:::: Raw Recipes, Purple Cows & Raw Bootlegging

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   - New Subscriber Thank You Special: note

   - Packages & Memberships: update

   - Raw Recipes

     - Fast, Fun, Gourmet, Live Food Recipes

   - Purple Cows: article

     - An outside the box way of sharing Raw with your
       loved ones, the easy way

   - Raw Bootlegging: article

     - Contrasting Moonshine and EM Brews

   - Dirty Neck Syndrome: article

     - The latest in Medical Madness

   - The Incredible Edible $9847 Lemon: update

     - Follow-up on my friend's gall stone extravaganza

   - Your Radical Health Guide: series: Part #1

     - The first in a series of step-by-step articles which cover
       all Yemiah and my favorite products and daily practices

   - Wrapping Up

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:::: Packages & Memberships: update

After comments from people and considering the accounting
logistics of Memberships, we've opted for two packages
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   - Mineral Package    : Three Angstrom Minerals & Indium

   - Super Foods Package: Replaced by monthly special

:::: Raw Recipes

Yet another project is Yemiah's recipe book. Until then
you can acquire access to Yemiah's recipe archive here:

   Radical Health Catalog

These are recipes from Yemiah's Gourmet, Live Food Prep
classes. Currently they are Word (.doc) files. As time
permits, I'll convert these to HTML and create an index.
In all, there are around 40 recipes currently archived.

Here are several free recipes, from past issues & links:

   B12, Bones, Coco Butter & More
   - Activated Nuts
   - Tejas Jet Fuel Guacamole

   Fast Gourmet Recipes, Allergies & Travel Sleep
   - Supercharging Your Meals
   - Turbo Sweet Spicy Salsa
   - Heavenly Cucumber Herb Pesto
   - Deep Sea Guacamole
   - Gourmet Sushi

   - Yemiah's outrageous Super Food Smoothies

   Monthly Live Feast Flyer
   - Great recipe books

   Nature's First Law - Recipe Book Mother-lode
   - More great recipe books

:::: Purple Cows: article

One of my all time favorite authors is Seth Godin. He's one
of the world's foremost experts on low cost mass marketing.
If you're in business, you'll be served to read his books:

   Seth Godin Books

Purple Cow, Ideavirus and Permission Marketing are among my
all time favorites.

So what does mass marketing have to do with your Radical Health?

As people turn on to Radical Health and Raw Food, they get wowed.
Massive increases in mood, energy, youth and beauty. As people's
youth regenerates, aches and pains become a distant memory and
give way to intense zeal to share Radical Health with others.

There are two primary ways to do this. You can take the MLM
approach of trying to get your loved ones to "join up" or you
can take the Purple Cow approach.

A Purple Cow is:

  A product, service, concept or cause so amazing, so remarkable,
  it sells itself. It has a life of its own, independent of effort
  by its creator or anyone else. 

An example is my long time friend and insurance agent. He put
himself on a Radical Health Program (details below). Every few
days, he'd come back with massive results and ask, "what's next?"

After a few weeks his administrator called. She said the changes
in my friend were so amazing, she'd like to start the same program.

Possibly the best way to share your Radical Health experience is
to care for your Purple Cow. In other words, just quietly walk
your talk. Increase your Rawness a little each day. Upgrade your
habits a little each day.

As time goes by and your body seems to be younger every day, your
loved one's curiosity will increase by itself. Then, when they come
to you, the stage is set for you to proudly parade your Purple Cow.

:::: Raw Bootlegging: article

About the same time EM Brewing popped up on my radar, a documentary
about bootlegging did also.

The similarities between the two are intriguing. Both are done by
"outside the box" thinkers. Moonshine is brewed for maximum alcohol
while EM Brews are brewed for minimum alcohol and maximum longevity
(antioxidant) content.

The physical process is similar. In fact, this afternoon dropping by
a Home Brew store is at the top of my list. The effect is similar too.
Both create a type of "high".

While Moonshine increase un-consciousness and depress bodily systems,
EM Brews increase energy, digestive fire and consciousness.

Trying to explain EM Brews is like talking about Indium. Words are
insufficient to do justice.

After all the tricks become evident, we'll publish information about
how you can do your own EM Brewing. Until then, we have limited supplies
of EM Brew available in our catalog:

   Radical Health Catalog

:::: Dirty Neck Syndrome: article

Well I saw the latest in Medical Madness last night on local news -
Dirty Neck Syndrome. Other fancy names for this condition include
AN, Acanthosis Nigricans and Ackenthosis.

This condition is an indicator of diabetes. It shows up as what
appear to be dirty rings on neck, under arms, under knees, around
ankles and wrists.

