The Tao of Deep Sleep


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The Tao of Deep Sleep

This article began as the:

   The Tao or Perfect Weight and Extreme Natural Beauty

The sleep section kept getting longer and more complex,
so I'm sending this section out today, in a simplified form.

Read over my thoughts on sleep or skip directly to the
experiments at the end of this note.

Try a few of these experiments and you may find your
instant, magic key for Deep Sleep.

Tao Defined

No doubt those who've studied Tao are laughing now, as
there is no translation for Tao even in Chinese.

A loose interpretation of Tao is path or journey. So
the Tao of Deep Sleep is the path or journey, discovering
your own personal experience about Deep Sleep.

Many of our clients imagine they know about deep sleep,
until they try some of the experiments covered later.

After they pass out for many hours, they call and say
they had the best sleep they've ever experienced.

The Purpose for Sleep

There are two primary modes of operation for our bodies.
Activity and Regeneration.

Sleep is when we regenerate.

Insufficient deep sleep may be the primary cause of
degenerative disease, which is premature or rapid aging.

Sleep is a key component to having your own personal
Fountain of Youth.

The Foundation of Sleep

Deep Sleep depends on several key factors:

1) Your Sleeping Environment

2) Your Eating Habits

3) Your Hydration

4) Your Mineral Reserves

5) Your Lymphatic System

6) Your Stress Level

Your Sleeping Environment

Where you sleep is amazingly important. Your sleeping
environment should include:

1) comfortable bed

2) comfortable temperature

3) quiet

4) dark

5) free of electrical fields

If you live in a noisy area, drop round your local
sporting goods store for some foam rubber ear plugs.

If you must watch the news, watch early in the day
and read yourself to sleep.

Connect with your partner before sleep. A little eye
gazing and holding hands will do wonders for promoting
relaxation and smooth sleeping vibes.

Remove every item with an electrical cord out of your
bedroom. If you must use an alarm clock, use a manual
clock or wrist watch with an alarm.

Your Eating Habits

Seratonin tells us the sun is high and bright or
low and dark. Light puts our bodies in activity mode
and dark puts our bodies in regeneration mode.

Finish your meals early in the day, when the sun
is high and bright. Once darkness starts, bodies
begin transition to regeneration mode.

Eating after this transition begins, can interrupt
or completely stop regeneration for an entire night.
String together a long series of these nights and
you have premature aging, due to no regeneration.

Many people may transition far before their time
because they're eating late in the evening.

Desire to be younger by the day? Then...

   - Drink much

   - Eat little

   - Eat when the sun is high and bright

You'll also be served to move toward a Raw Food
eating style. When you eat cooked food, be sure
to enjoy some enzymes to replenish what cooking
has denatured.

Nothing says aging like a stress pancreas, which
can produce either cancer fighting enzymes or food
digesting enzymes. The choice of which enzymes
get created directly tracks the amount and type
of food you eat.

Raw Food is a great way to love your pancreas
into peak health.

Your Hydration

Water is life. Salt allows our bodies to hold water,
so Salt and Water go hand in hand.

Water is the great lubricator, responsible for nutrient
transport to our cells and waste transfer out of our cells.

If a person is dehydrated, then adrenals fire in an attempt
to speed up flushing toxins out of the body. Adrenalin is
natural Speed and will greatly interfere with sleep.

Eat little. Drink much!

Your Mineral Reserves

It's amazing how many people pass out when they start
our Angstrom Evening Minerals or Vitalize (next).

Nutrition is all about Minerals. Extracting minerals
from food, storing, transporting and integrating them
into cells as required.

We are Minerals.

Minerals are us.

Our Evening Minerals revolve around tonifying the
endocrine system, regenerating tissue and raising
cellular oxygen levels.

When cells are oxygen starved, adrenals fire. Our
Evening Minerals allow adrenals to rest and regenerate.

Your Lymphatic System

The concept of stagnant lymph is just now making its
rounds through health circles. Lymph is pumped by
movement and is the sewage system of the body.

Draining lymph has high priority with our bodies and
if lymph is stagnant, has difficulty draining, then
the adrenals keep firing until the lymph drains.

This gets complicated when the lymphatic system is
clogged with sediment. In this case the adrenals
keep firing forever or at least until they or the
thyroid or parathyroid are exhausted and fail.

Vitalize to the rescue!. Most people flat pass out
the first few times they use Vitalize, because their
bodies are so starved for sleep.

Check the experiments for some Vitalize fun.

Your Stress Level

Sustained stress is a killer. Notice I said 'sustained'.
Life is all about cycles. This is why I grin when people
talk about trying to be alkaline.

For people who eat Raw, we have to cultivate acidity
because our diets many times result in alkalosis,
sever alkaline pH.



Cycles of life.

Prolong any part of a life cycle and you're headed for
trouble. So consider all the areas of stress in your
life and how to improve.

Have money problems, get advice from someone who works
little and enjoys massive, expanding income.

Have health challenges, get advice from someone who
has your ideal of health.

Have parter challenges, take time to be around happy
couples and talk with them about their relating style.

Money, Health and Relationship, when balanced and in
peak working order create massive relaxation and form
a strong foundation for sleep and regeneration.

Suggested Experiments

Yemiah and my preference for many of the goodies mentioned
can be found in our catalog:


1) 1-2 hours before bed try 4-8 oz. of Goji Juice.
   Cut with water or citrus juice if to strong.

2) 1-2 hours before bed try 1T of Evening Minerals,
   6 caps of Vitalize and 2 caps of Seaweed Energy
   (Kelp/Dulse Powder).

3) Switch to 100% Penta Water for a month.

4) Regenerate your adrenals/thyroid/parathyroid with
   a diet rich in salt, purple/green seaweeds and high
   quality EFAs (fats) like hemp seeds, coconut butter,
   olive oil, avocados and durian.

5) Try foam rubber ear plugs and ear muffs together. You'll
   know its really quiet when you can hear the difference
   between blood in-flow (heart expands) and out-flow
   (heart contracts).

6) Eat your last meal at noon and only have a smoothie
   or Raw juice for the rest of the day.

7) Fast for a few days on Goji Juice.

Wrapping Up

If I can be of assistance, be in touch by
david@radicalhealth.com or 512-280-5802.

Enjoy your best, most Goji-riffic day ever!

- David Favor

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