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Your Step-By-Step Radical Health Guide

Before starting you'll be served to understand I
have no medical degree or license. This program
is what I'd do if I were starting over from scratch.
You're best served to consult with your health
professional to guide you in implementing any of
the ideas expressed here, which you may feel drawn to.

This is a condensed rewrite of the following:

   21 Days to A New You Program


Many days I get 100+ inquiries about health. 

While people's symptoms differ, the underlying
imbalances casing their dis-ease are all the same.

Here's what I've found since I started my journey
of Radical Health at age 2. My entire story is here:


Health is about:

   1) rapid fluid exchange through the pipes and
      tubes of our bodies

   2) flooding our bodies with nutrient dense foods

   3) support nutrient density with related processes
      including sun, exercise, deep sleep, enjoyable
      relationships and doing our Dharma (life work)

And our journey begins with health.

An old Chinese fable says:

   The one who controls who they sleep with has
   set foot upon the path to enlightenment.

   The one who controls the words they speak
   is well on their way to enlightenment.

   The one who controls what they eat is near

In other words, there are so many underlying drives
associated with eating, when they drives come under
control all dimensions of our lives progress rapidly.

My suggestion is rather than struggle for control,
instead you choose to flood your body with nutrient
dense foods. In the presence of nutrient density
bodies "remember" their innate potential and begin
accepting only those foods and activities which are
immaculate, producing highest results.

If you're tired of struggling with your health,
whatever your symptom, you've "set foot upon the
path of your highest journey."

Laying Your Groundwork

Before a house build starts there is a great deal
of planning involved. Plat maps to draw up for
sub-dividing the land. Permits to pull for laying
in utilities. Site prep to be done before the forms
can be laid for pouring concrete.

It's the same with Your Radical Health Journey.
Your big question is:

   Why go to all the trouble to upgrade your health?

Consider this and write down a single sentence on
3x5 cards to post on your bathroom mirror, your car
dash and where you work. Your statement will say:

   I am enjoy my every expanding ($result).

Where $result is your highest desire. Read this
aloud many times daily. And to read "out loud".

Phase 1 - Keeping Your Journey Smooth And Easy

:::: Action Step #1: Support yourself

You're best served to email:


if you received this from a friend.

The smoothness of your journey relates to how well
you keep yourself in the fire of peers.

Consider if you take a coal out of a raging fire
and lay it on a hearth. It goes cold quickly. Place
it back in the fire and it stays red hot.

To keep your progress smooth, easy and fast...

   Stay connected with others who are on the
   same journey as you.

If you're near Austin, Texas then be sure to
attend our 100% Raw Vegan, Monthly Live Feast:


Many other places have Live Feasts also. If
you're area has yet to have a Live Feast, be in
touch with me and I'll assist you starting one.

:::: Action Step #2: Be consistent and systematic

Print out a hard copy of this program and write
down your notes/questions as they arise. Pass them
along to me:


All questions are good questions.

:::: Action Step #3: Create your Dream Team

Find 3-4+ other people to do this program with you.
Form a Master Mind Group or Club to support each other.

:::: Action Step #4: Journal your journey

Start a journal. Include your thoughts, questions and
answers, progress, challenges.

Also start an affinity list. Those activities and topics
of conversation which turn you on. When your engaged in
doing or taking about, you lose track of time.

These are clues to your Dharma, highest life purpose.
We'll use these in some advanced work later.

Phase 2: First Things First

This section is a reminder to pace yourself and
gives some simple upgrades which will give you
massive results, for minor changes.

The purpose is to give you some initial "big wins",
so when you go for long periods with "minor wins"
you'll stay massively motivated.

Also avoid all designer cleanse programs, fasting,
changing houses, jobs, spouse/partners or any other
dramatic shifts until after you've finished this
program. You'll be surprised at what may change
along your way.

:::: Action Step #5: Start eating Raw Food slowly

Eating Raw Food means eating food in it's the most
natural, highest vibration you can get.

Cooking denatures food and renders different foods
to different levels of toxicity, depending on food
started with and heating/processing conditions.

The purpose of cooking is to break down cell walls
in foods to release nutrients. This is why cooked
food seems to taste better. Take for example, raw
and steamed broccoli. The steamed, if done correctly,
will be bursting with flavor, because the nutrients
trapped within have been released.

