High Blood Pressure Decoded

Blood Pressure is primarily a function of:

  1. Blood Viscosity: The ratio of particulate matter dissolved in your blood determines the viscosity or thickness of your blood.
  2. Fluid Passage Size: As material deposits and builds up on the surface of fluid passages, fluid flow is constricted, increasing blood pressure.
  3. Fluid Passage Glide: As material deposits and builds up on the surface of fluid passages, they become rough which increase rate of material build up.
  4. Fluid Passage Elasticity: As material deposits and builds up on the surface of fluid passages, they become rigid with very little ability to expand and contract. When this occurs, even the slightest activity can cause huge increases in blood pressure.

Blood is best to be primarily water. Blood passages are best when they're optimally sized, slippery and expand/contract on demand.

Blood Viscosity - Salt, Water & Hydration

Perhaps the single greatest contributor to High Blood Pressure is thick blood. There are many reasons for thick blood and the greatest factor is hydration.

Simply changing quantity & quality of both Salt & Water is usually enough to have a profound effect balancing blood viscosity. Using denatured Salt or +ORP Water, rather than -ORP Water, both tend to reduce amount of water uptaken out of our digestive system into our blood, lymph and cells.

-ORP Water has an antioxidant effect, whereas +ORP Water has an oxidizing or rusting effect. -ORP Water also has human compatible structure, which accelerates hydration outward through cells.

Salt is the other great contributor to great hydration, as Salt is the substance which allows us to hold Water in our fluids and cells.

Blood Viscosity - Digestion & Elimination

The hydration, digestion, elimination cycle is highly complex. Like a finely tuned racing car, when all your systems are working at full on, optimal levels all is well. Some of the components for optimizing your cycle include:

Anything you eat, drink or breath must be metabolized (chemically processed) producing Energy, Exhaust & Repair or in the case of most foods wear & tear rather than repair.

The correct sequence of this cycle starts with rapid digestion. This requires foods and fluids which digest fast and clean. During digestion nutrients are separated an uptaken into storage. Also exhaust is produced, which must be eliminated.

Most foods which require massive energy to digest. This includes foods derived from animals, cooked foods and processed foods. Eating these foods provide little nutrition and huge masses of waste. This quickly overwhelms a person's elimination system. Once primary elimination through bowels is overwhelmed secondary, emergency elimination systems come online.

Secondary, emergency elimination starts by material being deposited in blood and lymph fluid. These fluids are then expelled through urination and sweat through skin. Once urinary and skin systems are blocked, more and more material begins to build up in blood.

This particulate matter building up in blood is called CICs (Circulating Immune Complexes). This is a fancy name for partially digested food and metabolites which are unable to be eliminated, due to blocked elimination channels.

Fluid Passage - Size, Glide & Elasticity

Think of the inside of a pipe accumulating material on it's inside surface. As material accumulates, fluid flow is restricted and pressure increases.

The worst offenders here are gluey foods like dairy, grains, flour, peanuts and any other substance you can mix with water to make glue.

The other offender is pancreatic or enzymatic exhaustion. As pancreatic exhaustion increases, ability to digest food decreases. This causes more particulate matter to build up in blood, which in turn more rapidly deposits material on fluid passages.

Usually these substances are highly acidic, which cause elastic fluid passage tissue to dry out. At first this brittle tissue causes dramatic increases in blood pressure during activity. Over time, as tissue becomes more rigid, even slight activity creates huge blood pressure spikes. Many times these high blood pressure spikes lead to premature death either by heart failure or aneurysm rupture, "an abnormal widening or ballooning of a portion of a blood passage due to weakness in the wall of the blood passage."

As fluid passage glide or slipperiness material accumulates faster. Atherosclerosis accelerates this process and o the build up of fatty materials on fluid passage walls as free floating fats, CICs congeal and deposit. This is a common symptom of material build up inside fluid passages due to eating processed fats and animal products.

Rapidly Reducing High Blood Pressure

What to do? Many people are able to dramatically reduce their blood pressure in a few days. Some people in a few hours. They usually do this in stages.

First start with basic upgrades:

  1. Increase Water Intake: As an experiment target drinking 1-2oz. per lb. of body weight each day.
  2. Only Use High Quality Salt: You might think Salt is salt. As an example, Sun Fire Salt took the better part of a decade to design.
  3. When Cooking: Add Salt after you remove your food from the burner, to preserve important Salt trace minerals which evaporate with even slight heat.
  4. Use Digestive Enzymes: Use Primal Digest or comparable. Avoid Digestive Enzymes which contain excipients, fillers or are derived from animal sources, as these break down in stomach acid providing little if any effect.

Then continue with more advanced upgrades:

  1. Live on Super Foods: Make your own or try our Chocolate Bliss & Fiesta Mole.
  2. Raw Food Diet: This includes foods prepared with low or no heat.
  3. High Water Content Produce: This includes foods from your local Farmer's Market grown with love and without chemicals.
  4. Go Vegan/Beegan: This includes reducing, then eliminating all animal products. Beegan refers to Bee products like Bee Pollen, Honey, Propolis & Royal Jelly. Honey is typically high glycemic with almost the same effect as white sugar. Propolis and Royal Jelly are challenging to keep fresh. Bee Pollen is low glycemic, high in lecithin, minerals, B-Vitamins, amino acids and anti-oxidants and is a powerful Super Food.

Finally switch to only drink High -ORP Water. Drinking Super Food drinks like Chocolate Bliss is a great start. Using Kangen Water Machines is even better. These machines produce water alkalized by electrolysis, rather than adding mineral salts. Electrolysis also produces highly structured water, the primary -ORP effect. Kangen Water Machines run at high flow rates, so when you require water you have water. And the money you'll save over bottled water is substantial. Also the reduction of plastic bottles you'll be using which must be recycled or end up in land fills will be greatly reduced.