My Personal Health Story


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My Personal Health Story

I've completely revised my Personal Health Story.
This version is a first draft. I'll announce updates.

The content is edgy.

For the first time I'm writing publicly about several
of my NDEs (Near Death Experiences), life threatening
health challenges and intense, drug use... In the past.

If you have chronic health challenges, damage from long-term
drug use or severe psychological trauma, this short read may
give you a deeper understanding of what's happened to you or
you're loved ones in similar situations.

You'll also see how even severe

    "dis-ease" can be turned into "ease"

Others talk about Radical Health. I'm living proof how well
Radical Health works:


If you meet me today, you'll be amazed. The power of
Radical Health, Goji Juice and Super Nutrition is
cumulative. The more you do, the faster your progress
accelerates. Your own personal fountain of youth.

100% Raw in 2 Days

It took me 12 years to go 100% Raw in 2 Days. Hopefully
this short section will assist those choosing to enjoy a
100% Raw path. Best to avoid my years of experiments and
skip directly into 100% Raw:

   100% Raw in 2 Days

For Those In Practice & Business

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our marketing. Currently 2 people join our Goji Juice
adventure every 28 hours. Most days we acquire 20-30
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Especially if you had no overhead, staff or direct product
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month. Hello Maui is what I say! :-)

I'll be talking about the details of our marketing in future
tele-conferences and workshops. You can get a high level view
of how you can duplicate this same type of rapid expansion here:

   Radical Health Rapid Expansion

Wrapping Up

If I can be of assistance, be in touch by
david@radicalhealth.com or 512-280-5802.

Enjoy your best, most Goji-riffic day ever!

- David Favor

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