Begin reading and experimenting with alternatives
to cooking - germinating, pressing and dehydrating.
We'll get to these more later and if you're excited
to learn more there are links to many great books
at the end of the Radical Health Catalog here:


Start with the "Complete Book of Raw" and go
from there.

Eating Raw Food (unheated) is a great target and best
done systematically, else your body can sustain hard
shocks which can be as hard to recover from as taking
strong prescription drugs or having surgery.

We know. Yemiah and I both started our alternative
health journeys in the 1970s and if you follow along
this guide, you'll avoid many of the pain and challenges
we had to endure to figure out this technology.

:::: Action Step #6: Weekly Raw Recipes

Try one new Raw Recipe each week. Engage your
partner, kids or Dream Team to prepare a new
Raw Food Recipe on a regular basis.

As you explore, you'll begin to expand your
Raw Expertise at light speed.

:::: Action Step #7: Picking Produce

Purchase your foods by color, smell and taste. Most
grocers will provide you a sample. Just ask.

Buy organic when available and always go toward
dark, rich colors.

:::: Action Step #8: Animal Products - Meat & Dairy

There are so many challenges with meat and dairy
I could go on for pages on this subject alone.

Suffice to say, the best way to age rapidly and
die of "natural causes", which are highly unnatural,
is to eat lots of meat and dairy.

Rather than drop these foods "cold turkey", best
to just focus on other steps in this program and
cravings for animal products, sugar, alcohol and
all other similar cravings will simply vanish.

Phase 3: Upgrade Your Salt & Oil Use

Products covered in this section include
Himalayan Salt, Chinese Sea Salt, Olive Oil
and Coconut butter and may be found in the
Radical Health Catalog, "ala carte" (individually)
or in Starter Packs.

This section is about getting some initial
"big wins". Simple upgrades which give very
clear, intense results.

Here we begin to cover specific products. You
can refer to the Radical Health Catalog for
direct purchasing info or links to other sites
where you can get these items.

Your Radical Health Catalog is here:


:::: Action Step #9: Upgrade your Salt quality

Salt is the basis of life.

Growing up in rural Oklahoma on a working ranch,
everyone knows the first thing you put livestock
in a field, is put out a salt block.

Without a salt block animals will start "cribbing",
which means gnawing on trees, eating dirt and licking
rusted farm equipment.

In my health consulting practice, I'll only work
with people after they've engaged in the action
steps in this section - beginning with salt.

Pick up a kilo of Himalayan Salt and replace all the
salt in your house. If you have budget considerations
you can use Chinese Sea Salt for activating nuts,
salt flushes and salt baths, which we'll cover later.

Be sure to throw out any Grey Salt or any other
salt from Brittany France as this salt comes from
the second most heavily polluted water on the planet.

The grey color in Grey Salt appears to be petroleum
residue. There's an article about this here:

   What's the Grey in Grey Salt Anyway?

:::: Action Step #10: Upgrade your Oil quality

Throw out any oil in a clear container. The exception
is Coconut Butter which resists photo-oxidation.

All Oils except Coconut Butter photo-oxidize, meaning
they become rancid when exposed to light.

Also check the flavor of your oils. If it's off, then
toss it immediately.

The only Oils we use are the Coconut Butter and Olive Oil
we carry, which is pristine. You'll be hooked when you
taste them.

:::: Action Step #11: Upgrade your Salt & Oil usage

Upgrade your salt and oil usage. When cooking
always add salt and oil after the dish has cooled.

If you must use oil in a cooked dish only use
Coconut Butter which has a flash point of 375 degrees,
meaning the oils stay intake up to 375 degrees.

Other oils fracture into Cancer Soup (cancer promoting
substances) the instant heat is applied.

:::: Action Step #12: Upgrade your fiber intake

Enjoy a salad with every meal. Along your way you'll
become a master of Salad Dressing design. For now,
try combos of our Olive Oil, Himalayan Salt, Lemon Juice,
Pure Radiance Vita-C (more about this later), peppers,
avocado, cold stored nuts, Miso and Raw Nut Butters.

Salads will greatly increase your fiber intake and
really get your pipes and tubes moving fluid

:::: Action Step #13: Upgrade to using Cold Stored Nuts

Always taste nuts before you buy them. Only buy nuts
which excite your palate with rich, clean flavors.

