Yemiah's Raw Food Delights


Yemiah's Raw Food Journey

Yemiah began her Raw Food journey in the mid 1970s. Her practical experience is amazing.

Yemiah read a book about Raw Food and started living Raw with her firm commitment as her only support group. She refined her culinary mastery through four Raw pregnancies, home births and parenting. Today she amazes both Raw Food Chefs and Raw Fooders with her culinary mastery.

Yemiah has the rare ability to turn a simple handful of ingredients into pure heaven in minutes, making any level of Raw Fooding, including 100% Raw, easy for you.

12 Hours Of Simple, Decadent, Raw Food Delights

These DVDs cover the entire spectrum of Raw Food including:

  • Setting Up Your Raw Food Kitchen
  • Fast Preparation secrets to optimize your kitchen time
  • Entrees, Salads & Light Meals
  • Decadent Desserts with Cacao, Gojis, Bee Pollen & Friends
  • Exotic Mexican, Italian & Thai Entrees
  • Easy replacement of flesh, fish, fowl, dairy, eggs, sugar, wheat, grains, rice, beans and soy

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DVD Contents

DVD Contents
Breads & Crackers
Crackers: Vege Flax
Breads: Corn, Garlic, Zucchini, Raisin Cinnamon
Specialties: Peach Strudel, Spinach Quiche
Milks: Almond/Nut, Young Coconut
Quick Meals
5 Minute Meals: Activated Nuts, Seaweeds, Cereals
Dairy: Seed & Cashew Dill Cheese, Sour Cream
Nut Milks: Milk Shakes, Fruit/Nut Milk Smoothies
Standards: Sushi/Nori Rolls, Tuna Salad, Veggie Patties
Italian Delights
Pestos: Basil/Pine Nut, Pepper
Standards: Pizza, Pasta, Stuffed Tomatoes/Peppers
Sauces: Alfredos, Marinaras
Salads of the Week
Salads: Egyptian
Pressed Salads: Cabbage, Spinach, Kale
Dressings: Tomato, Avocado/Cucumber
Pies & Cakes
Cakes: Carrot w/Creamy Frosting
Cheese Cake: Lemon w/Blueberry Sauce
Pies: Blueberry
Sweet & Salty Treats
Standards: Cacao Chip Cookies, Macaroons
Veggie Chips: Kale, Zucchini
Fast Snacks: Goji Bars, Halavah, Energy Bars
Standards: Mousse, Puddings, Fudge
Holiday Delights
Mock Turkey Loaf, Stuffing/Dressing
Pumpkin Pie & Whipped Cream, Cranberry Sauce
Thai & Mexican Delights
Thai Standards: Thai Soup, Pad Thai, Thai Noodles
Mexican Standards: Tacos & Cheese, Enchilada
Spicy: Hatch Pepper Pesto, Pepper Rellenos
Salsas: Tomato (red), Tomatilla (green)