Catalog Update & Suspension of Tele-Conferences

Many of Yemiah and my favorite items from Nature's First Law
now appear in our catalog including:

   - Agave Nectar

   - Cacao (Chocolate), Carob & Mesquite

   - Appliances like dehydrators, saladdadcos, etc.

   - Our favorite Raw Food Books

   - Our favorite Raw Food Recipe Books

Suspension of Tele-Conferences

We've had great Tele-Conference discussions the past few
weeks. People's primary comment was:

   Great! I'd love to make a fast Internet Fortune... and...
   the available tools are to complicated.

So for the next few months I'll be developing tools to assist
implementing concepts we discussed including:

   - Amazon.com link builder

   - Nature's First Law link builder

   - Goji Juice Lead Generator

If you'd like updates about these as they're released:

   email: join@davidfavor.com

Wrapping Up

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Raw Goji Juice  : email  : david@davidfavor.com Goji Info Request

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Be patient with replies, as I get 100s of email each day.

Enjoy your best day ever!

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