August 29th, 2003 - EM Brews, Angstrom & Indium

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     - Angstrom Mineral Update

     - Indium Update (and ORMUS note)

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:::: Misc Site News

:: News Service Name Change
When several current projects are complete, the new
set mail system will go into effect and the name of
our News Service will change to:

   Living Well News

:: Credit Card Processing
Remember we now take credit cards and use Fedex for
home delivery. Last week surfaced several problems
in both systems and now all is well.

Along with our most recent shipments, we're now back
to our target 24 hour shipping.

:: Microsoft + W32.Sobig.A virus
Well Microsoft has done it again. The current virus
W32.Sobig.A is now estimated to be taking up 70% of
total global email bandwidth.

Please help stop this creature. Here's what you can do:

1) The best support you can give is to de-install
   all Microsoft products.

2) Your next best step is to ensure your computer is
   sterilized. You can read about W32.Sobig.A here:

      W32.Sobig.A Virus info

   You can use this program to clean your computer:

      W32.Sobig.A Virus cleaner

   Be sure to read about Windows XP, as your computer
   can be reinfected on each reboot.

   You're best served to run this periodically to ensure
   your machine stays clean.

:::: EM Brews, Your Next Quantum Leap in Health

:: EM - Effective Microorganisms
EM appears to be the next Quantum Leap in our
Radical Health. EM is the technology used by
Garden of Life to inoculate their soil to
produce Super Organic or Beyond Organic crops.

The organisms Garden of Life use to pre-digest
their products are also related to the EM family
of organisms. EM are a synergistic class of highly
aggressive organisms, which rapidly displace all
nitrogen breathing pathogens.

In other words, people who live off EM based brews
tend to operate free of parasites, bacteria, fungus,
yeast, mold and viruses as each of these are rapidly
displayed by EM organisms.

Note every degenerative and auto-immune disease from
Cancer, AIDS, Lupus, MS and Arthritis all have one or
many pathogenic components. In other words, there
is some type of parasite, bacteria, fungus, yeast, mold
or virus which is substantially contributing directly
to the condition or indirectly, by reducing a body's
ability to clean and regenerate itself.

:: EM Brews
Several weeks ago I got a hit (intense intuition) to
begin brewing EM products. The same day the person
I've been carrying on conversations with about this
topic for the last year made a choice to leave the
EM Brew business and has agreed to consult with us,
assisting in setting up our own brewery.

:: Interim EM Brews
There are several interim options for EM Brews were
trying now. We'll make these available, until we're
up and running with our production.

:: Quantum Leap
EM Brews are to Garden of Life products, like Garden
of Life products are to grocery store supplements.

A few days on these brews and many people enter an
entirely different realm of being.

Look for announcements about EM Brews coming soon.
If you choose to participate in the:

    Radical Health Inner Circle

I'll talk about shortly, you'll have the option
of trying test batches of our brews as we bring
our brewery on-line.

:::: Angstrom Mineral Update

:: Angstrom Minerals at a Glance
Angstrom Minerals are millions of times smaller
than Colloidal Minerals. They are more vibration
than physical substance.

Because of their size they bypass complex metabolic
(chemical) processes usually require to break down
food, absorb, assimilate, deliver and integrate into

This means Angstrom Minerals can work with anyone,
independent of health. They tend to increase health
rapidly. If you're on medication, be sure and tell
your practitioner you've started Angstrom Minerals
and have yourself tested periodically to adjust your
medication dosage appropriately.

:: New Angstrom Mineral 8 oz. Bottles
This weekend will be the first run of our 8 oz. bottles
of Angstrom Minerals. These are packaged in plastic PET
bottles, just like Heal America/Energy Images.

Our 4 oz. bottles were $20 and the 8 oz. bottles are
$30. A great savings. For an even better savings:

   Read on and find out about the $20 a bottle special!

:: Servings Per Bottle
The new 8 oz. bottles contain 48 teaspoon servings.

:: Indium Added
Both Morning and Daytime Minerals now contain Indium,
which I'll talk about in the next section.

:: Stabilized Platinum and Iron
After much experimenting it appears both Platinum and
Iron fall out of solution over time. This means the
molecules clump together making a cloud-like formation.
These gossamer clouds are still considerably more usable
by the body than Colloidal or Elemental Minerals.

We're having great luck stabilizing both Platinum and
Iron now and have determined how to do this even better
in the future. More under Next Generation Angstrom Minerals.

:: New Labels
Very shortly we'll have new labels which describe which
mineral is in each formula. This will also include PPM

:: Mineral Ratios
One of the reason Radical Health Mineral Formulas work
so fast and so well is because of the ratios of minerals.
Ratios like 3x Magnesium to 1x Calcium closely resemble
cellular ratios of these minerals.

Know we're continually experimenting and upgrading our
minerals to the most effective combinations known to date.

