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:::: News: Items of Interest

   2004 is shaping up to be an amazing year. In 1986 I
was introduced to Goji Berries. In 2002 we finally found
a source and began offering them in our catalog:

   Radical Health Catalog

   October of 2003 brief mention was made about a
Raw Goji Juice product. So many people have gone Goji
and are drinking this delicious elixir, I imagined you
might like to hear from "the source" about how this
product came to be.

   On February 11th at 8PM Central I'll be interviewing
the man who brought alternative health to the mainstream,
Dr. Earl Mindell. Stay tuned to the News Service for the
phone number to call and details.

   2004 will be year of simplification for me also. I
currently run New Service systems for Health, Marketing
and Real Estate. Look for these to converge into a form
of general news where you can click on the articles
which interest you.

   And Health will remain as a core topic. Because when
you have health, sky's the limit on your possibilities.

:::: Recipe: Hemp Seed Cereal

   One morning recently I was up and about quite
early. One of my to-do items was make a bank deposit,
so I stopped by the local grocer where there's a
bank branch.

   Usually my one meal of the day is around 2-3PM
and this morning my appetite was voracious. My thoughts
turned to juicy, ripe tomatoes.

   Through the alcohol, chips, packages, cans and
endless sea of sugar-grain-pastries. Finally into
the produce section. To my surprise there was a huge
pile of heirloom (pure strain) tomatoes. Brilliant,
rainbow colors. Irregular shapes. Perfectly ripe.
What a find!

   Back the house, my mouth watering all the way.
Heirlooms are perfect for Hemp Seed Cereal. Here's
the recipe:

   2 Medium Heirloom Tomatoes
   1 Medium Avocado
   1 Small Sweet Onion
   6 Kelp/Dulse Capsules
   1 Dash Immortal Sun Sea Salt
   1 Dash Uber Cayenne Pepper
   1 Splash Bariani Olive Oil
   1 Heap of Hemp Seeds

   Mash avocado, break open kelp/dulse caps, salt,
red pepper, olive oil, dice tomatoes, dice onion,
cover with heap of hemp seeds. The more hemp seeds
you add, the more cereal-like the taste and consistency.

   You can eat a bowl straight or make fantastic Raw
Sushi/Nori Wraps. Just spread yummy, raw white, mild Miso
and raw sauerkraut on raw a Nori sheet. Cover liberally with
Hemp Seed Cereal and top with spicy veggies. My preference
this day was spicy Arugala from Yemiah's garden and hot
Thai peppers Yemiah smuggled home from her recent Thai
adventure. Serve with mounds of Raw Whole Leaf Dulse.


:::: Article: Health - Process or Event?

   Enjoying my Live Feast of Hemp Seed Cereal, my
thoughts returned to the checkout line at the grocery
store. My favorite game at grocer's is, "find one item
in someone's basket I'd eat." Even at Whole Foods and
Central Market, rarely does one item pass.

   My Hemp Seed Cereal Musings led me to consider most
people treat health as an event, rather than a process.
Fad diets. Prescription drugs. Surgery. Chemotherapy.
Similar to Aesop's fable of, "The Ant and the Grasshopper".

   The ant made incremental choices to support his and
his family's survival. These choices required some effort
and a little effort every day gets to be second nature,
after a short while.

   So the ant lived by his choices all summer, while
the grasshopper played. Then when the chill winds of
winter blew and no food was available, the grasshopper
asked the ant for food. The ant declined, as he had to
take care of himself and family, to ensure survival.

   We all know what became of the grasshopper.

   Most people take the grasshopper approach to health.
Short-term choices produce a short-term life.

   Radical Health subscribers tend toward  the ant
approach to health, which is part grasshopper too.
As long-term Radical Healthers/Raw Fooders will tell
you. A short while eating Raw Food and one's palette
clears and only the rich, vibrant flavors of Raw Food
will do. Cooked/processed food tastes like card-board.

   In a sense, Raw Fooders get to have it all. Ant
results on a Grasshopper diet, because Raw Food tastes

:::: Article: Grasshopper to Ant Transition Tools

   If you're looking for some serious motivation to
assist your transition, you can always volunteer at a
nursing home. Great motivation! Also check out the
audio book, "Spiritual Age of Machines". This book
has been out of print for some time and if you can
find it you'll be amazed.

   "Spiritual Age of Machines" explores current longevity
technologies and provides a time-line of future technologies.
If a person can make it to 2050-2060 in good health, the
state of nano-technology for DNA/Tissue/Organ repair can
probably take most people another 50-100 years. After 2160,
our technology will provide some amazing choices.

