Pressed Cabbage Salad Recipe

This is on of our house favorites. When Yemiah makes her
cabbage salad, the entire house spells of the rich spices
and people get hungry just walking in the door.

The real purpose of cooking is to break down plant fiber
(cellulose) so food is more digestible. The same can be
accomplished by germinating, fermenting and of course

Shred the following in a Food Processor with
the shredder blade attachment:

   1   Head White Cabbage
   1/2 Head Red/Purple Cabbage
   2   Large Carrots
   1   Large Beet
   1   Bunch of Green Onions

Pour into large bowl and add:

   1   Handful Chopped Parsley
   5T  Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
   5T  Raw Dark Bottled, Olive Oil
   1T  Himalayan Salt
   1T  Black Pepper
   5T  Raw Agave Nectar
   4T  Black Sesame Seeds

Mix by hand well and add other seasonings to taste.

Place mixed ingredients into press. Tighten screw
till juice is slightly expelled.

Avoid over tightening, as this may crack your press.

Place press in refrigerator. If you're going to try
fermenting, best to use a controlled temperature
above 100 degrees. This ensures friendly bacteria
displace unfriendly bacteria in your culture.

Cabbage Salad can be eaten right after it's made
and the longer it's pressed, the more tender the
veges and more easily nutrients can be extracted
by the body.

You can pick up many of the ingredients mentioned and
your cabbage press here:


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