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David's Angstrom Mineral Guide

Hello and welcome to David's Angstrom Mineral Guide. Version 2.0.4 - July 14th, 2005. Email join@radicalhealth.com to be notified about updates to this guide.
The purpose of this Guide is to give a quick overview of Angstrom Minerals. Topics include:
Enjoy your your Angstrom Mineral adventure and be sure to email me (david@radicalhealth.com) your experiences so others may benefit from what you've learned.

Disclaimer and Extreme Raw Health

This Guide details my personal approach to using Angstrom Minerals. Before you start any health program or change you current health program, please contact you health practitioner.
Angstrom Minerals are only one component in my personal Extreme Raw Health program. For an overview of Extreme Raw Health start by reading the LiveFeast.com Overview. Next read my notes from a talk I give periodically about Extreme Raw Health. And of course visit RadicalHealth.com.
If you choose to adopt an Extreme Raw Lifestyle you may enjoy our 21 Days to a New You! Intensive.
Many of the Superfoods and Super Nutrients Yemiah and I enjoy are listed in our catalog http://www.radicalhealth.com/order.

Copyright and Administrivia

This Guide is copyright David Favor 2002.
You have permission to reprint or forward this Guide in full, without permission. For partial reprints, please contact me.
Email me, david@radicalhealth.com, with questions, corrections or suggestions.
Email join@radicalhealth.com to join our mailing list.
You'll receive updates to this Guide along with the best in Extreme Raw Health news, articles and events around the world.
Angstrom Mineral update history:
Version 1.1.0: Added detoxification notes
Version 1.2.0: Added my schedule for taking Angstrom Minerals
Version 1.3.0: Added my Indium protocol, expanded into Web page
Version 1.3.1: Added note skin, hair, nails & hair color regen
Version 1.3.2: Added Todd's Testimonial
Version 1.3.3: Rewrote schedule
Version 1.3.4: Updated Angstrom ordering info, added Tin and Lithium
Version 1.3.5: Added Angstrom Mineral Formulas
Version 1.3.6: Updated schecule with Morning, Daytime & Evening Formulas
Version 2.0.0: Updated formula contents, updated many sections
Version 2.0.1: Updated Evening Formula & Indium section (Hot vs. Angstrom)
Version 2.0.2: Removed references to Iodine, Lithium & Tin as they are currently unavailable
Version 2.0.3: Updated all formulas to Version 3 contents
Version 2.0.4: Added common myth section

Angstrom Mineral Formulas

There is common myth that Angstrom Minerals packaged together fall out of solution. In actuality, all Angstrom Minerals are constantly falling out of solution. You can test this yourself by leaving bottles undistrubed for several days. Platinum and Iron seem to fall out fastest.
The contents of our Angstrom Morning, Daytime & Evening Formulas follow. Please note these may change, as we receive comments from you and people choosing custom mineral formulas.

Angstrom Morning Mineral Formula

Morning Minerals are designed to assist our transition from sleep and regeneration to activity and include - Cobalt, Platinum, Germanium, Selenium, Zinc, Sulfur, Boron, Calcium and Magnesium.
Mineral Functions

Angstrom Daytime Mineral Formula

Daytime Minerals are designed to support peak activity all day and include - Chromium, Vanadium, Molyebdenum, Indium, Cobalt, Magnesium and Potassium.
Daytime Minerals are designed to support peak activity by:
Research seems to indicate how much we eat tracks blood levels of these minerals. Taking Daytime Minerals 10-15 minutes before meals ensures high levels of these critical minerals, which means we eat to live, rather than live to eat. This in results in eating less and feeling more satisfied. As we are eating less, digestion is fast and efficient. After eating Food Comas turn into massive exhilaration as there is less to digest and we have more available energy. Please note this may result in rapid weight loss.
Mineral Functions

Angstrom Evening Mineral Formula

Evening Minerals are designed to assist our transition from activity into deep sleep and regeneration and include - Gold, Iron, Copper, Sulfur, Magnesium, Manganese and Germanium.
Mineral Functions

Angstrom Silver

Angstrom Silver is packaged seperately as best results are obtained when used with pathogenic siutations, for example, colds, sore throats, yeast infections, etc.
Mineral Functions

Custom Angstrom Minerals

Customer Mineral Formulations may be requested. Email david@radicalhealth.com or call 512-280-5802 to schedule a private consultation.