Now what do you suppose the suggestion was to solve this problem?
See your doctor of course. No doubt for some expensive testing and
a strange brew of drugs to fix you up. From what doctors say, you
might imagine:

   diabetes is a drug deficiency

It must be, because drugs are how they attempt to reverse this
condition. You may be served to try a different approach.

If this happened to me, I'd try an experiment of increasing my
intake of high quality Sea Salt, Dulse and Digestive Enzymes.
In many cases, this solves the situation right away.

Also, ADD and related conditions seem to response well to the same

If you do run this experiment and are taking insulin or other sugar
balance related drugs, be sure to remain in close contact with your
doctor as your required dosage can drop suddenly. In this case your
dosage will have to be adjusted or a new set of problems will occur.

:::: The Incredible Edible $9847 Lemon: update

In a previous issue we talked about:

   The Incredible Edible $9847 Lemon

As an update, my friend's medical bills are still climbing. He's
promised me a copy of his bills to scan and put on-line. When you
look at the numbers, you'll be greatly inspired to ensure you have
high quality Sea Salt and Olive Oil in your diet. Our choices for
these foods are here:

   Radical Health Catalog

The original Lemon story his here:

   The Incredible Edible $9847 Lemon

:::: Your Radical Health Guide: series: Part #1

This is a series I've been promising for quite a while.
Every time I start there is so much information, I get
overwhelmed. :-)

The thousand mile journey begins with a single step, so
I'm just going to start this series and simplify all the
complexities as we go along.

Step #1: Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink...

Almost every day I get a question like:

   Where do you get your foo from?

Where foo might be protein, carbs or some vitamin or mineral.

This question always puzzles me because since I started my
health journey in 1975, no one has every asked me:

   Where do you get your salt and water from?

Since our optimal hydration is around 90%, which is the
typical hydration of a newborn, you might consider 90% of
our attention ought to be on water.

And salt is the primary substance our bodies use to hold
water. Insufficient salt is a sure way to enjoy massive

So the first step in anyone's Radical Health program is
high quality salt, like our Immortal Sun Sea Salt and
pure water like Penta water.

Step #2: Minerals 'R Us

Our entire health is all about minerals. Every nutrient
and bodily process is geared to support breaking down food,
assimilating resulting nutrients, transporting nutrients to
where they're required, extracting minerals, then finally
integrating minerals into tissue.

It's all about 'da minerals.

I could talk for days about all these processes, which are
amazingly complex. To summarize, for all these processes to
work require many favorable conditions.

In fact, so few people possess these favorable conditions,
their health suffers in many tiny ways, which over time
pile up and result in serious health challenges or death.

Angstrom Minerals bypass all these processes. Think of your
cells as broadcasting a magnetic shopping list of nutrients
they require.  Angstrom Minerals are so small, they act as
iron filings drawn to our cell's magnetic broadcasts.

Angstrom Minerals bypass the normal conditions required to
integrate minerals into cells. A clear win until your health
reaches immaculate levels of perfection.

Step #3: Enzyme Magic

Along with salt, water and minerals, enzymes are probably the
next consideration. Enzymes are required to facilitate our bodily
chemical processes.

There are three main enzymes we use:

   1) OmegaZyme - an amazing enzyme, well suited for digestion
      and regeneration

   2) TPP Digest - workhorse digestive enzyme

   3) TPP Protease - workhorse regeneration enzyme

OmegaZyme is best used by people who are well along on their
Radical Health journey. OmegaZyme is fantastic for all enzyme
applications and can get a bit expensive to take as a digestive
enzyme. If your budget can support OmegaZyme, use it for all
your enzyme requirements.

TPP Digest is the best bang for the buck, for digesting cooked
or processed food.

TPP Protease is the best bang for the buck, for regeneration.
To purify blood, lymph and tissue.

Enzymes taken with food will tend to digest food first, then
pass into your blood stream to purify blood, lymph and tissue
for regeneration and longevity.

Enzymes taken between meals clean up any lingering food, then
get busy with regeneration and longevity.

Taking enzymes is especially important if you're eating cooked
food, otherwise your cancer fighting enzymes will be converted
to digestive enzymes. Best to leave these for fighting cancer.

The Transformation TPP line is clean, strong and inexpensive.
For example, one capsule of TPP Protease is equivalent to four
OmegaZymes and as much as 2-3 bottles of enzymes from your local
health food store.

If you have challenges finding these, you can pick them up here:

   Radical Health Catalog

:::: Wrapping Up

If you have questions or desire to design your own personal
Radical Health program, be in touch:

   david@radicalhealth.com or 512-280-5802

Enjoy your best, most radically healthy and prosperous day ever!

- David Favor, Publisher

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