
really gets started!

The next cycle is usually more intense. As our physical
regeneration stabilizes, we go through the same cycle for our
emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Any outdated patterns
adopted in the past, tend to destabilize and restructure back
to our original blueprints, our highest potential.

Living Your Raw Life

This transition to "Raw Living" is why most people are unable
to "Eat 100% Raw", because the difference between eating 99%
Raw and "Eating 100% Raw" is 1,000%. In other words, the last
1% is the transition from habitual patterning to our highest
state. A journey both amazing and intense, to the max.

"Raw Life" is very odd and challenging to sustain for most
because anything less than our highest becomes a source of
massive friction and Sacred Dissatisfaction. This friction
persists and intensifies until we only engage in choices,
activities, thoughts, relationships and work which is perfectly
aligned with our Dharma, our highest contribution to ourselves
and life. Our true purpose for existence. Whew! Very big!

As "Raw Living" takes us back to our core selves, life becomes
a constant stream of intense upgrades, emerging as experiences
of new states of consciousness and ways of being. People refer
to this a serendipity or being "in the flow".

"Eating Raw" is strapping yourself into a cosmic roller coaster.
There's a massive treasure of gold at the end of our ride and
this journey is only for the strong of character and heart. And
thrill-seekers. :-)

Your next step in your Raw Journey

If you feel drawn to "Raw Living" you may be served to network
with people who've been on this path for decades. This is why
Yemiah and I created and our News Service.

If "Raw" turns you on, email to
join in our fun or call us at 512-280-5802. We "Live Raw"
and love assisting others in their "Raw Adventure".

- David Favor

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