Yemiah's Gourmet Raw Food Delights

Usually invitations to Yemiah's classes only
go out to our U.S. Texas subscribers. This
time we're checking interest for producing
videos so everyone has an opportunity to
enjoy Yemiah's Gourmet Raw Food Delights.

Class Series Details

If you're in or near Texas during Feb-May drop
by and catch Yemiah live! Be sure and forward
this email to others who may be interested.

Print out and post copies, as Spirit leads.

Here's the flier, dates, times and reservation info:

   Yemiah's Raw Food Delights

Yemiah's Secret Recipe Magic

Yemiah's cuisine is as good or better than
the many Gourmet Chefs I've sampled. Her recipes
are simple to make them and practical as they
are naturally preserved.

Yemiah's natural preservation techniques mean
you can invest a few minutes making a dish and
have it last all week. Because of the enzymatic
reactions related to preservation most recipes
get better as they age.

This process is different than fermentation. We
tend to avoid fermentation because it requires
much time and effort to control properly.

Incorrect fermentation results in food which
feed Candida. Instead, Yemiah's recipes naturally
clean the intestinal tract and balance colon ecology,
with grace and ease.

Take a look at the series details at:

   Yemiah's Raw Food Delights

Drop me an email (david@radicalhealth.com) about which
video you'd like first,

Enjoy your best day ever!

- David

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