Todd's Indium Testimonial

My good friend Todd McCray in San Antonio recently sent me this note about Indium. His description is poetry, which fits Indium well. Notice what he says about food cravings. My opinion is increasing water and dense nutrients begins to greatly diminish food requirements.
Todd wrote:

Man that indium is hot. Thanks for putting us on to it. Still don't see that there is any indium on the planet other than this. Put me in for another order I want to keep a good supply on hand. What was that other stuff we used? Nothing compared to this.

Now I'm putting in drops several times a day. Food craving has dropped significantly --what is food? Tending toward a liquid diet...if that. Everything stabilizes; then gets better and better.

It's kind of like listening to my favorite instrument out of tune for a long time and now it's in tune and everything is just beautiful.

Or like the wheel on the car has been wobbling on the car over the duration of a long trip and finally I've found the shop and it's fixed. Bliss.

Now I'm wondering what happens after the repairs when this stuff really begins to do what it's supposed to do! The locks begin to turn...

Have we found the elixir?

My Schedule for Taking Minerals & Superfood Eating

My daily program is in dramatic flux right now, based on a challenge my good friend Dr. Fred Bisci issued me. My caloric intake is low, around 300 calories/day. As a result, my sleep requirements are very low. Modify this schedule as serves you best. Your health practitioner and intuition will assist you with this.
Indium is always first on my list in the morning. My personal preference is full strength Indium. The best way to take Indium is one drop in the back of the throat, before anything else, then wait 15 minutes before drinking or brushing teeth.
Most people begin with 1-2 droppers of each Mineral Formula. If I had serious or chronic health challenges, 1-2 drops of each mineral would be my starting point.
Upon rising: *One drop* Indium. Best results are either one drop in back of throat or one drop under tongue. Experiment to determine which gives you best results. Indium is best taken before drinking water, uropathy or brushing teeth. Larger quantities of Indium engage spontaneous deep meditative states, enhanced creativity, introspection, innovation and clearance of writer's and other artistic blocks. Intensity increases exponentially, as number of drops increase. Be aware and plan your day accordingly.
10-15 minutes later: Uropathy, 3 Primal Defense (Soil Based Organisms & Probiotics) and 1t-1T of Angstrom Morning Minerals. This formula is designed to smooth your transition from sleep and regeneration to wakefulness and activity.
30-60 minutes later: 5 Perfect Food, 3 Omegazyme or Digest, 3 Pure Radiance C and 2 RM-10. 1-2 Fungal Defense (while on Pathogen detox program).
During my day I enjoy 1t-1T of Angstrom Daytime Formula 2-4 times. This formula is designed to keep mood, energy and blood sugar levels stable. Also to provide minerals responsible for most peoples food cravings. If I were eating during the day, I'd enjoy a dose of Angstrom Daytime Formula 10-15 minutes before each meal along with 3-6 OmegaZyme or 1-3 Digest, depending on the amount of food I anticipated eating and if my food were Raw or cooked.
Power Meals: 1-2 each day. Low calorie, high nutrient density. Around 300-400 calories/day. (My weight is rock solid and has returned to same weight as Junior year in High School.)
Superfood smoothie: As snack sometime during day, smoothie made with freshly made nut milk, Goji Berries, Bee Pollen, Arabian Night Dates, Garden of Life Super Seed, Raw Carob Powder, Raw Mesquite Powder.
The Angstrom Morning Minerals and Angstrom Daytime Minerals are compatible with each other and may be taken together or any sequence during your day.
Before bed I enjoy 1t-1T of Angstrom Evening Minerals. As this formula contains Angstrom Copper, you should finish up using any other Mineral Formula 3-4 hours before taking Angstrom Evening Minerals. The reason for this is Platinum, Zinc and Molybdenum tend to neutralize Copper, so taking other Formulas close to Angstrom Evening Minerals will reduce the results of Copper. Optionally, 3 Salivarius and 6 Caps Vitalize (if getting to sleep may be challenging) Fungal Defense (while on Pathogen detox program).
Through the day I focus on eating our Crimson Goji Berries and Rainbow Raw Bee Pollen to keep my energy levels high.
Also if I feel my energy or mood dipping, I enjoy 1t-1T of Angstrom Daytime Minerals. If the dip is severe, then 2-4 TBL of Angstrom Daytime Minerals.


