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The Chemistry of Grief, Stress & Depression
Radical Health News, July 7th, 2003 Edition

David & Yemiah Welcome to Radical Health Research. My name is David Favor. My wife Yemiah and I are your guides on your Radical Health Journey. We know you've found your way here because you're taking massive response-ability for your health and longevity. Congratulations on your commitment.

Our desire is to pass along our 50+ years of shared experience so your journey is smooth and easy.

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You can read my personal story and find out how started. In the 70s a doctor told me I'd die without a radical colostomy (removal of intestinal tract and majority of stomach). I opted to do my own research and design a health program to save my life. Today my health is amazing, and I've barely begun.

- David Favor, Publisher


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Patrick Timpone
I enjoyed a long conversation with Patrick Timpone last week. Patrick is the host of the Patrick Timpone Show, a very cool radio show currently broadcast in Austin, Texas and soon to be syndicated around the world.
You can click here for Patrick's Multi-dimensional News Bulletin. Be sure to tune in, Patrick's topics and guests will inspire you and greatly enhance your quality of life.
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Outside the Box Marketing
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Your Rawness & Your Life Quality
One of the benefits of Living Raw is enjoying amazing levels of multi-dimensional acceleration of my body, heart, mind & soul. Living Raw is how I live at my rapid pace of 20+ hour days doing health research, high tech consulting, Internet-Web software design, structure real estate transactions, develop long term marketing campaigns and do so with grace and ease.
I recommend you continually upgrade your Rawness also, so you enjoy continually increasing levels of uncommon life experience.

The Chemistry of Grief, Stress & Depression

Aurora Winter
Soaring With Angels
This issue is dedicated to Aurora Winter, the author of Struggling and Soaring with Angels. If you love to feel, you'll Aurora's this book.
Aurora was helping her partner at Robert Allen's Book Expo seminar. She stood out immediately because of her vitality, abundant joy and the deep grooves of rich life experience carved into her soul. All of which put me at immediate ease.
She gave me a excerpt from her book, which I opened to glance at the next morning. After one page I was hooked and read it cover to cover. Now I'm reading a few pages of her book every evening, before I do my other reading.
The Rawness of Aurora's book touches me and reminds me of something my good friend Bob Stevens is fond of saying:
Pain is the capstone of memory.
Aurora's book has opened my well of pain over my Father death. He passed suddenly two years ago, when he crashed one of his experimental planes. I miss his physical presence. Reading Aurora's words is allowing me to cycle through my grief, one single breath at a time.
Nutrient Soup for the Grieving Soul
Aurora's book reminded me of my psychotic break, when my father passed. Yemiah finally had to engage Bob Stevens to intervene and assist me back to the land of the living. Only the care of Yemiah and Bob saw me through.
After this period though, I began to have frequent and intense panic attacks. These attacks had plagued me since high school. Now they became so pronounced, I'd sometimes lock myself in my office, roll up in a fetal curl and just breath.
Soon after this I was introduced to Angstrom Minerals. The next time I had a panic attack it was the most intense ever. I took a combination of minerals we now package as our Angstrom Daytime Formula and an attack which normally would have taken weeks to recover from, passed in several minutes.
If you're experiencing intense emotions, a few days of Angstrom Daytime Formula may transform your life.
The Physiology of Intense Emotion
The first few drafts of this issue were long and technically complicated. This may be instructive for your mind, however intense e-motion is about energy-in-motion which deeply engages heart and body, rather than mind.
When you experience deep e-motion, your body is called upon to perform at peak levels. This may involve either intensely positive (expansive) or negative (contractive) sensations. You'll remember from history many of our most creative writers, speakers, poets and inventors either died from or sufferred from drug habits.
My story is this results when a person's body is taxed beyond its reserves. Angstrom Minerals are great for immediate relief of severe negative e-motional experience.
When your body is called upon to operate under stress, rare minerals like Chronium, Vanadium and Cobalt are the first to "burn up". If you're infusing yourself with Angstrom Minerals you'll still experience intense e-motion and you'll do so with grace and ease.
21 Days to a New You
Angstrom Minerals are just the beginning though. Next issue begins a series of issues publishing a fusion of our 21 Days to a New You course, an upgraded Angstrom Mineral Guide and an expanded Super Foods Catalog. All of which form the core of Yemiah and my daily health practice. This will be a step-by-step guide giving you ideas of how to craft your own personal Radical Health program.

Wrapping up this Issue

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Closing Thought
If you're ready to pop the capstone off any suppressed grief, stress or depression and pass through it quickly with ease and grace, pick up a copy of Aurora's book Struggling and Soaring with Angels and a bottle of Angstrom Daytime Minerals. Your morning after Aurora's book and Angstrom Minerals will have you wondering what you ever saw in chocolate, ice cream and sugary treats. :-)
Enjoy your best day ever and Aloha Nui!
- David Favor, Publisher or 512-280-5802.