Best to only buy cold stored (freezer) stored nuts
and any other dry Raw Foods like seeds, Goji Berries,
Bee Pollen, etc.

Many health food stores do this now or you can check
our catalog.

Phase 4: Deep Continuous Sleep

Products covered in this section include Enzymes,
Vitalize and Angstrom Evening Mineral Formula
and may be found in the Radical Health Catalog,
"ala carte" (individually) or several of the
packages, including Super Pack.

Sleep is the time when our cells regenerate, our
nightly youthing process.

The best way to age fast and die of "natural causes"
is to eat animal products (meat and dairy). The next
best way is to have restless or inconsistent sleep.

Insomnia is a killer and is an indicator of a cycle
of dis-ease which progresses from sleep disorders,
to osteo-arthritic symptoms, to full blown cancer.

There is four times as much lymph fluid in your body
than blood.

The Lungs/Heart pump blood. Movement pumps lymph fluid.

Our challenge is our lymphatic system evolution lags
behind all the stress and pollution we live in. This
causes lymph fluid to become more viscous (thicker)
and harder to pump. Then the lymphatic valves and
passages begin to "silt up", just like silt collects
in a river bed.

When lymph fluid drainage reduces or stops this is
called "Stagnant Lymph" in Chinese Oriental Medicine.

Once "Stagnant Lymph" begins, the body will register
a build up of lymph fluid toxicity. The body will then
continually hit/strobe the adrenals to flood the body
with adrenalin, in the hopes of keeping eyes open,
body upright and moving, so the lymph fluid can drain
or "drop" into the intestinal tract.

If this "dropping" never happens, the adrenals keep
straining forever producing Insomnia and finally
Adrenal Exhaustion.

:::: Action Step #14: Releasing Stagnant Lymph Fluid

Your first step is to dissolve the mucoid binding
(glue) holding together lymphatic sediment. This
is best done by way of Vitalize in our catalog.

If I were starting this from scratch, I'd enjoy
six Vitalize with 12+ oz. of water 2-3 hours
before bed, then 1T of Angstrom Evening Minerals
(we'll cover next) 15 minutes before bed.

In most people, six Vitalize caps will produce
an intense "sleep response", which is a nice way
of saying you're eyes will shut.

Once lymph fluid releases, the body can relax.
If "Stagnant Lymph" has been going on for years,
then your body will immediately set about recovering
all those years of missed sleep.

I'd keep up the six caps/night until the strong
sleep response falls off, then switch to 3-4/nightly
until the first bottle was gone.

Then I'd keep another bottle on hand and take another
round anytime I felt sleep was going to be slow coming
for the night.

:::: Action Step #15: Oxygenate Your Cells

Whenever bodies register any threat the adrenals go
into action, ramping up for fight or flight.

The primary cause of low grade, continuous flight or
flight is "Stagnant Lymph".

Many times a secondary cause is cellular asphyxiation.
In other words, cells suffocating from lack of oxygen.

There are many contributers to this situation. Colloidal
Silver and other supplements which are to large to be
used by cells.

Pollution, chemical/metal buildups, stress and perhaps
the worst offender of dehydration. While Himalayan Salt
sets the stage to increase hydration and nourish cells,
Angstrom Minerals are many times required to bootstrap
a body back into peak operation.

Angstrom particles are 1,000,000 times smaller than
colloidal particles. The process of extracting nutrients
from food and the long metabolic (chemical) journey to
cells can be complex. If any of the thousands of processes
required for this journey is reduced or interrupted, then
nutrient may never reach cells.

If nutrients required for oxygen metabolism (uptake and use)
are reaching cells in sparse amounts then the body will
eventually go into fight or flight and sleep will be reduced
or completely disrupted.

Angstrom Mineral particles are so small they bypass metabolism
and get sucked straight into cells.

Angstrom Evening Minerals include minerals which increase
cellular oxygenation.

:::: Action Step #15: Thin your blood

Our next stop along the way of considering reasons for
continuous fight or flight is viscous (thick) blood.

You could take aspirin to thin your blood, as all the T.V.
ads recommend. If you think this is a good idea, I've got
some beach front property in Nevada I'd like to sell you. :-)

When blood viscosity reaches a certain thickness, the
adrenals engage to keep us alive. The best way to thin
blood, contrary to conventional myth, is Salt and Water.

Salt is the substance by which water is held in our bodies.
Eating a low salt diet is the best way I know to get dehydrated
and thicken blood.