Please note Indium seems to be both an amplifier and an adaptogen. In practical terms, this means Indium seems to exponentially expand synergy of nutrients based on quality and quantity of nutrients verses quantity of calories.
In other words as calories decrease and nutrient density increases, Indium seems to produce exponential results.
There are two forms of Indium - 'Hot' and Angstrom. We add Angstrom Indium to our Mineral Formulas, because any Indium is better than no Indium. The dramatic results you hear Indium users talk about usually relates to 'Hot Indium'. The primary difference is 'Hot Indium' is much more concentrated and most people can feel it 'crawl through their cells' when they take it.
Here is a reprint of an email I sent out about my experiences with Indium:
Indium Update - Availability and Applications

======= Summary of Applications Explored Below =======

   1) Nutrient Amplification
   2) Esoteric & Spiritual & Platinum Group Magic
   3) Rapid Healing
   4) Focus & Productivity
   5) Serendipity with an Angstrom Mineral Project
   6) Serendipity with a Business Project

======= Availability =======

Good news! The Indium sample we received is top quality,
so we placed an order the next day.

Indium should arrive sometime mid week.

This is *full strength* Indium, rather than Angstrom Indium.
Taking *one drop* of this Indium, lets me know my body is
enjoying an extreme upleveling of function.

======= Applications =======

Over the past few months, I've recommended people invest their
health budget in other areas and if they have surplus, invest
in Indium. This still holds for those with extreme budget

However, my awareness about benefits and results of Indium has
greatly expanded. Some of my results with Indium include:

------- Nutrient Amplification -------

Indium seems to increase both individual effects and synergy
of nutrients, especially high quality nutrients like Angstrom
Minerals, Goji Berries, Bee Pollen and Garden of Life products.

Synergy here means when different substances are introduced
into my body together, they seem to give results far exceeding
their individual effects.

For example, taking individual Garden of Life products definitely
uplevels my mood, energy and creative performance, for example
writing and recording course materials.

Taking all the Garden of Life products together produces the
synergy of greatly reduced appetite.

When Indium is added to this mix, my appetite is suspended.

I can only imagine what this combination of nutrients might
mean to a person with chronic pain or a terminal illness.

Digestion is our single biggest energy expenditure. If Indium
makes other nutrients so highly available, we are so nourished our
appetites suspend, then there might be vast new amounts of energy
for our bodies to invest in healing.

------- Esoteric & Spiritual & Platinum Group Magic -------

Recently I ran an experiment of taking around .25ml of Indium.
This is equivalent to a quarter of a dropper of Angstrom Minerals.

My result was dramatic and amazing. Every bit of scatteredness,
multi-tasking and consideration of future issues vanished in deep,
pervasive Presence.

All past and future immediately coalesced into Now.

Some of the experiences I had through my day seemed to very closely
mirror experiences with Platinum Group elements like Monatomic Gold
and Platinum.

Doses past one drop, may serve to entrain deep levels of meditation,
as my sensations mirrored Alpha and Theta states I cultivated in
Silva Mind Control classes years ago.

What is of even greater interest is this state has seemed to integrate
into my normal waking consciousness so I feel my mentation arising from
Theta space (low frequency brain waves) rather than Beta space (high
frequency, normal consciousness brain waves).

Besides intense calm and seeming access to esoteric channels of information
Theta space also gives rise to the next application.

------- Rapid Healing -------

Researchers tend to agree our physical healing is accelerated by the
amount of time we are in Alpha and Theta states.

While I have yet to hook myself up to an electroencephalograph (EEG) to
determine if my sensation of low frequency brain waves is real, the
possibilities here are intriguing.

If a person could go about their daily activities while staying in an
Alpha or Theta state, cellular revitalization and regeneration would
be going on 24 hours/day.

I make up the impact on healing, longevity and age reversal would be
tremendous and people operating in this mode might greatly extend both
length and quality of life.

Additionally the access to "out of band" (alternative channels) of information
might pave the way for entirely new technologies, innovations and even how
we approach solving some of our biggest challenges.

------- Focus & Productivity -------

At present Yemiah and I are working on two Intensives we'll
be offering at the first of the year:

   1) 21 Days to a New You!

   2)  Have Unlimited Free Advertising for Your
      Business or $1,000,000 Idea Starting Today

One day recently I came out of a five hour solid productivity trance
and realized I had filled the better part of an entire spiral notebook
with marketing copy, long-term (backend) products for several businesses
and built a bridge system between LiveFeast.com and SleepAndGrowRich.com
which will cross-feed leads between these businesses at a phenomenal rate.

I do write a great deal, however this level of focus and productivity is
new and good for me.

