:::: The Incredible Edible $9847 Lemon

As some of you know I still work a day job developing disaster
proof computing and marketing systems. During my day many people
wander into my office and tell me their health stories.

Yesterday a person dropped by and told me his story about:

   The Incredible Edible $9847 Lemon

This man just got out of the hospital after an emergency room
visit and sonic therapy to break up a large kidney stone.

   His bill is $9847 and still rising...

For him this is no problem, because he has health insurance.

For those who are hospital-a-phobic or without insurance there's
a much better solution than a $9847+ hospital bill, unless you're
independently wealthy and enjoy hospital stays. :-)

You're probably already aware lemon juice and olive oil are the
primary tools of most liver and gall bladder cleanses. Lemon juice
breaks up the mucoid binding which holds stones together. Olive Oil
causes peristaltic (wave like, eliminative) action in the kidneys
and gall bladder, like salt does for the intestines.

In my younger, more adventurous, days I use to enjoy dramatic and
intense detox experiences. These days so many projects require my
attention, I'm better served to engage in ongoing, mild cleansing.

You may also enjoy ongoing, mild cleansing habits. One of the best
habits to adopt is continual use of the following:

   - Sea Salt    - strengthens peristalsis in intestinal tract

   - Lemon Juice - breaks down mucoid binding in organ stones

   - Olive Oil   - initiates peristalsis in kidneys and gall bladder

We have some of the best Sea Salt and Olive Oil on the planet here:


In fact, we just took on the Bariani Olive Oil line this week. If
you've yet to taste this 100% Raw, Virgin Olive Oil, processed and
stored in the dark, you're in for an amazing treat.

Some ways to use Sea Salt, Lemon Juice and Olive Oil daily:

   - mashed up with avocados, our delicious hemp seeds, pine nuts,
     kelp/dulse powder and (soon) raw sauerkraut

   - as a marinade for our delicious whole leaf dulse

   - for a dipping sauce

   - added to your homemade salad dressings built around Raw Miso and
     Raw Nut butters (try running any of our Raw Nuts in a Cuisinart
     mixed half and half with Raw Walnuts for an outrageous nut butter
     which you can also add the salt, lemon and olive oil to directly)

Live Feast Time Again

If you're in our near Austin this Saturday drop by for our
monthly Live Feast. Directions and info here:


You Can Expand Our Catalog

If you make monthly health food purchases and find yourself
thinking, "Gee, I wish David carried this, so I could just order
one place"... Tell us! And we'll consider stocking your item.

Membership & EM Brew Network

After discussions with several people, reviewing the accounting
required to keep up with memberships and realizing I made a pricing
error, here are several revisions:

1) You'll notice a new mineral package in our catalog which combines
   three 8oz. Angstrom Minerals and one 3ml. "Hot Indium".

2) Ongoing customers will auto-magically receive "Inner Circle"
   status and receive invitations to special phone/web events.

3) Eventually we'll be providing EM Brews and we'll also be providing
   EM Brewing info and support materials to people choosing to brew
   their own. If you're adventurous, check our Website for more details
   as they become available.

The Sobig Worm/Virus

Sobig is now estimated to be producing 70%+ of total, global email
traffic. As such, I've written some adaptive filtering software to
analyze a short segment of every email we receive and reject Sobig

Please be patient as this software gets turned on next week. If some
of your email gets bounced back, please give me a call so I can fix
any problems.

Wrapping Up

Enjoy your best day ever!

- David Favor, 512-280-5802

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