Product Update - January 14th, 2005


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Product Update - January 14th, 2005

Many new products have been added over the past few months.
Here's an overview.

 1) Morning, Daytime & Evening Angstrom Mineral Formulas
    have been reformulated to be more aggressive at upgrading
    cellular metabolism.

 2) Hot Indium now packaged by Radical Health
    After doing some assays (chemical analysis) on available
    Indium, I've chosen to package our own.
    The Indium I package is 99.999% pure, where other Indiums
    have some undesirable substances in them.

    The Indium I package is 4ml/bottle, rather than 3ml/bottle,
    so this Indium is purer and contains 25% more product than
    other similar packaging.

 3) Premium, Dark Agave Nectar - 16oz.
    Certified Organic, Wildcrafted in High Desert

    This replaces Honey and Dates in our catalog as
    Agave Nectar is much lower glycemic, has a more
    neutral taste and is easier to work with in recipes.

 4) Several packages have been added to ease initial ordering:

    a) Mineral/Indium Pack - One set of 3 oz. Morning, Daytime & Evening
                             Angstrom Minerals + 4ml of Hot Indium

    b) Super Pack          - The basics most people enjoy on a monthly basis

    c) Starter Pack        - Super Pack + Super Foods

    d) Mega Starter Pack   - Super Pack + Super Foods + other goodies

 5) Himalayan Salt

    Yemiah and I were wow'ed by Himalayan Salt and switched
    immediately. We still use Chinese Sea Salt for baths and
    activating nuts. For recipes and smoothies, we only use
    Himalayan Salt now.

    This is the richest mineral Salt I've enjoyed to date
    and the mineral assays show high levels of the rare
    Platinum Group Elements which researchers now believe
    are the basis of extra-sensory perceptions and abilities.

 6) Added a Angstrom Mineral Pathogen Flush specifically
    geared toward clearing pathogens from spinal and cranial
    fluids, where they accumulate because there are no white
    blood cells in these fluids to attack them.

 7) Goji Juice. This is high food. Most people serious about
    Extreme Longevity are using Goji Juice + Pure Radiance Vita-C
    multiple times each day.

    Drop me a note about how to get this wholesale and
    promote it lightly to cover your monthly Goji investment.

 8) Cacao (Chocolate).

    This comes from the same source as Nature's First Law
    and rather than the whole beans, which are wrapped in
    a fibrous membrane, these beans are cracked and the
    external membrane blown away.

    This results in Cacao with more intense chocolate flavor
    which is also much easier to measure for recipes.

 9) Yemiah and I have switched from Garden of Life OmegaZyme
    and Primal Defense to using our Digest and Salivarius,
    as they pack more bang for the buck.

10) Sun Dried Peruvian Olives

    These come from the same source as Nature's First Law
    and are pitted, so they're much easier to use in recipes
    and eat with wild abandon.

    These are very strong. Only order them is you love
    extremely intense flavors.

11) Cold Stored Nuts.

    Many people experience allergic reactions to nuts, especially
    sinus inflammation and respiratory problems (difficult breathing).

    This comes from rancid oils. Most nuts have from a few days to
    a few months of shelf life at room temperature. After this
    the oils go rancid and produce allergic reactions.

    By popular demand I've made available the nuts Yemiah and I
    use personally. These are expensive, as they are freezer
    stored most of the way from field to you.

    Many people report all their nut allergies disappear when
    they switch to cold stored nuts.

12) Free Nut Milk Strainers. Many Raw Food site sell these
    for $10+ each. These are free with orders, when we have
    them in stock. I reserve the right to limit how these
    are given away.

13) Pure Radiance Vita-C is back in stock.

    6oz. Goji Juice + 2 oz. water + 1 Pure Radiance for a
    great pick-me-up and super immunity boost.

14) Links to appliances and books.

    You'll now find many links at the bottom of our catalog
    pointing you to our preferences of many appliances and

Wrapping Up

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Enjoy your best day ever!

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