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   You are cordially invited to attend this sure to be
amazing, Goji-riffic conversation with world famous health
pioneer, researcher, author and Goji Guru:

   ~~~ Dr. Earl Mindell ~~~

   For those new to alternative health, Dr. Earl Mindell's
efforts are a primary contributer to our having health food
stores and high-tech, whole food complex supplements today.

   Dr. Earl Mindell's ground breaking books and promotions
helped set the stage for our alternative health revolution.
To get an idea of the mass number of books he's written,
check out a few here:

   Dr Earl Mindell's Books

   Many people contributed to the alternative health movement
in the 1950s-1970s. Dr Earl was the first person to take
on the AMA and Pharmaceutical Industry, head-to-head in the
mainstream media on a massive scale. His books in the 1970s
were some of the first to clearly communicate:

   ~~~ Health is a function of nutrition ~~~

   Some of the topics we'll cover in our talk include:

   - Dr. Earl Mindell's great contributions to your health

   - Why Dr. Earl is so turned on about Goji Juice, he's
     put in massive work bringing Gojis from the pristine
     mountains of Tibet to your doorstep

   - The amazing properties of Goji Juice, the cornerstone
     of your Radical Health, Hyper Longevity, Super Food Program

   - The Goji Juice Company and why they are the only company
     which has been able to synthesize Goji Juice from fresh,
     raw berries and how they are able to distribute world wide

   My first experience with Goji Berries was in the mid-80s,
long before the Goji flurry we live in today. The Chinese
kwoon (school) where I was studying descended from the world
famous Dr. Li who lived to between 250-256. Even Dr. Li was
unsure of his actual age, as he was raised in rural China and
no record of his birth was made.

   Dr. Li was an serious Goji advocate, in his medical practice
and personal use. He lived primarily on Goji Berry tea for the
last 70 years of his life. A truly fascinating story.

   Having access to some of Dr. Li's personal writings told
a most amazing story. When Dr. Li was 100, 150 and 200 the
Chinese Government threw grand ceremonies and presented him
with a formal award for his age.

   When Dr. Li neared 250 years the Chinese Government and his
family were rumored to be plotting Dr. Li's assassination,
because Dr. Li's seeming immortality so flew in the face
of conventional cultural dogma.

   Dr. Li took these threats very seriously and just prior
to his 250th birthday went into seclusion and quietly made
his transition in deep meditation some years later.

   Dr. Li's only health problem was around age 188 he lost
his teeth. From 188 until his transition his primary food was:

   - Goji Berry Tea

   Dr. Li was convinced Goji Berries were the highest food
on the planet. After seeing a photo of him at age 250, I
was convinced too and started my Goji quest.

   When you hear Dr. Earl Mindell talk about Gojis, you may
be inspired to drink Goji Juice like fish, as Yemiah and I
do now. Just be sure to always buy several cases of Goji Juice,
one for you and others for the people who will demand a bottle
after you share a taste with them. :-)

   Be warned though, Goji Juice is so delicious you'll be
inclined to go through a bottle every few days! My first order
was for only one bottle. Mistake! Now it's cases at a time. :-)

   Wednesday, 8 PM Central Time, I'll be talking with Dr. Earl
about this amazing Super Longevity Elixir. Since there are now
2389 world wide subscribers to our Radical Health News, the
number of call-in lines is an issue.

   I desire to ensure your spot for our talk. This requires you 
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   If you have specific Goji questions, drop me a note and I'll
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   The time is 8PM CST. The number is 512-225-3667. The passcode
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   Enjoy your best, most Goji-riffic day ever!

   - David Favor

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