As blood thickens debris builds up, including what are called
CICs (Circulating Immune Complexes) which is a $2 word for
incompletely digested food. CICs have been implicated in cancer
also, so they're best cleaned up quickly.

A single Protease (see our catalog), eating salt to taste and
drinking lots of water (I drink 100-200 oz./day) is the fastest,
gentlest way to thin blood.

Phase 5: Upgrade Your Fluid Intake

Use to be, my clients got a lecture about water first. Now
by addressing Salt and Sleep first, most people upgrade their
fluid intake automagically.

:::: Action Step #16: Upgrade your drinking

The easy way to say this is only drink pure H2O - Water.

This excludes designer waters like alkaline pH balanced,
minerals, electrolyte brews, etc.

The purpose of water is to dissolve and wash away. Any
particulate matter, including minerals reduces water's
cleansing and dissolving effect.

You can usually find Harmony Brook or similar dispensers
in most health food stores. Better yet get an in-home
water system. You'll find several suggestions in the
Radical Health Catalog. Another great option is Penta Water.

Fresh juices you squeeze yourself are okay and are to
be used in conjunction, rather than replacing pure water.

Uropathy is great also, if and only if your body is clean
and your saliva/urine pH is alkaline.

:::: Action Step #17: How much water to drink

People continually ask me, "How much water should I drink?"
My internal response is, "How should I know?"

Most researchers agree thirst is an indicator we've gone
to long with insufficient water. In other words, a great
target is to drink enough water we never feel thirsty.

My weight is around 130 and I drink 100-200+ oz/day of water.
In addition, I eat primarily high water content food and most
days drink a Vita-Mix worth of Chocolate Silk, which is around
64 oz. of liquid.

So all told I probably approach 300 oz. water/day. Now this
may seem excessive and in considering this, I enjoy my health
more than most people seem to so I'll continue on.

It appears to me I do so well on this large quantity of water,
because my salt/mineral intake is so high.

As children we can be up to 95% water at birth.

Recently I have my fat and hydration levels checked. The
technician thought her gear was broken and did the test
twice, then had the owner verify her gear was working.

My body fat was 6.5% and the majority of my calories come
from fatty foods like avocados and activated nuts.

My hydration level was near 90%.

The owner's comment was, "I've never seen a person with
readings like this standing up, much less in obviously
vibrant health." My wish for you is all your health
diagnostics produce the same results.

Phase 6: Upgrade Your Digestion & Colon Ecology

Products covered in this section include Salt,
Enzymes, Probiotics, Goji Juice, Super Foods
and Angstrom Daytime Mineral Formula and may be
found in the Radical Health Catalog.

:::: Action Step #19: Increase your nutrients, decrease your calories

Most days I eat one meal and my total daily caloric
intake is a few hundred calories. My energy and body
weight are rock solid.

I do this by eating nutrient dense foods. There are
two general phases of metabolism:

   1) maturation - where children are bulking up,
      building bone and tissue

   2) maintenance - where mature adults are maintaining
      and regenerating tissue

The more Super Foods you can eat like Goji Juice,
Goji Berries, Cacao (Chocolate), Hemp Seeds, Bee Pollen,
etc. the less calories you'll require.

:::: Action Step #20: Turn off your craving signals

Most eating starts because of a craving. The majority
of cravings tract a few minerals like chromium, vanadium,
magnesium and cobalt. When reserves of these nutrients drop
below a certain threshold, a craving signal gets generated
usually for sweets or fats.

Try 1t-1T of Daytime Minerals 15 minutes before you eat
and notice how much less you eat.

:::: Action Step #21: Digest your food

Digestion is at the heart of health. If you're eating
cooked food or Raw Foods which are in stasis, like
Raw Nuts and Seeds, then you're best served to use
a high quality digestive enzyme.

You can adjust your dosage based on the amount of food
you eat at a meal.

Also, eating enzymes between meals will send these
workers into your blood stream to clean up and CICs.

Start by picking deep, rich colored produce. Eat lots
of salad full of dark greens, peppers, nuts like brazils,
pine nuts, hemp seeds and activated pistachios.

:::: Action Step #18: Revitalize your intestinal tract flora

Using products like Salivarius (my choice) and Primal Defense
tend to displace unfriendly pathogens and replace them with
friendly bacteria, which are essential to proper digestion
and elimination.

