I began my Raw Food journey around 1978. This was not necessarily because I had any health problems, although I was raised on the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet). I considered myself in relatively good health, as far as I knew what good health meant. My first exposure to natural food and vegetarianism came through my boyfriend who gave me a copy of Paavo Airola's book "Are You Confused?

As soon as I read this I became a vegetarian. Went to my cupboards and refrigerator and threw away anything that had sugar, preservatives, chemicals or processed ingredients in it. Then I started my first one week fast. That set me on my path.

My next upgrade came when a friend gave me a copy of "Survival Into the 21st Century" by Victorus Kulvinskas. Raw Food, Frutarianism, Sprouts, Breatharinism - my heart said yes. I was hooked and knew that this would be a major part of my life. I did much cleansing in the beginning, fasting, colonics, lots of sprouts and fresh juice.

It was easy for me to fast. At the drop of a hat I could make the choice to do a 21, 30 or 40 day fast and sail through it with ease, while working. I did fast on juice, rather than water. So that gave me the energy to detox and still be able to perform my daily activities.

It wasn't till many years later that I tried a water fast which was a completely different experience for me. No activity on this one. Much to intense. I prefer juice diets/fasting. I integrated eating living foods quite smoothly. The last thing I gave up was cheese.

I got married in 1980 and had my first child in 1981. Before I even got married I knew I'd raise my children Raw. I studied and practiced what I learned and had a smooth an easy pregnancy, gaining 18 lbs.

My midwife was surprised at how non symptomatic my pregnancy was and how calm my baby's vitals were. When it came time to give birth I went into labor and birthed my baby in 90 minutes. I expected an easy labor and delivery and since it was my first time I other than knew if it was my life style choices that lent to my easy in birthing or just my good luck.

After repeating my experience three more times, with the same outcome (birth between 50-90 minutes) I realized indeed my choices did have a dramatic effect on my birth experience.

I realized the closer one lives to nature and nourishes the body as nature intends (Raw Food), the easier it is for the body to perform it's natural functions. Birth, which is one of them and definitely one of the most intense.

My babies were all healthy and calm. No colic or sickness and in all my child rearing years, my children have never gone to a doctor (except for two incidents of stitches).

As karma would have it I ended my marriage of 15 years with my children's father and in their teen years he became a major cooked food influence for them. Much to my great disappointment and heartbreak my children chose not to continue eating only Raw Food.

My great lesson in this experience is realizing everyone including my children have their own individual karma to balance and no one ever knows how another will choose to balance their karma.

Also for me loving unconditionally regardless of my children's choices has been big. Ultimately we can only do the best we can do for ourselves and whomever can learn from us or be inspired. So be it.

Non-attachment to other's choices is a must on this path because everyone is at a different rung on the evolutionary ladder.

I've made mistakes along the way. The most profound out of ignorance was thinking I'd receive nutritionally everything I required only from good food. No Super Foods. No whole food supplementation. That choice ended poorly be totally demineralizing me. Especially after birthing four children and nursing for nine years.

I was also constantly cleansing, cleansing, cleansing and not rebuilding. My beloved husband David was my savior on this point and after we came together, We/I discovered the world of Super Foods and Whole Food Nutrition.

It took me two years to remineralize my body and now I see my regeneration and youthing taking place. I'm in the best shape of my life and my body seems to function at a higher, more efficient level every day.

I've maintained my high school weight through my adult life. At this place in my life, I'm choosing to share my years of experience on this path through books and food preparation DVDs, as well as through individual consultations with people.

David and I support the people in Austin, Texas with Live Food potlucks and classes, as well as hosting people who are leaders in the Raw Food community to come here, share and inspire those in our community. We have a great desire to share the Super Food technology available to us with as many people as possible because through our experience it has made the difference between doing okay and thrival and regeneration.

My prayer is for our brothers and sisters to embrace their highest choice and experience body, mind and spirit. The magic and transformation available to us all through living food cuisine and Super Food Nutrition.

Namaste and peace be with you.

- Yemiah