Raw Goji Juice Tips

Goji Juice addresses so many health challenges
I'll be sending out periodic "Goji Tips" passing
along many of these gems.

Goji Tip #1: Is Your Vita-C Causing Cancer, Depression or Chronic Fatigue?

If you're new to Radical Health your knowledge about
Vitamin-C may still be expanding. Vitamin-C is one of
the most complex nutrients we require to maintain life,
vital health and our sense of well being.

Ascorbic Acid is the most commonly packaged Vitamin-C
supplement. This substance is very different than natural
Vitamin-C found in foods or whole food complexes.

Ascorbic Acid is a mimic. This means our bodies are
fooled into thinking Ascorbic Acid is Real Vitamin-C
Our bodies then go about using Ascorbic Acid instead
of Vitamin-C for countless chemical processes.

Foremost is oxygen metabolism. Oxygen in our cells
means life. How much cellular oxygenation we have
determines our quality of life. How well we feel.

Ascorbic Acid, Iron & Anemia

Most people have plenty of Iron in their diet and most
people have Iron deficiencies. Ever wondered why?

Ascorbic Acid interferes with Iron uptake and transport.

Uptake means extracting iron from nutrient complexes,
which come from digested food.

Transport means moving iron from it's uptake and storage
sites into our cells.

This situation is further complicated by... You guessed
it! Iron supplements which mimic Real Iron.

Iron is one of the critical substances for holding oxygen
in our cells. Low availability of Real Iron or saturation
of Iron mimics from supplements, reduce oxygen in our cells.

Ascorbic Acid, Copper & Anemia

Most people have severe Copper deficiencies to begin
with. Any type of Copper mimic makes intensifies these
deficiencies. Designer protein powders found in...
"so called" health food stores are the worst offenders.

Ascorbic Acid also interferes with Copper uptake and

Copper supplements are particularly toxic. Unlike Iron
which has a good detox path, detoxing Copper mimics is
very difficult for our bodies.

Where Iron is primarily involved at "holding oxygen"
in our cells. Copper is the key component in the process
of "transporting oxygen" to our cells.

Anemia Contributes to Depression & Chronic Fatigue

Lack of oxygen in people's cells may be one of the
primary contributers to Depression and Chronic Fatigue.

Have you ever wondered why you feel so good around
churning water like the ocean or a fast running river?
How about hiking in pristine mountains?

Oxygen is the ultimate feel good nutrient. The best
buzz drug!

Like to feel like a kid again? Best start planning your
move to Maui, Bora Bora or Alaska.

For now you can enjoy the return of your kid-like energy
with a daily dose of delicious Goji Juice. Read on and
find out why.

Anemia Contributes to Cancer

One of the primary contributers to all the many forms
of Cancer is cellular asphyxiation. In other words,
cells suffocating due to lack of oxygen.

So the entire Anemia cycle may be the primary contributer
to Cancer. As cells become more and more starved for oxygen,
they are unable to replicate correctly. This inability to
correctly replicate is call mutation and is at the heart
of Cancer.

Cancer is a process rather than an event. Symptoms like
Graying Hair, Depression, Chronic Fatigue and Anemia all
point the way to Cancer. They're all markers in the sand.
They say, "Hey pay attention to me and fix me!"

Goji Juice to the Rescue!

Goji Berries are called "Happy Berries" many places and
multi-week festivals happen every year to celebrate the
Goji's gifts. Here's why.

Goji Juice is a serious "pump your cells full of oxygen"
powerhouse. 500 times the Vitamin-C of oranges. Rich in
Iron and Copper.

This is Real Vitamin-C, Real Iron and Real Copper. Once
you start on Goji Juice you'll feel the difference.

So toss your Vitamin-C, Iron and Copper supplements on
your garden. Toss your Prozac, Zoloft and Paxil down the drain.

Sit down with a tall glass of cool, delicious Goji Juice instead.

For an additional oxygen rush mix equal parts Goji Juice
and freshly squeezed Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice and a pinch
of Immortal Sun Chinese Sea Salt. Toss in a Tangerine and
you'll have the best "Hawaiian Punch" you've ever tasted!

Try a few ounces of Goji Juice every day for 90 days and
you'll be a new person. After 90 days, if your less than
amazed, you can return your empty bottles for a 100% refund.

You can order Goji Juice by emailing me for the site link.

You'll be served to pick up a case. I only purchased one
bottle on my first order. Mistake! It was gone in 5 minutes.
Pick up a case and avoid the embarrassment of wrestling your
partner to capture the last few drops from the bottle and cap. :-)

Forward this on to anyone you know experiencing Anemia,
Depression, Chronic Fatigue or Cancer. They'll love you
for sending this delicious help.

Enjoy your most Goji-riffic day ever!

- David Favor, Publisher

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