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Are you new to the Raw Food Lifestyle?

Have a million questions and conflicting answers? Like someone knowledgeable to make it easier? If you answered yes, you're in luck!
Yemiah (ya-My-ya) has traveled the Raw Food terrain since the 1970s. She can help you get started, get you re-motivated or help you go to your next level of peak energy and vitality. Her wealth of direct experience gives you practical, hands on training optimizing your Raw Food Lifestyle.
You'll enjoy easy replacement of meat, dairy, eggs, sugar, wheat, soy, rice and beans with decadent foods which are pure heaven to your palette.
No rabbit food or weeds here. Yemiah's culinary masterpieces are gourmet all the way. Easy to prepare and taste so sinfully delicious you'll swear they must be bad for you.
Raw Food Feast

Consulting Details

Yemiah is available for $30/hour/person with a 4 person minimum for classes. Private consultation also available. You may speak with Yemiah at 512-282-4308 to make your arrangements.

A Note From Yemiah

I can assist you bringing your highest health priority into reality. You'll master basics to the most advanced, covering all aspects of the Raw Food Diet. You'll find out just how easy it is to live on Raw Food and how your can make each day your best day ever!
Namasté, Yemiah

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Austin Raw Food Events

You can email for local Austin, Texas area events like the monthly Raw Food Feasts, going strong since 2000 usually with 50-100+ people attending.
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