------- Serendipity with an Angstrom Minerals Project -------

Recently my goal for my day was to locate the source of our Angstrom
Minerals. My desire came from several motivations:

1) Since Energy Images merged with Heal Alliance orders are now taking
   as much as 3-4 weeks to arrive.

2) The signing and faxing of an applications as part of the startup
   process serves only to complicate people getting minerals.

3) Figuring out a schedule for taking 20+ Angstrom Minerals daily is
   to cumbersome.

4) Trying to purchase refills for 20+ Angstrom Minerals all at once
   is costly for many.

5) I strongly desire Angstrom Tin and this is missing from our minerals.

6) Finally there is talk about merging all the minerals into a one formula.

   This is problematic as some minerals cancel each other's effects.

   Also some minerals tend to stimulate (support waking up), others tend
   to enhance productivity (support daily creativity), while others tend
   to relax (support sleep and revitalization).

   My story is minerals lend themselves readily to ingestion in morning,
   noon or evening. One formula would nullify these specific effects.

From the time I formed my desire to have access to Raw Angstrom Minerals
in concentrated form, till I found the source producer of most Angstrom
Minerals in the world was a few hours.

This is great news to me, as I desire to have three bottles instead
of 20+ bottles.

More great news is since this is a concentrated form, there is much
less trash generated in the packaging so our environment is served.

------- Serendipity with a Business Project -------

Recently my goal for my day was to determine how to have 50+ people
attend our first:

   21 Days to a New You!

I ended up at lunch with a radio host, a radio station ad rep and
a great business man. During a two hour lunch we worked out a cross
promotion technique to easily accomplish my goal.

======= Wrapping Up =======

Yemiah and I enjoy many health technologies during the day, so in
most cases I find attributing any specific effect to a single practice
or nutrient challenging.

With Indium though, there is an unusual energy or intelligence, as
if Indium is a living entity. This quality is very specific and
distinct. I am greatly impressed with Indium.

Many of you are taking Indium now also. As you have interesting
experiences, please pass them along to me.

Enjoy your best holiday season ever!

- David

RadicalHealth.com join@RadicalHealth.com
Simple ways to look, feel & live your best ever!

Minerals at a Glance

Mineral Amplifiers
Indium    - Amplifies power of minerals and other nutrients.
            Perhaps the *key* mineral and most powerful amplifier.
Iodine    - Amplifies enzyme activity.
Manganese - Catalyst for many enzymes.
Germanium - Tonifies and amplifies organ efficiency/activity.

Panic Attacks
Chromium - My last panic attack I took 8 droppers of Chromium
           and symptoms disappeared within minutes, instead of
           their usual days, weeks or months.
Gold     - Chromium enhancer for panic attacks.
Platinum - Chromium enhancer for panic attacks.

Silver    - Virus, bacteria, fungus killer.
Copper    - Parasite killer.
Zinc      - Supports over 300 cellular detox pathways.
            Virus and bacteria killer.
Potassium - Enhances cellular fluid exchange, nutrients
            absorption and waste expulsion.
Iron      - Enhances resistance to infections.

Alcoholism, Blood Sugar Balancing and Appetite Balancing
Chromium - Blood sugar balancer.
Vanadium - Chromium enhancer.

Beautifier and Soft Tissue Regeneration (Skin, Hair, Nails)
Zinc   - Primary regenerator.
Boron  - Zinc enhancer.
Sulfur - Primary regenerator and active component in MSM.
         Regenerates primary systems of organs.
         Regenerates secondary systems of hair, nails, skin.
         Increases elasticity of blood passages.
         Regenerates myelin sheaths.
Cobalt - Enhances Sulfur's myelin regeneration.
Copper - Returns natural hair color.
Tin    - Hair regenerator.
Molybdenum - Sulfur enhancer.

Bone Regeneration
Calcium   - Primary regenerator.
Magnesium - Primary regenerator.
Boron     - Calcium/Magnesium enhancer.

Cancer Reversal
Sulfur     - Active ingredient in Shark cartilage.
Selenium   - Powerful anti-oxidant. Reverses cellular mutations.
             Immune system booster.
Molybdenum - Cancer patients usually show marked deficiencies.

Sleep Enhancement
Gold   - Primary sleep enhancer and endocrine gland regenerator.
Copper - Enhances cellular oxygenation.
Iron   - Enhances cellular oxygenation.
Cobalt - Iron enhancer.

