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2009-07-25 - MP3 Audio - David & Raw Food Gurus Talk About Agave Nectar Facts & Fictions

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Vanilla Agave Nectar Overview

Agave Nectar is a hot topic today. Some experts say it's good. Some say it's bad.

Saying Agave is good or bad is like saying a tomato is good or bad. Ripe, fresh, chemical free, heirloom tomatoes grown in nutrient and humic rich soil are a Super Food. Grow the same tomato from GMO seed, or add pesticides, or pick it green or cook it and you no longer have a tomato which tastes like a tomato. In many cases, the resulting tomato will no longer contain human compatible nutrients.

The same can be said about soy products. Many soy products start with GMO soy beans, then process with intense heat and pressure. This manipulation creates artificially high concentrations of MSG. So while it's true there's no "added MSG", high levels of MSG have been added through backhanded processing.

Many companies process Cacao (Chocolate) in a similar way. The best way to addict people to Cacao products is to process Cacao products so they contain artificially high caffeine concentrations. Then mix Cacao powder with highly caffeinated substances like highly heated Guarana (different than Adaptogenic Guarana) and call it "Cocoa Solids". Adding other nutrient blockers - chemicals, milk and sugar further reduce uptake of Cacao nutrients. This causes people's bodies to register Cacao's rich nutrient content, be unable to absorb the nutrition then have cravings which can never be satisfied due to added nutrient blockers.

This said, Tomatoes, Agave, Soy & Cacao may be health supportive or disease supportive, based on many criteria.

This short article talks about the criteria I used to select our Agave Nectar.

Vanilla Agave Nectar Selection Criteria