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:::: Article: The Great Dulse Famine of 2003

As many of you probably already know, the Dulse crop has
failed this year. This means Dulse prices will be going
up and availability will be going down.

I have access (today) to around 50 lbs. of Dulse. You'll
be served to consider how much Dulse you'll require over
the next year and place your order today or tomorrow.

Orders will be processed as received. As far as I can
tell this is the only bulk Dulse available right now.

So check in with your intuition and order your Dulse now.
Ordering instructions are in our catalog:


:::: Article: Living Raw: Menstruation & Leukemia

Someone emailed me last week about Raw Fooding and
menstruation. Many women report an absence of monthly
flow on Raw Food.

The reason for this appears to be the body using
the urinary and sexual systems as secondary detox
pathways when bodies become overly toxic. Thus,
when bodies become cleaner, they no longer require
secondary detox pathways and both urine and sexual
systems return to their natural function.

By the way, this is why most men constantly obsess
about sex. Men's sexual system is the backup detox
pathway for caffeine and uric acid, which comes from
eating complex proteins like flesh, fish, dairy and
even grains and soy or drinking soft drinks, coffee
or teas. When these leave the diet, most men enjoy
their first experience of their quiet mind.

Another situation is white blood cell count. People
on Raw Food have been diagnosed with Leukemia, AIDS,
or some other cancer because their white blood cell
count is low. Their counts are low because their
body's are so clean only minimal white blood cells
are required.

Keep this in mind if you're Raw and a mainstream
practitioner says you have to start chemo immediately
because you must have systemic Cancer or AIDS. Be
patient with them, as you'll be their teacher.

:::: Series: Your Radical Health Guide: Part #2

Last time we covered:

   - Salt: The cornerstone of health

   - Water: Our primary nutrient

   - Minerals 'R Us: Health is all about minerals

   - Enzymes: For cooked food eating and longevity

Last issue is here:


This time we'll cover some important questions...

When people call into Radical Health Research for the
first time, there are a set of questions I ask. If you
ask yourself these questions, you'll be able to do 90%
of what I do during my consultations.

#4 - The Really Important Questions

Here are the questions and what I'm finding out:

   1) How much and what type of salt and water do you ingest?

      Salt allows our bodies to hold water. Many people who
      drink plenty of water are still chronically dehydrated
      because they eat to little salt to hold water in their
      blood, lymph fluid and cellular tissue.

      Salt and water have to be at appropriate levels as the
      basic foundation of our health.

      Because salt and water is so fundamental, I'm adamant
      about people using our Immortal Sun Sea Salt and pure
      water like Penta.

   2) How much and what type of fats do you ingest?

      EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) are the primary component
      of our cell walls. The quality of fat we ingest creates
      our cellular integrity, which is the basis of beauty
      and glowing skin.

      You can look at a person's skin, hair and nails and
      get an immediate picture of the state of their overall
      biological terrain.

      Great sources of fats are our Solar Hemp Seeds, Pine Nuts
      and Olive Oil. Add a few avocados and young coconuts and
      you've set the stage for being more beautiful every day.

   3) Do you get to sleep fast and wake up refreshed?

      Chronic insomnia usually results from what the Chinese
      call stagnant lymph. There is four more times lymph
      fluid than blood in our bodies.

      Where the blood is pumped by our lungs and regulated
      by our hearts. Exercise and movement is how lymph fluid
      circulates. Insomnia usually occurs when our lymph fluid
      is unable to "drop", meaning unable to drain into our
      colons for elimination of toxins.

      The lymph valves and passages tend to get clogged quickly
      from environmental toxins, eating sticky food and doing
      intense creative or mental activity.

      This is why people who tend to "live in their heads"
      tend to suffer from the most insomnia.

      In this case I suggest people try an experiment of our
      Vitalize and a loading dose of Angstrom Evening Minerals.
      Most people call me the next day and say they had the best
      night's sleep they can remember.

   4) Do you have any lymphatic tenderness or complications?

      Expands information from #1.

   5) Do your fingers, toes, nose and ears stay warm?

      This is a quick check of the "Holy Trinity of Energy",
      adrenals, thyroid and parathyroid. These three glands
      operate as a single system. If one is functioning less
      than optimally, our experience of energy and ability
      to maintain health and regenerate is severely diminished.

