Alkaline Water Decoded

All health begins with Salt & Water, as Salt & Water are your two primal Super Foods.

Alkaline Water has become a persistent buzz in alternative health circles.

There are three primary ways to alkalize water:

  1. Chemicals: This is how city water systems work. Test the pH of your tap water and you'll find consistent pH based on target pH for your city.
  2. Mineral Salts: This is how water softeners and many water machines work.
  3. Electrolysis: This is how Kangen Water Machines work. Water is separated into two streams, one acidic and one alkaline. Kangen Water Machines also structure water creating High -ORP Water.

My preference is using either a Kangen Water Machines or in home Reverse Osmosis Water System, rather than using chemicals or mineral salts.

All About pH

The entire pH process is extremely complex. Healthy pH swings around 7.0 pH as a center point.

If pH runs consistently below around 6.5 this is an indication food and fluid intake are best upscaled. This pH range will first use up serum (blood) calcium then leech calcium from bone bone to balance toward the 7.0 pH range. All osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and other osteo symptoms result from calcium leeching from bone as an attempt to balance pH.

If pH runs consistently near or above 8.0 this is an indication of extreme acidosis. In this case a person has been running a low (acid) pH consistently without being able to balance their pH back toward optimal. The 8.0 pH range occur when a person's body switches into an emergency mode producing ammonia. Many times a person's sweat and breath will smell of ammonia when they're in this emergency mode. It's imperative this situation be remedied immediately, as this leads to organ damage and potentially long down time when a person's body simply gives out and they loose their appetite in an attempt to interrupt the inflow of toxic food and fluids compromising their health.

The fastest, easiest way to balance your pH is to upscale your food and fluids.