   One great transitional tool we've been using is the
delicious Raw Goji Juice. Based on my current consumption,
I'm going through almost three cases/month personally. Goji
Juice coupled with orange/grapefruit/tangerine juice and
apple/lemon/ginger juice has become a major part of my daily
health practice.

   Adding a pinch of Immortal Sun Sea Salt and lemon juice
rounds out the nutrients and has let me rediscover fruit
juice. Most people do poorly on sweet fruit because the
sugar/mineral levels are out of balance. Adding Sea Salt
and lemon juice seems to do the trick for me.

   Another great ongoing tool is multi-spectrum enzymes.
Enzymes are the catalysts required for metabolism to occur.
"Metabolism" refers to the many chemical reactions required
to sustain life and expand longevity.

   My breakfast recently has shifted from plain water to
three digestive enzymes and one protease. This clears up
any left over food, with the balance of the enzymes entering
blood and lymph fluid to regenerate cells.

   Enzymes are Ant-like because they pave the way for the
future and Grasshopper-like because they produce a mild
sense of elation, as more energy can go to life rather than

   Aging is simply an indicator we have more energy being
expended, than we have coming in. In banking terms, most
people make far more withdrawals than deposits. When a
person's health balance gets overdrawn... "Game over!"
Enzymes, Angstrom Minerals and Indium are way to make
"double-deposits", when one dollar immediately turns into
two, three or more dollars on deposit.

   So choose to be an Raw Ant today! Make incremental,
simple Ant choices every day, for yourself, your family
and all who come after you.

   Choose Super Foods like Goji Juice, Immortal Sun Sea Salt,
Enzymes, Bee Pollen and Dulse. You'll be surprised at how
minor changes like these:

   - Rapidly shave off excess weight

   - Deepen sleep

   - Increase creativity and energy

   - Improve your mood off the scale

   - Set the stage for you to enjoy your maximum life span

   - Set the stage for you to fully engage your life purpose

:::: Resource: Transformational Tool Sources

   You can find many tools like Salt, Enzymes, Angstrom Minerals,
Indium, Garden of Life goodies and Hemp Seed Cereal fixin's in
our catalog:

   Radical Health Catalog

   As a reward for those Ants who've read this far, you can enjoy
a three month supply of enzymes for $125, regularly $200 for all
of January and February 2004. Ants should get perks for their
extraordinary efforts. :-)

:::: Resource: Raw Goji Juice Source

   For the Goji lovers in the crowd, Raw Goji Juice will turn you
on. I've been watching peoples investment habits and many people
order multiple Goji Juice shipments every month. Once you try this
amazing elixir, you'll feel most peaceful with a few extra cases
on hand at all times. :-)

   Be warned. You'll be served to always order two cases at a
time, because when you share your Goji Juice people will desire
more and more. Best to be prepared. :-)

   You can setup a wholesale Goji Juice account by emailing me
for the site link.

   Be sure to have them set up your account on auto-ship to get
your 30% discount. You can always cancel or return Goji Juice
for a 100% refund.

   Working with Goji Juice has revised my thoughts about referral
companies. They seem to be focused on high quality and when I had
questions, mega author Earl Mindell called me himself to provide
answers. Their compensation plan is quite lucrative. They are well
established. A great all around package.

   If you're inclined toward sharing health information with
your loved ones, participating with Goji Juice is a great way to
get a big-time cosmic thank you for your efforts.

:::: Resource: Louisiana Raw Food Connection

   For those in Louisiana or with loved ones in Louisiana,
be in touch with our new friend Susan Ferron. She's been
living in New Orleans for 20 years and is a great person.
You can reach her at 504-866-2533 or:


:::: Fun: Raw Goji Juice Tasting

   If you live near Austin or are traveling through, drop by
for a taste of Raw Goji Juice. Email me to setup a time:


:::: News: Product Updates

   We have Dulse again, in 3/4 lb. bags. Our outrageous
Rainbow Raw Honey is back again. Mild, less sweet than
most. Wild crafted in the Texas Hill Country.

   You'll notice we have quantity discounts for our
Indium Super Users. Notice Indium has dropped from
$75 to $60/vial. Look for future reductions as our
volume increases.

   The fresh crop of Barhi and Arabian Night dates are
in. You may choose to pick up a 9 lb. case as dates are
dry enough to freeze nicely. Dates are definite Ant food.
Dates are precipitated sunlight. A great Raw Fooder tool
for staying warm in the winter months.

   You'll notice we've added 55 lb. bags of salt to our
catalog, as you requested.

   Radical Health Catalog

:::: Wrapping Up

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Enjoy your best, most goji-riffic day ever!
- David Favor, Publisher

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