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:::: Article: My Life With Gojis

My life with Gojis started in 1986. Scattered around
the Chinese school where I was studying Internal Arts
were photos of a regal, ancient man. He was seated
in a lotus position and was the picture of serenity.

His skin was beautiful. Eyes bright and mischievous.
Just looking at him gave me chills.

Shortly after beginning my studies one of our instructors
told us about this man. He was the founder of our school.
His name was Dr. Li and in 1933 passed at the age of around
256, give or take five years because his actual birth date
was never recorded.

Dr. Li was presented with honors by the Chinese Government
when he was 100, 150 and 200. Near his 250th birthday he
went into secret seclusion after learning of a plot between
his family and the Chinese Government to hasten his passing.
Evidently living past 250 was a bit much for the people of
his day.

Dr. Li only had one health challenge. Around 188 he lost his
teeth. What to do? Dr. Li was an expert on longevity, so he
turned to Chinese Crimson Goji Berries. From 188 until his
passing, Dr. Li's primary nutrition was Goji Tea, so...

   Dr. Li lived for around 70 years on Goji Tea!

People wonder why I continually talk about Gojis. Now you
know why. Gojis are the most effective longevity technology
we have today.

And now your longevity just got easier and more delicious.
Now we have Raw Goji Juice which has:

   2 lbs. of Gojis in every liter of juice!

Read on...

:::: Article: Raw Goji Juice

If you're hooked into the Raw Food or Alternative Health
worlds, you've already heard the buzz about Raw Goji Juice.

I was skeptical. 100% Raw Goji Juice. No way! Get 2 lbs. of
Gojis Longevity Power in one liter of juice. No way!

Was I ever wrong. After playing phone tag for a week I
finally spoke at length with:

   Mega Author Dr. Earl Mindell

Here are some of the books Dr. Earl has written:

   Dr. Earl Mindell's Amazon Books

As you can see from the "100+ Entries", Dr. Earl has been
around alternative health for years.

What impressed me most when we talked, was the meticulous
nature of the testing and juice extraction for all the
components of this Raw-some Goji Juice.

Rather than buying cooked concentrates, they create their
own juices and...

   All their juice processing occurs around 70 degrees!

Wow! Truly amazing. I'm excited to visit their facility
sometime and check out how they pull off this Raw Magic.

If you love Gojis or Lazy Longevity, this juice is for you!
Yes we'll be carrying Goji Juice in our catalog soon and
you can order yours wholesale here:

   RawGojiJuice.com - 100% Raw Goji Juice

You can hear 24 cool ways Gojis increase longevity here:


If you're inspired to Network Market your way to great
fame and fortune with Goji Juice, listen here:


:::: Update: Dulse, Living Multi & Olives

We just received a huge shipment of Dulse. Time to
place your order for the year, while we have stock.
Dulse is ever Raw Fooder's secret weapon for increasing
energy and body heat. A must for staying Raw in the
coming winter months.

Garden of Life just upgraded their Living Multi Vitamins
to a Men's and Women's formula. We have a few pre-launch
bottles. People report they rock. These jewels are a great
source of B-12, to keep your DNA immaculate and support
your body staying well in the face of many cancer/mutation
creating environmental toxins.

You can now enjoy Nature's First Law Peruvian Olives direct
from Radical Health. After many requests we've added these
to our stock. These olives are the ultimate beauty food.
Unsalted. Sun Dried. 100% Raw Edible Distilled Sunlight.

:::: Goodies: Recipes & Resources

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preparing Raw Food. Here are some resources:

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      - Heavenly Cucumber Herb Pesto
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      - Yemiah's outrageous Super Food Smoothies

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   Nature's First Law - Your Recipe Book Mega Resource

Raw Food Goodies:

   Radical Health Catalog

   Nature's First Law Catalog

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