Your Radical Health
7 Keys For You To Look And Feel Your Best Ever!

If you're reading this article, in this magazine,
you're on an amazing quest to experience peak levels
of extreme health and longevity.

In 1978 a doctor told me without a radical colostomy,
removing my intestinal tract and most of my stomach,
I'd die. What might you do? I turned and ran.

My Radical Health quest started on that fateful day.

You can do what I did, invest 25 years and $1000s to
create your own Radical Health program. Another option
is to enjoy the fruit of my research and have your
results quickly, with ease and grace.

In this short article, we'll cover 7 keys for you to
look and feel your best ever, then suggest a few
experiments, under "Your Action", to increase your
mastery of each key.

Key #1: L.U.C.K. - Living Under Correct Knowledge

Radical Health is simple. Our bodies are made up of
pipes and tubes. If our pipes are clear our cells get
nutrients quickly and waste products are eliminated
quickly and completely, and we enjoy Radical Health.

So how do you know what to eat? Here are some simple guides:

1) If mixing a substance with water and heat makes
   glue, best to leave this substance outside the body.
   What makes glue outside, makes glue inside.

2) If substance rots quickly at room temperature,
   imagine what will happen in your body. Foods which
   decompose poorly create a massive toxic load on our
   elimination system. Consider what happens if you
   put a tomato, peach, pistachios and a pound of raw
   meat/fish/dairy side by side. Which might you rather
   have inside your body?

One of your best sources of "Correct Knowledge", or at
least knowledge which when tested appears correct, is
our News Service.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with Raw and Alternative
Health, just subscribe and be at ease. You've found
your way to a place where you can upgrade your health
at your own pace and be comfortable at each step of
your entire process.

Your Action: You can email
to plug into our News Service, where we talk about many
simple ways for you to look, feel and live your best ever.

Key #2: Salt, Water & Angstrom Minerals

These are the basics of life. My story is most people die
from chronic dehydration, aggravated by chronic malnutrition
and sleep deprivation. Recently a government report stated
an estimated 80% of all Americans are malnourished.

To stay hydrated requires liberal quantities of salt, as
salt is the substance which allows us to hold water in
solution (keep water in our bodies).

Next is water. When we're born, we're 90% water. If we
desire childlike energy and wonder, we're served to have
childlike hydration. "Drink much. Eat little." are both
words to live by and words to live long by.

The many unnatural compounds in our air, water and
food and the absence of many rare trace minerals in
our diet sets the stage for accelerated aging,
degenerative and auto-immune disease. Unless you're
growing your own food on Maui, you'll be served to
increase your intake of rare minerals.

Angstrom Minerals are an amazing source of rare and
trace minerals. Angstrom Minerals have a mild taste
and are more vibration than a physical substance. As
such, they bypass normal metabolism (chemical process
required to get minerals into our cells) and travel
straight to our cells, like iron filings to magnets.

Your Action: Enjoy an abundance of high quality water,
salt and Angstrom Minerals. Try Penta Water, delicious
Immortal Sun Sea Salt and Angstrom Mineral formulas.

For most people, this simple program usually results
in rapid weight balancing, body and face sculpting to
let through your maximum beauty, loss of cravings,
deeper sleep and up-leveled energy.

Key #3: Deep Sleep

There are many reasons for insomnia or restless sleep and
a usual, common component is stagnant lymph.

We have four times the amount of lymph fluid in our bodies
as blood. While our lungs and heart pump and regulate blood
flow, movement pumps lymphatic fluid.

Because the lymph pipes and tubes are much finer than blood
passages, they can easily become clogged. Clogging usually
progresses as lymph nodes which are first tender, inflamed,
then hard and finally cancerous.

So insomnia or restless sleep in many cases is your first
indicator of pre-cancer. Best heed this communication and
resolve this situation in its early stages.

If lymph stagnates, no amount of exercise will solve this
situation. The stagnating sediment must be dissolved, then
lymph flow will be restored.

Many people sleep like a baby the first time the take
lymph flow, because for the first time in years all
the accumulated (backed up) lymph fluid releases.

Your Action: Finish eating while it's still light outside.
When darkness begins, seratonin response shifts your body
out of activity and digestion mode into rest and regeneration
mode. If you eat after dark, this shift gets interrupted.

Enjoy a powerful lymph dissolver whenever you feel sleep
may be long in coming.

Key #4: Massive Energy

When you start your Radical Health Journey, massive energy
is a side effect and there are a few simple ways to speed
up this process.

Our sense of energy and elation is an incredibly complex,
multi-dimensionally process. There are physical, mental,
motional and spiritual aspects. You can explore all these
aspects in our News Service. For now, we'll cover some
of the core physical aspects. Major contributers include:

1) How much, how often and when we eat.

2) The fire of our digestion and elimination.

3) The fire of our endocrine system.

4) The fire of our sugar metabolism system.

"Fire" is a Chinese term which speaks of the nature
of a system in terms of strength, efficiency and how
fast the system reacts to changes.

