Excipients, Non-Nutrients & Anti-Nutrients

These days more and more of the material in what people ingest is non-food. For example, it's estimated that cigarettes are 35% additive chemicals by weight.

The same applies to foods and so-called supplements.

First the Non-Nutrients

While excipients are downright hazardous to your health, there are a variety of Non-Nutrients in foods. While these may be non-toxic, they add nothing to our foods. This means they just take up space and weight.

The health challenge with these substances is they must be processed and eliminated. Even a substance as simple as rice flour can create a huge negative effect on your overall health. Rice Flour is processed at extreme heat. This means your body (pancreas) has to convert metabolic enzymes into digestive enzymes to process this material. Converting metabolic enzymes to digestive enzymes reduces longevity and quality of life.

To me there is no good reason to eat Non-Nutrients.

Excipients, Bane of Nutrition

Excipients are flowing agents. They are used to ease/speed flowing material into bottles and capsules. You'll find these substances listed as magnesium stearate, stearic acid or another word containing 'stear'.

There are 1000s of PubMed excipient abstracts if you're the analytic type. And here are some of the highlights excipients provide to unwary users.

Vegan, Halal, Kosher Beware

If you're eating Vegan, Halal or Kosher you'll also require avoiding excipients are the majority are Beef, Pork, Lamb Fat. So called "vegetarian" stearates are a racket too. These are generally made from Hydrogenated Palm Oil which most people know is best to be avoided do to the variety of studies linking this substance to Cancer.

Gel caps are made from cow hooves, horns and other bone material.

Excipients are Insidious

Go to any health food store, even the most expensive, and play this game. "Find an excipient free supplement." You'll rarely find a single bottle of excipient free supplements among 100s of bottles.

RadicalHealth.com is an excipient free company. The only exception is a proprietary vegetable stearate we use in Primal Digest, which allows us to add 30% more enzyme material in each capsule. This substance is extremely expensive to produce, compared to alternatives and it continually tests well with humans, producing no health challenges.

We also use nutritive flowing agents like Cacao Powder, Camu Camu and Tocotrienols. These are extremely expensives substances which have flowing agent qualities like excipients and are highly beneficial to upgrading all areas of health.

The Evils of Capsules, Caplets & Tablets

Consider how caplets and tablets are made. Take an herb for example. if you take a powdered herb and strike it with a hammer, you'll be hard pressed to create enough heat and pressure to create solid matter. Creating caplets and tablets usually requires adding excipients, then glue, then subjecting this mixture to extreme heat and pressure to create solid material which will maintain form. Then many times an additional layer of glue is added to coat the entire material.

Many people think "Vege Caps" are the answer. Unfortunately most "Vege Caps" are derived from non-organic sources and are full of chemical solvents.

We're very careful to only use the best capsules and work with companies who are aware of all these issues.