:::: Action Step #19: Flush out the bugs (Candida, Parasites, etc.)

While Salivarius is a great technology, Salt Flushes rock
for cleaning intestines.

A Salt Flush is simply 1/2t of Himalayan Salt in 8 oz. of
warm water, hold your nose and down it goes.

Unfriendly, nitrogen breathing microbes like Candida, parasites
and bacteria hate salt and will pack their bags and leave when
you start Salt Flushes.

Also Salt Flushes clean the stomach and small intestines, where
colonics and enemas focus on the large intestine. Colonics and
enemas are great if you like doing them and Salt Flushes get
places colonics and enemas are hard pressed to reach.

Salt Flushes are also great for people who are adverse to
colonics and enemas.

There are several considerations with Salt Flushes:

   1) Only use Himalayan Salt, Chinese Sea Salt or other
      pure salt. Tainted salts like Grey Salt and salt
      which has been super-heated can create wild imbalances.

   2) Be close to a bathroom the first few times you do this,
      as transit time is usually 15-20 minutes from mouth...
      to out!

   3) If your body seems to just "soak up the salt", then
      chances are your body is trying to super hydrate to
      dissolve stored chemicals, metals or other toxins.
      If this occurs, you're best served to drink mucho
      water, at least a quart or more to support your body.

Phase 6: Clearing Deep Tissue Pathogens, Chemicals & Metals

All the other phases lay the ground work for these action
steps. It's very important to do all the other steps first,
so you can enjoy these steps in comfort.

Of particular importance is to use Vitalize consistently
during this phase. The body store chemicals and metals in
ways which protect the body as much as possible. If these
substances are liberated from their resting places and
begin to circulate through fluids for elimination, it's
essential they move through the lymphatic system quickly.

Any lymphatic obstructions can cause all manner of strange
symptoms and complications.

:::: Action Step #20: Clearing Deep Tissue Pathogens

Pathogens refer to nitrogen breathing, rather than oxygen,
microbes which are highly unfriendly to health. This includes
Candida, parasites, molds, fungus, bacteria and viruses.

Many of the previous action steps will loosen and eliminate
pathogens from the intestinal tract. At this point you can
use the Seasonal Relief product to finish this job.

In addition, the oregano oil and olive leaf in Seasonal Relief
will permeate deep tissue and begin displacing pathogens. Along
with this be sure to drop all high glycemic foods from your
diet, especially:

   - bananas

   - carrots and beets

   - wheat grass

   - all dried fruits, especially apricots

   - honey and maple syrup

Replace these with dates or better Agave Nectar.

:::: Action Step #21: Clearing Chemicals & Metals

After all your symptoms from step #20 stop, proceed
on to using the Chemical and Metal Chelators. You
can look at the colored rings in between your pupil
and iris. When these rings are gone, so are all your
accumulations of chemicals and metals.

:::: Action Step #22: Clearing Spinal & Brain Parasites

There are a class of highly tenatous (challenging to displace)
parasites which live in spinal and cranial fluid. They're
safe here because there are no white blood cells in these
fluids to attack them.

Only go after these when you're finished with #21 and #22.

This can be quite intense, so start in the morning on a
day when you have no responsibilities.

Do the following first thing in the morning on an empty stomach:

   1) 2-4 oz. of Angstrom Calcium

   2) Wait 15 minutes

   3) 2-4 oz. of Angstrom Pathogen Flush (Silver/Zinc/Copper)

The Calcium flushes pathogens out of spinal and cranial fluid
and the Silver/Zinc/Copper combination kills them on contact.

Wrapping Up

This is a living document and will get expanded and reformatted
to ease searching. Eventually all the articles I've written will
be dismantled and merged into this document.

As your questions and experiences arise, pass them along so others
can benefit.

Articles/Recipes: http://RadicalHealth.com

Product Catalog : http://RadicalHealth.com/order

Be patient with replies, many days I receive 100+ inquiries.

Enjoy your best day ever!

- David Favor, david@davidfavor.com, 512-280-5802

You're served to discuss any change in your daily
health program with your health practitioner, before
making changes.

join@RadicalHealth.com, 512-280-5802
Simple ways to live and feel your best ever!

Copyright (c) 2005 by David Favor
You may reprint all or part of this content
so long as credit is given the author(s).