:: Are Your Angstrom Minerals Really Angstrom Minerals?
There are many companies selling Angstrom Minerals. Getting
a straight answer about particle size and clumping speed is

The current Angstrom Minerals we have do appear to actually
be Angstrom sized particles. And, because straight answers
are hard to come by, we're looking to our Next Generation
of Angstrom Minerals to solve this challenge.

:: Next Generation Angstrom Minerals
Recently I've put a good bit of research into processes
for both Indium and Angstrom Minerals. In the future,
we'll have a manufacturing facility for both and as a
side offshoot a form of water as pure as Penta Water.

As you can tell the last 2-3 months has been an intense
immersion into the technologies of Beyond Raw technologies.

:::: Indium Update

:: Indium Intelligence
People continually ask me, "What does Indium do?"
Here's what I say,

   "Indium has a unique, tangible intelligence and
    seems to somehow facilitate or amplify our body's
    ability to take stock of available nutrients and
    efficiently apply them to repair and regeneration.
    Additionally, Indium seems adaptogenic, meaning it
    somehow morphs and amplifies other nutrients abilities."

:: My Introduction to Indium
One day David Wolfe was at our house and asked if we'd
ever taken any Indium. We had yet to try it, so he
suggested a demonstration.

He looked around the room and picked out one of Yemiah's
teenage daughters and a friend she had with her. Both
had some severe acne presenting on their faces.

David took them to a large mirror we had, put two drops
of Indium under their tongue and directed us all to watch
the mirror. After a few seconds, I had to blink and rub my
eyes because their acne legions began healing in real time.
I could see the skin repairing and covering the sores.

I've been taking Indium ever since.

:: Angstrom Indium
Angstrom Indium is simply diluted with water. One of the
problems with Indium is no one will say much about it, so
there is no way to really tell the particle size.

As I said in the "Next Generation of Angstrom Minerals"
above, getting a straight answer about Angstrom Minerals
is challenging. Getting answers about Indium is infinitely
more challenging. This is why we'll be manufacturing our
own eventually.

:: Indium Caplets
Another form of Indium available now is Indium caplets.
Each have the equivalent of three drops of Indium and
are tasteless. So if the taste of Indium puts you off,
these caps are for you.

These have yet to be announced to the public and already
several companies are gearing up to clone them. Very cool.
An announcement will go out over our News Service when they
are available.

:: Hot Indium
Hot Indium, named by Attorney at Law Todd McCray in
sunny San Antonio, is still the best, in my opinion.

Hot Indium is pure Indium in just enough water to suspend
the mineral in solution. It has an exponential effect. Take
one drop and get one unit of effect, two drops for 10 units,
three drops for 100 units. Take a dropper and you'll be
pondering your navel for several days and the secrets of
the universe will come easily within your grasp.

In fact, I'm wondering if many of the consciousness expanding
trips people experience on organic substances are because
these substances are natural Indium carriers.

:: Next Generation Indium
We are already working with an outside lab to produce a
new form of Hot Indium for us, until we can produce our own.

Additionally, we'll be using Indium with EM Brews. Initial
experiments with this process yield a biologically active
substance which contains massive amounts of supercharged
EM organisms, electrically active Indium and ORMUS material,
which appears to be a composite of all monatomic, platinum
group elements.

A full discussion of ORMUS is for another time and if you're
already into ORMUS, EM seems to provide a pathway by which
ORMUS precipitates naturally, in culture.

:::: Radical Health Inner Circle Memberships

:: Introduction
The time has come for me to invest more time for lab and
product development.

You can help and benefit too. Here's how.

:: Details
Memberships will be offered until I'm able to phase out my
day job. After this, Memberships may still be offered, however
they will be very different from what you enjoy today.

Memberships are by automatic credit card or bank draft

Memberships may be terminated or revised at anytime, with
30 days notice to members as to new terms.

Members may cancel at any time, however if they rejoin,
they will do so at current membership terms.

:: Basic Inner Circle Membership: $97/month investment

   - $97 credit toward future product purchases.

   - Balance carries across months.

   - Product Discounts:
     - $20: 8oz. Angstrom Minerals ($40 regular)
     - $45: 3ml Hot Indium

:: Advanced Inner Circle Membership: $147/month investment

   - $147 credit toward future product purchases.

   - Balance carries across months.

   - Product Discounts:
     - Same as Basic Membership plus
     - $20: For 1lb. of Goji Berries, Bee Pollen,
            Hemp Seeds and Dulse.

   - EM Brew Research
     - Availability of test batches prior to
       public release of finalized products:
     - Discounts when available to public

   - Access to Yemiah's recipes
     - Yemiah comes up with several new ones every
       week. This is a way to share those with the
       people who are really going the extra mile.

   - Private Tele-conferences on advanced health topics

:::: Wrapping Up

If you have questions or desire to design your own personal
Radical Health program, be in touch:

   david@radicalhealth.com or 512-280-5802

Enjoy your best, most radically healthy & prosperous day ever!

- David Favor, Publisher

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