The Primary Actions of Salt

Salt is one of your most important cornerstones of health. Enjoying correct Salt quality and quantity each day is the beginning of health. Salt has several primary functions:

  1. Fluid Hydration: Salt is the substance which allows your body to absorb water from your digestive system into your blood lymph fluid.
  2. Cell Hydration: Salt is the substance which allows your body to transport water from your fluids to each of your cells.
  3. Metabolic Activator: Metabolic or chemical reactions in your body revolve around water and water salinity, which is the amount of Salt which dissolved in your fluids.
  4. Maintaining pH: Your entire pH balancing system is extremely complex and your fluid salinity (Salt content) is key for supporting correct pH swings.
  5. Nourishment: Salt is one of the most dense sources of mineral nourishment you have available and is key to maintaining your appetite mechanism so you only eat what's required to live, rather than constantly gaining weight.

The Salt Craving Cycle

You're primarily a Salt & Water beings. All your cells, substances feeding your cells and elimination from your cells depend on both your quality and quantity of water. Quality of water relates to both water strucure and salinity, which is the amount of Salt dissolved in water.

Life revolves around Salt and Water. If you ever crave Salt, eat lots of salty food and never feel satisfied, your constant Salt craving is simply your body's way of requesting an upgrade in your Salt intake.

As your Salt quality increases, your Salt intake will decrease. Experiment with using the highest quality Salt you can acquire. If you're cooking food, be sure to add Salt after your food is finished cooking, to preserve all your Salt's trace minerals and structure, both of which are degraded by heat.