Raw Recipes: Goji Hawaiian Punch, Orange Julius & Chocolate Blueberry Milk

From time to time I send out recipes Yemiah and I
use around the house in our daily Raw Living.

We require gourmet taste, even for quick, simple
dishes we make.

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Goji Hawaiian Punch

Goji Punch tastes like Hawaiian punch. The
greater the amount of Goji Juice and the
less orange juice, the more punchy it gets!

   1-2 Parts Goji Juice
   4   Parts Citrus Juice
   1   Pinch of Immortal Sun Sea Salt

My preference for Citrus is the fresh squeezed
Grapefruit/Tangerine juice from our local
Central Market. They also make a combo with
Orange/Grapefruit/Tangerine juice which results
in a sweeter, relaxing juice.

You can order Goji Juice here:


My first choice is Immortal Sun Sea Salt:


Second choice is Real Salt.

Best to read this article before eating other
Sea Salts, as salt and water are the basis of life:


Chocolate Blueberry Milk

This drink will transport you. It's decadent past all
boundaries of decency. :-)

If you thought you were a chocolate expert, think again.
Once you use Raw Chocolate you'll be hooked on the good
stuff! No heat. No chemical solvents. Just Raw Cacao Beans.

Cacao Beans have the most magnesium of any food, so if you
have sleep, Osteo or Calcium related challenges, these
beans are for you! Magnesium, rather than Calcium, is the
primary mineral for increasing bone density.

Cooked chocolate leaves me edgy and irritable. Long before
I was Raw this left my diet. Raw Cacao is very different.
All the Raw Cacao users I've talked to and my personal
experience is the Raw form is soothing and massively
energizing the next day.

By the way, David Wolfe reports Raw Cacao is his primary
Super Food.

   6    Cacao Beans with peeling
   14   Macadamia nuts
   8    Arabian Night Dates
   6oz  Blueberries
   3    Large strawberries
   1    splash of vanilla or vanilla bean shavings
   1/8t Immortal Sun Sea Salt
        Raw Agave Nectar to taste
   32oz Water

Blend all ingredients except Agave Nectar with 8oz water
in a VitaMix until creamy. Add rest of water then add
Agave Nectar to taste.

You can pickup Raw Cacao and Agave Nectar here:


Both of these will appear in the Radical Health catalog soon.

Orange Julius

This is fantastic. Tastes like orange juice and cream.
Yemiah uses this as her 2-3 work out fuel. She drinks
it right afterwards to replenish her body.

   1-2T Rainbow Bee Pollen
   1-2T Solar Hemp Seeds
   1    Pinch Immortal Sun Sea Salt (optional)
   8oz  Freshly squeezed orange juice

Blend all ingredients till smooth.   

~~~~~~~~~~~ Wrapping Up ~~~~~~~~~~~

If I can be of assistance, be in touch by
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Enjoy your best, most Goji-riffic day ever!

- David Favor, Publisher

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