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Goji Tips

Goji Juice has so many benefits, I'll be sending
out periodic "Goji Tips", passing along many of
these gems.

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Goji Tip #3: Perfect Weight Magic Bullet

Goji Berries and Goji Juice are adaptogens. Goji adapts
to each person's unique internal biological terrain and
sets about bringing any body system, which is running a
less than optimal levels, back to peak.

Weight maintenance is one of the most complex body systems.
I'll be writing about weight in an article I'm working on:

   Perfect Weight & Extreme Natural Beauty

You'll be served by this article as I'm listing many
rarely discussed factors which contribute to those
last few hard pounds many people struggle with balancing.

Using Goji Juice along with a Super Food diet is one of
the fastest ways I know of to rapidly balance weight.
"Balance" means decreasing or increasing weight, whichever
is your body's highest service.

For those new to Super Foods, many of Yemiah and my
preferences we share with people here:


And now on to my Goji experience with weight balancing.

My Goji Weight Balancing Experience

Weighing myself is usually a monthly activity.

At the end of December I weighed in at 128. I had also
suspended eating many Super Foods. I'm constantly
experimenting. At the time my caloric intake was around
1200-1500 calories/day.

In January, I began my Goji Juice Hyper-Use Program
of 4-6 oz. Goji Juice 2-3 times daily. Here's what

The first day my caloric intake dropped by at least
half, probably more. My story, this is because of
Goji Juice being such a nutrient dense food.

Yemiah reported her 2-3 hour/day workouts doubled
in intensity on her first day of Hyper-Use.

Next I noticed my "remember to eat" signal changed.

Usually I'm a one meal/one snack per day person.
One meal around 2-3PM and one snack around 6-7PM.
When I started using Goji Juice, sometimes my eat
signal till 5-6PM or was completely absent.

When February rolled around I weighed myself again.
Whoa! I went from 128-142 in around 30 days! That's
a 10% total body weight gain.

It gets better! During the same time Yemiah also used
a Hyper-Use program and lost weight.

   So my weight increased and Yemiah's weight decreased

Probably because of Goji Juice's dense nutrition,
ability to promote release of HGH and ability to
amplify inter-cellular (between) and intra-cellular (inside)
communications, Goji Juice appears to be a:

   Perfect Weight Magic Bullet

Caution About Goji Juice Hyper-Use

Yemiah and I seem to do well adopting extreme health
programs instantaneously. People choosing to enjoy a:

   100% Raw Food Vegan (Super Foods & Wild Foods)

diet tend to have very clean pipes & tubes, well
nourished cells and fast, complete elimination.

If your diet is less than immaculate, you'll be
best served to increase your Goji Juice intake slow.

Start with 1-2 oz. in the morning and evening. Do
this for a few days before increasing. If Goji Juice
is to intense for you, mix it with water or citrus.

Going slow will avoid any intense detox symptoms
which may appear as a result of body processes
which have been shutdown or reduced coming back
on, at peak levels.

If you're practicing Uropathy, keep in mind your
shifts will probably be faster and more intense.
Be aware and increase your Goji Juice accordingly.

Optimizing Your Goji Juice Habit

We Goji Juice Hyper Users laugh about our rapidly
expanding Goji Habits. You'll laugh to, until your
sticker shock of 3-4 cases of Goji Juice for each
Hyper User in your house sets in. :-)

This is one reason many Hyper Users choose to become
Goji Juice Marketing Executives and refer others for
compensation. They figure, "I'm sharing Goji Juice
anyway. I might as well be compensated for my high
contribution to others." As I say:

   The Best Goji Juice is Free Goji Juice!

Best to refer a few people, so your Goji Juice check
pays for your Goji Juice habit. :-)

Whether you're a Marketing Executive or Customer,
be sure to setup AC100 or above for your Goji Juice
account. The "100" means one case, so if you're
using three cases/month, you'd choose AC300.

AC (auto-ship) status of at least two bottles (AC35)
of Goji Juice gives you a 30% discount and if you
invest in Goji Juice by the case, you receive another
5% discount, so AC100+ gives you a 35% Goji Discount.

You can do this through your Goji Juice login or
get back with the person who sent you this email
for assistance.

Tell Me Your Goji Hyper Use Story

As you have amazing experiences with Goji Juice,
write them up and email me. Soon I'll put up a
site with only Goji Juice stories, so:

   You'll see your name in lights!

Wrapping Up

Goji Juice is expanding my entire life into new areas.
My income and free time are increasing. My excitement,
energy and mood are rapidly expanding.

I'm a Goji Hyper-User for life. :-)

Be in touch with the person who sent you this Goji Tip
and ask them how Goji Juice has changed their life.

Enjoy your best, most Goji-riffic day ever!

- David Favor, Publisher

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