Sun Fire Salt Decoded

All health begins with Salt & Water, as Salt & Water are your two primal Super Foods.

First there is salt (little 's') which is what most people ingest daily, which varies from filler to toxic sludge.

Salt (capital 'S') in it's Pristine, Natural State is one of your most powerful Super Foods. In fact, your experience of living at continuous peak energy, mood & beauty starts with salt.

Sun Fire Salt Design Took Nearly 10 Years

Sun Fire Salt design took the better part of 10 years.

After testing Salt from all over our world, we identified four salts which combined in perfect synergy as Sun Fire Salt.

Sun Fire Salt's four Salts were chosen based on:

  1. Luxuriant, Rich Taste: The hallmark of Premium Salt. You know from your direct experience, Sun Fire Salt is one of the best tasting Super Foods you'll ever enjoy.
  2. Pristine Quality: Product purity from start to finish.
  3. Natural State: Minimal processing as possible.
  4. Low Temperature: As most Salt is exposed to sustained, 1000+ degree temperatures which evaporate the most important trace minerals and coagulate macro minerals into forms which are extremely difficult to assimilate.
  5. Zero Chemical Additives: No anti-moisture, anti-caking, flowing agents, excipients, bleach to whiten or any other chemicals are added. Period.
  6. Energetic Signature: From geographic area where Salt is found.

Each Salt adds unique character to Sun Fire Salt.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt embodies the spiritual current of Tibet, Nepal, China & India and adds strong character from mountains pushed out of our earth's center.

Processed by grinding.

Most Himalayan Pink Salt is ground using soft nickel grinders. Since the Salt Rocks are harder than the grinders, a huge amount of nickel dust is produced by the grinding process. Nickel is far more toxic than mercury and harder to detox.

After much testing only one Himalayan Pink Salt consistently showed clean nickel and all other metallic grinder residue. This comes through the most meticulous Salt Brokers on the planet. They are so meticulous they purchased and shipped their own stainless steel grinder to the Himalayans because this was the only way to ensure Pristine Himalayan Pink Salt.

Chinese Sea Salt

Chinese Sea Salt embodies the spiritual current of China and additionally adds watery and electrical character drawn from our sea.

Processed by evaporation.

Most Sea Salt is less than desirable, especially Grey Sea Salt as many times the grey color comes from petroleum contaminates from the English Channel which was up on the shores of Brittany France, where Grey Sea Salt is harvested.

The widely read article What's the Grey in Grey Salt? goes into more detail.

Our Chinese Sea Salt comes through a special agreement with America's largest unpasteurized Miso Soup manufacturing company. This company constantly tests Salt to ensure maximum support for Miso Soup microorganisms. Quality control is simple. Pristine Sea Salt ensure Miso Soup microorganisms multiply quickly and remain vital for then entire time Miso Soup is fermented.

Hawaiian Red Clay Alaea Salt (a-LAY-a)

Hawaiian Red Clay Alaea Salt embodies the spiritual current of Hawaiian Huna tradition and additionally adds watery and electrical character drawn from our sea.

Processed by crushing.

Bolivian Rose Salt

Bolivian Rose Salt embodies the spiritual current of Shamanic, South American tradition and additionally adds earthy character drawn from tropical rain forest, jungle matter compressed into Salt.

Processed by crushing.