      A few pennies worth of Immortal Sun Sea Salt and Kelp/Dulse
      caps is a great for keeping your adrenals, thyroid and para-
      thyroid performing at peaks levels.

   6) Is your elimination fast and complete?

      If the answer is no, I'd do an experiment with salt.
      1-2T of Immortal Sun Sea Salt in 8 oz to one quart of
      of warm water. Hold nose and down it goes. :-)

      Our digestive tracts run off salt, so this loading dose
      of salt is a good way to bootstrap our digestive fire up
      to the next level.

      People can also enjoy Yemiah's famous Super Food Smoothies:


      for a delicicous way to increase digestive fire.

   7) What's your typical diet for your day?
      What supplements and medicines do you take?
      Is your digestion continually comfortable?

      I pay close attention to habits which tend to:

      - feed pathogens: Candida, bacteria, parasites

      - create acid, glue or sediment

      Of particular consideration are items like brewer's
      yeast (a waste product), nutritional yeast and any
      form of mushrooms, except Garden of Life or other
      "fully fermented, pre-digested" mushrooms.

      Then we figure out some experiments for the express
      purpose of changing eating patterns.

      I recommend people avoid trying to change their diet,
      rather they increase nutrient density and their desire
      for what they eat and drink will change by itself.

      Usually the introduction of Angstrom Minerals, Sea Salt
      and enzymes rapidly changes food desire.

      Smooth and easy is good. :-)

  10) Do you have intense, instantaneous mood swings?
      Do you have panic, anxiety or paranoia attacks?
      Do you have intense, instantaneous food cravings?
      Do you eat much and feel little satisfaction?

      If the answer is yes, chances are serum levels of
      chromium, vanadium, cobalt, magnesium or other of
      the Angstrom Daytime Minerals are dropping below
      the danger threshold and the person's body is going
      into fight or flight.

      It's amazing to see the effect of a tablespoon of
      Angstrom Daytime Minerals in a:

         full blown, curled up in a fetal position on
         the floor, seizing panic attack

      In fact, I designed the Daytime Minerals after having
      panic attacks for years... in the past... No my mood
      is smooth and easy. Ah...

  11) Do you have consistent afternoon energy dips?
      Do you always have dark circles under your eyes?
      Do you experience Chronic Fatigue?

      These are great indications that:

         The fungus is among us!

      Ah yes our old friend Candida. A 14 day Fungal Defense
      and Angstrom Silver program usually solves this.

  11) Do you have lingering sinus or lung related challenges?

      Especially for 100% or near 100% Raw Fooders, this is
      an indication to increase the amount of heating and
      drying foods in your diet.

      People get really confused when they switch over to
      100% salad and fruit, then become chronically ill
      with respiratory problems.

      This happens because of the constant influx of cold,
      damp foods and high sugar content of hybridized foods.

      Its easy to make the connection between cold and dampness
      in salads and fruits. The other challenge is the hidden
      sugar in many peoples diets.

      Bananas, carrots, beets and wheatgrass (unless you cultivate
      it yourself from heirloom wheat seeds) are big offenders.
      Now each of these foods do have benefits also, so when you
      eat them have a little of our Dulse and Sea Salt with them.

      This brings the mineral/sugar profile back into balance and
      goes miles to clearing up continual mucus discharge, colds
      and sore throats.

  12) When do you start eating?

      This tells me about a person's mineral reserves. If first
      hunger starts late in the morning or afternoon, then serum
      (blood and lymph fluid) mineral reserves are at good levels.

  13) When's your last meal?

      This a kicker. As the sun goes down and light gets reduced,
      the seratonin system in the brain switches the body from
      activity mode into regeneration mode.

      Eating after dark, interrupts a person's regeneration cycle.

         The best way to grow old, fast is to eat much, drink
         little and eat late.

         The best way to increase your youth, beauty and energy
         is to eat little, drink much and finish eating when the
         sun is high and there's plenty of light outside.

      Many people have immaculate health and exercise habits, then
      eat a snack before bed and loose the majority of their health

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Enjoy your best, most radically healthy and prosperous day ever!

- David Favor, Publisher

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