Chocolate Milk Recipe

Recently we began shipping Raw Cacao Nibs. Cacao is Chocolate.
Nibs are bean fragments which result from the beans being cracked
to remove the bitter, outer husk.

The past few days have seen many experiments in Yemiah's kitchen -
Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Sauce and Chocolate Fudge.

One of my favorites is the quick chocolate milk I whip up most
every day. Here's your recipe:

In a VitaMix or blender add:

   2-4T Raw Cacao Nibs
   1C   Raw, Freezer Stored Nuts (Mac/Cashew/Brazil is great)
   1C   Purified Water

   Optionally let soak for 1 hour.

Blend till smooth, which is when you no longer hear the bits
of cacao and nuts hitting the blender blades. Then add:

   5C   Purified Water

Blend for a few seconds then strain through a fine nylon mesh
strainer or nylon paint strainer. Avoid metal strainers as they
tend to interact with subtle nutrients in foods. Toss the strainings
into your garden or house plants.

Add the following to the smooth milk and blend for a few seconds
to mix well:

   1/4t Himalayan Pink Salt (Fine Ground)
   1/4t Cinnamon (Fine Ground)
   1/4t Vanilla
   2T   Coconut Butter
        Sweetener to taste

Sweeteners include Raw Agave Nectar (my favorite), Yacon syrup
(which has a vaguely maple flavor with hint of Blackstrap),
Raw Honey, Dates or some combination of these.

Usually 2/3C of Raw Agave Nectar is my favorite.

As a variation add:

   2oz  Blue Berries
   1-2  Thai Bird Peppers

This is one of my favorites and is *very hot*. You can
also substitute a Habenaro pepper.

You can pick up all these goodies here:


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