We've already covered "Drink much. Eat little." Also
why eating when it's light outside determines how we
regenerate, therefore our overall health and longevity.

How much might we eat? Most people over eat because
they are trying desperately to get rare trace minerals
from foods devoid of adequate amounts of these treasures.

You'll be pleasantly surprised by how your appetite and
weight changes with high quality salt, water and the
Angstrom Minerals we talked about. People using these
substances tend to eat much less.

For example, I've been eating only a few hundred calories
for the better part of a year. My weight is rock solid.
My energy is continuously peaked and my sleep requirements
are low. Expect this type of result as you progress.

Digestion, elimination, sugar metabolism and endocrine
function are all closely related. Each revolves around
minerals. Digestion and adrenals run off salt. Sugar
metabolism runs off chromium and vanadium. Thyroid is
iodine and purple pigments. Para-Thyroid is iodine and
green pigments.

The adrenals, thyroid and para-thyroid operate as a
single system and play a major role in our experience
of energy, elation and ecstasy.

Your Action: Continually introduce more and more
mineral rich foods into your diet (Key #5). If you have
cravings, ramp up on Angstrom Daytime Minerals and the
amount of food you require will plummet, while your
weight either decreases or increases, as best serves you.

Enjoy Raw (not toasted), wild crafted purple, brown
and emerald green seaweeds and your energy will soar.

At one point I had hypothyroidism.  Years of effort
and $1000s gave no relief. Then advice from a friend
had me try a few pennies of salt, Dulse, Kelp and Nori
on a daily basis. In 3-4 days, heat was restored to my
fingers and toes for the first time in over 20 years.
Then my energy started increasing and has yet to peak.

Key #5: Raw, Wild, Living & Super Foods

Raw Food is the best food. Raw food is prepared at room
temperature and eaten soon after preparation, before foods
oxidize, which is the process of losing bio-electricity,
chi or life force.

When foods are heated and processed subtle flavors and
nutrients are lost. Raw Food preparation is certainly
an art. Once mastered and you'll be hooked.

A resource guide for Raw Food preparation is in the
works. When complete, I'll announce it through our
News Service.

Raw simply means food in its most natural state.

Wild means foods which grow wild. Foraging in clean
fields is a real treat. Flavors are vast and
surprising. Wild foods have the highest mineral and
nutrient profiles. A few blades of wild grass each day
will greatly accelerate your health improvement.

Living foods include Miso and Sauer Kraut. These foods
are rich in live, aerobic (oxygen based) bacteria,
which are essential for rapid, complete digestion.

Super foods are foods mineral and nutrient rich in the
extreme, like goji berries, bee pollen and coconut
oil. We could talk about each of these for days. For
now, just enjoy the intense flavor of these Raw jewels
and your resulting boost in vitality and immunity.

Other super foods include any source rich in enzymes
and probiotics. Enzymes are required for all chemical
reactions in your body. Probiotics are friendly bacteria
in your intestines, which contribute to digestion.

If you're cooked, rather than Raw, you'll be served to
speak with an expert on enzymes and probiotices to ensure
you're ingesting peak levels of these.

Your Action: Each day enjoy a few blades of Raw
wild grass, wild crafted seaweeds, live foods, goji berries,
bee pollen and coconut oil.

Set your goal as 100% Raw, then talk with someone
who's been Raw for a while and learn all the tricks of
going and staying Raw, with ease and grace. Only eat
foods which look good, taste good and make you feel good.

Key #6: Living Well Doing What You Love

This is the subject of a book I'm working on with advisers
Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup) and Robert Allen (Nothing
Down, Multiple Streams of Income).

The book title sums up this topic:

            Your Dream Your Fortune
   7 Keys to Living Well Doing What You Love

Recently I took a group of people through a process of
discovering their life purpose, then simple mass marketing
techniques to rapidly create markets, so they can live well
doing what they love.

This may be the most important part of Radical Health. When
a person is doing what they love, their dharma or highest
contribution, all living beings benefit and evolve faster.

You doing what you love is your most profound, intense,
effective way to positively change our global culture.

Your Action: Find a mentor who can help you discover
your life purpose, then implement the automated systems
required to turn your dream into your fortune.

Key #7: Stay in Your Fire

Remove a glowing ember from a fire it quickly grows
cold. Put it back and it quicly glows red.

The same occurs with people. Place yourself in a hot,
supportive environment and you'll catch fire quickly
and stay on fire continuously.

Your Action: In the first key and last key, your action
s the same, email
and plug
into the global Raw Community. Stay plugged in and your
Radical Health Journey will be one of ease and grace.

Enjoy your best, most radically healthy and prosperous
day ever!

- David Favor

Resource Block:

David Favor the founder of Radical Health Research
and survived the ravages of growing up on a cattle 
ranch, almost falling prey to the medical machine
and years of SAD (Standard American Diet). If he
can come back from the brink of death to peak
health, you can too.

Contact David to design your Radical Health program.
to enjoy his free News Service or call him at 512-280-5802.