Keep Your New Year's Resolution The Easy Way

Ever made a New Year's Resolution? Ever kept one? :-)

To kick off the New Year, after being underground stamping
out my spam and working on a ordering database, this seems
like a great topic to start publishing with again.

The challenge with New Year's Resolutions is the same
as with any change. Our neurologys build up inertia for
doing the same things, the same way, over and over.

This is referred to as patterning.

One simple, easy way to trick your neurology into
embracing change is by gently destabilizing patterning.

The sledgehammer approach to destabilizing patterns is
to use psychoactive chemicals - LSD, Eve, Ecstasy, etc.
This is similar to playing Russian Roulette with half
the chambers loaded. Tricky at best.

The gentle approach is to flood your body with nutrient
dense foods. Increasing nutrient density tends to erode
out dated patterning, making the neurology flexible and
ripe for change.

11 Tricks of the Trade

To begin, check in and notice what foods you crave,
especially when your under stress traveling or dealing
with unusually family situations arising around the holidays.

Then feed your cravings with wild abandon, using high
quality, nutrient dense Super Foods to replace your
normal foods.

You can try a variety of experiments with many of the
Super Foods and Super Nutrients here:


For example,

1) Guzzle Goji

   Carry a few bottles of Goji Juice with you, mix with
   equal parts water or fresh citrus juice and guzzle
   with wild abandon.

   You'll find yourself smiling your way through airport
   fiascoes and well meaning family comments.

   My favorite Goji Juice recipe is:

      4oz. Goji Juice
      2oz. Water
      1T   Lemon Juice
      1    Pure Radicance Vita-C
      1/8t Pure Organic MSM


      8oz.  Goji Juice
      24oz. Grapefruit Juice (freshly squeezed)
      1     Lemon or Lime
      1t    Himalayan Salt

2) Binge on Sugar!

   Carry a squeeze bottle of Raw Agave Nectar with you
   and substitute for sugar at every turn.

3) Enzyme Magic

   If you find yourself overeating, enjoy some enzymes
   with your meals and in between meals. Focus on Digest
   for digesting sugar/carbs with fats. Focus on Protease
   for digesting proteins with fats.

4) Binge on Chocolate!

   Use Raw Cacao (Chocolate), powdered in a coffee grinder,
   in stead of other chocolates. In fact, equal parts of:

       Raw Cacao
       Raw Agave Nectar
       Raw Almond Butter

       Raw Bee Pollen (optional)

   will restore your faith in Chocolate.

5) Eat more Cream!

   When you require creams for recipes, use a mixture of
   Cold Stored Cashews and Solar Hemp Seeds with Dark
   Agave Nectar for outrageous creams.

6) De-Stress is the Best Stress

   Before, during and after stressful situations have
   a shot of Daytime Angstrom Minerals or a pinch of
   Himalayan Pink Salt.

7) Surfing Wild Hormones

   Holidays seem tailor made to whacking out hormones
   for men and women. To balance hormones, avoid all
   soy except whole Edaname beans and Miso.

   Liberally cover your salads Solar Hemp Seeds. Veges
   and Hemp are great too.

   Binge on Raw Chocolate (see above).

   Enjoy mock Orange Julius treats:

      1T  Solar Hemp Seeds
      1T  Rainbow Bee Pollen
      8oz Fresh Orange Juice

8) Boost Your Immune System

   Being sick is no fun and sickness tends to stress
   reserves and cause bodies to encourage strict
   inertia to protect against further, unknown
   uses of reserves.

   Add 1 cap of Pure Radiance Vita-C to every 4 oz.
   of Goji Juice.

   Add 1 cap of Pure Radiance Vita-C to your lemon
   juice, olive oil and hemp seed salad dressing.

   Have a daily dose of Garden of Life Seasonal Relief
   to keep your system free of unfriendly microbes.

9) Soak up Mucho Sun

   Get as much sun as possible. If the sun is obscured
   where you live... move... :-)

   If it's bitter cold, wrap up warm and stand outside
   sun gazing for a few minutes every day.

10) Soak up Mucho Heat

    Bodies expend enormous energy raising body heat,
    when it's cold.

    Layer up with clothes, when you go out.

    Heat your bed with an electric blanket, then turn
    it off and unplug it before you sleep.

    Enjoy hot, salt baths.

11) Role all your Super Foods into some obscene,
    daily, smoothie decadence. Here's the recipe for my
    favorite smoothie - Chocolate Silk:

       2T   Raw Cacao
       1T   Pine Nuts
       1/2t Himalayan Salt
       1/4t Cinnamon Powder
       6    Arabian Night Dates
       2t   Solar Hemp
       1t   Rainbow Bee Pollen
       1t   Island Gold, Raw Coco Butter
       1/2C Dark, Premium, Raw Agave Nectar
       1/4C Blue Berries

       1C   Cold Stored Macadamia Nuts
       8    Brazil Nuts

    Vita Mix all ingredients with 1C water till smooth.
    Then add water for desired consistency and sweetness.
    I use 4-5 cups.

Wrapping Up

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