Mood Enhancement
Gold      - Deep sleep and endocrine regeneration.
            Primary mood stabilizer.
Chromium  - Stabilizes blood sugar and reduces stress/anxiety/panic.
            Primary mood stabilizer.
Cobalt    - Chromium enhancer.
            Vital for assimilation of B-12.
Vanadium  - Chromium enhancer.
Potassium - Enhances feelings of euphoria.
Magnesium - Enhances feelings of euphoria.
            Reduces PMS symptoms.
Germanium - Stabilizes mood.

Weight Balancing
Vanadium  - Clears cholesterol build ups.
Manganese - Helps body eliminate and dissolve harmful
            fatty acids and cholesterol.

Mental Enhancement
Iron      - Primary mental ability enhancer.
Potassium - Enhances brain and sensory clarity.

Energy Enhancement
Potassium - Enhances energy metabolism.
            Enhances neural activity.
Iodine    - Enhances cellular energy.
Platinum  - Enhances cellular energy.
Mineral of Life - Enhances balance of energy meridians and
            amino acid/protein metabolism.

Sexual Enhancement
Molybdenum - Reverses impotency in many cases.
Zinc       - Restores libido in many cases.
Magnesium  - Increases libido in many cases.
	Manganese  - Helps reduce and ease the pain of an enlarged prostate.

Angstrom Mineral Enhancers

Angstrom Minerals, in our experience, work better with a 100% Raw Vegan Diet, Pharmaceutical grade water such as Penta Water or Aquagen and Super Foods like Garden of Life Products - super green food, super Probiotics (Soil Based Organisms), super enzymes and super Fiber Food; Rainbow Bee Pollen (TM) and Crimson Goji Berries (Wolf Berries).
If you have challenges finding these items, check http://www.radicalhealth.com/order.

Notes About Taking Minerals

  1. If a particular mineral disagrees with you, discontinue its use and be in touch. We'll determine if you're experiencing temporary detox symptoms or have an ongoing challenge with the mineral in question.
  2. Copper effects are greatly reduced by Zinc, Platinum and Molybdenum. To get the most from Copper I take Copper at night and Zinc, Platinum, Molybdenum in the morning.
  3. To drive Calcium into my bone, instead of leech it out of my bone requires a 2-4 times ratio of Magnesium to Calcium. Based on parts/million of both products, this ratio requires at least three droppers of Magnesium to every one dropper of Calcium.
  4. If I was in great health I would start with 1-2 droppers/day of each mineral. If my health were less than optimal, I would start with a quarter of a dropper/day of each mineral. If my health practitioner or intuition suggested I start with less I would follow this direction.
  5. To reduce appetite, use Chromium and Vanadium 15-30 minutes prior to your meal. Lack of these two minerals intensifies cravings, especially for sweets and carbohydrates.
  6. Start very slow on the Detox Minerals as they may cause pathogenic die offs. In other words, dying pathogens leave a residue of necrotic (dead) material which the body must expel. This can result in some temporary, however intense, body sensations. You are probably served to begin the Detox Minerals on a Friday evening, so you have a weekend off from work to do your initial cleansing.


Detoxification is a normal daily activity. Detoxification is the process of moving waste products out of our cells into our blood or lymph systems, then eliminating through our colons.
When people upgrade their health, detoxification usually accelerates. This acceleration can result in many negative physical, emotional and mental symptoms if elimination is slower than detoxification, which allows toxins to be re absorbed in the colon before being eliminated.
One of the best ways I've found to reduce detoxification is to use Garden of Life Primal Defense every morning followed by one of Yemiah's Superfood Smoothies (Garden of Life Super Seed, Crimson Goji Berries (TM), Rainbow Bee Pollen (TM), Barhi Dates, fresh nut milk, Strawberries and Blueberries). This combination of Fiber, Superfoods and Anti-oxidants binds to toxins and removes them so quickly there are no rapid detox symptoms.

Acquiring Angstrom Minerals

To acquire Angstrom Minerals contact david@radicalhealth.com or 512-280-5802. The RadicalHealth.com Catalog shows the Angstrom Minerals we have available.
Please note we have three Formulas available - Morning, Daytime and Evening.
Angstrom Silver is packaged separately as it is best taken when there is some indication of pathogens in the system - fungus, bacteria and viruses.
Our formulas split minerals which tend to neutralize each other to opposites ends of the day. We also package minerals in proper rations, for example 2x Magnesium to 1x Calcium.
Enjoy your best day ever and Aloha!
- David Favor (david@radicalhealth.com)