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Radical Health - Goji FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

David & Yemiah
We, David and Yemiah, welcome you to Radical Health Research. If you've found your way here, congratulations on your taking massive action and response-ability for your health, vitality and longevity.
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You can read some of my personal story and find out how came into existence. Doctors told me radical surgery was required for me to live. I did a 180 and ran away. That was the 1970s. Today my health is at its peak and with the advent of Himalayan Goji Juice my vitality is increasing daily.
- David Favor

Goji FAQ Index

Goji FAQ Overview

Who is David Favor?

You can read about my personal story and how Radical Health, Raw Food and extreme alternative practices saved my life.

What is Radical Health?

Radical Health encompasses the technology I used to save my life and if I had to do it again, how I'd make this process more smooth and easy. My story is a bit different than most alternative health speakers. I speak from direct personal experience. Without Radical Health, my physical body would have transitioned long ago. You'll be served to:
Only take health advice from people who have the health you desire.
For example, each time I see David Wolfe, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Victoras Kulvinskas and Dr. Fred Bisci I notice several striking changes. Their health is improving - quality of eyes, skin, hair and vocal harmonics. Their command of language becomes more precise and easy to understand. The spark in their eyes intensifies, so my story is they are fully engaged in their highest, Divine Purpose.
To me, these people

What is is our primary site, which expanded out of Yemiah and I started Live Feast on November 4th, 2000 as a local, potluck in Austin, Texas.
We began hosting speakers and providing Raw Food coop services. We acquired a Bee Pollen company serving Whole Foods, Wild Oats and Central Markets. Other Super Foods and Super Nutrients followed. Now we ship product all over the world.

Why Another Goji FAQ?

There are several sites about Goji Berries and Goji Juice. These sites are primarily organized for main streamers. Raw Fooders have different questions and a different perspective, where they come from.
This means I answer the same questions over and over. This came to a head when I send 178 unique, individual email on March 10th, 2004. Here's why:
Up until last month (February 2004), we sold $1000s/monthly of Goji Berries. Last month our Goji Berry sales dropped to a single, one bag order. At the same time our Goji Juice sales went to $1000s/month. Up over 150% from January 2004. In other words, 100% of our Goji Berry customers tried Goji Juice and switched from berries to juice, instantly. Our market has voted with their wallets and Goji Juice is the clear winner!
If you're choosing greater abundance in your life, you may be served to catch the Goji Wave by joining in the Great Goji Adventure with FreeLife. After you read this FAQ, get back with the person who referred you here for assistance setting you your FreeLife account. If you're a long-time Radical Health member or came by a search engine you can setup your account by web, or phone 800-882-7240, ID# 4170712.
To assist me with my "self defense", email reduction project tell me about other questions you'd like answered on this FAQ by emailing

Funding Goji Research

Most people who connect with Goji Juice get such great results they share Goji Juice and both their physical and fiscal (financial) health rapidly accelerates and expands. As you find yourself being one of these people, you'll probably use this FAQ as a marketing tool.
You can assist funding Goji Research to appear in this FAQ in several ways:
  1. Make your Super Food and Super Nutrient purchases from the Radical Health Catalog. As our customer base expands, we'll communicate numbers directly to FreeLife to encourage they provide these products to all FreeLife customers. So every purchase you make is an investment in increasing your future FreeLife income.
  2. Make a donation. You can just sent us a check. We'll use this to defer costs of ORAC testing, nutrient assays and other research which to increase the value of this FAQ as both an informational and marketing tool.

Goji Berry Nutrition

Goji Research Resources

This is a massive subject and will be the source of much writing for many years. For now you can get great info here:

Goji Berry Glycemic Index

Glycemic index is a number which relates to how intensely a substance creates an insulin response. In other words, dried apricots (highest) cause most people to go into a fog because of the huge requirement for insulin and enzymes required for metabolism (digestion and elimination).
Goji Berries and Goji Juice, by themselves, have an extremely low glycemic index. The other juices in FreeLife Goji Juice do raise the glycemic index. To balance this, enjoy your Goji Juice mixed 1 part Goji Juice to 3 parts citrus juice with liberal sea salt added. Be sure to use a sea salt better than Celtic Salt (TM) like Himalayan Pink Salt or Immortal Sun, Chinese Sea Salt, as salt and water are the basis of life.

Goji Berries, Wolf Berries, Himalayans, Nepal, Tibet, China?

I'm constantly bombarded by questions about the origins and comparisons of Goji Berries, Wolf Berries and berry sources. I've refrained from entering the "my berries are better than your berries war" which is amusing outside of Asian and can get downright intense in Asian, between provinces growing Gojis.
Shirley H. writes:

I have seen many websites selling the juice.  I just bought
1 pound of Goji Berries from Tibet.  I have also researched
the many websites selling the berries and I know that some
people are selling Chinese Wolf Berries and calling them
Goji Berries in ignorance.  Some sellers know they're not
selling Goji berries but are still calling them as such.
My question is this:  I paid almost $27.00 for one pound of
the Goji Berries and I am wondering how can the juice from so
many berries be put in one bottle and sell it for the price
I see in all these websites?  If it is true Goji berries.

You have a wonderful website and thank you for your answer.

Here are my thoughts:
Great going getting catching the Goji Wave! Most of the Raw
Web sites, including ours, deal in Tibetan Gojis. When they're
good I still enjoy the Chinese Goji or Wolf berries best and
the Tibetan berries are more consistent in quality.

It appears all Goji and Wolf berries are the same. There are
two primary strains of these berries. The Goji strain is sweet
and the Wolf strain is extremely bitter. If you can eat a handful,
you've got Gojis.

Having said this, a more clear indicator of quality of Gojis
is their nutritional profile. Gojis from different regions and
different seasons show peaks in several rare nutrients.

The Gojis from the Himalayan Mountains consistently show peaks
in all these rare nutrients, every season. This consistency
suggests Gojis originated in this area.

So in my book the only "Real Gojis" are Himalayan Gojis.

As to Goji density, each liter bottle of Himalayan Goji Juice
contains the equivalent of 2.2 lbs of Gojis. That's around
$60 of Gojis most places or $50 from our Radical Health Catalog.

FreeLife's process for creating Goji Density is a their
proprietary cold processing. Very exciting, as I go through
the equivalent of around 1/2 of Goji Berries every day by
drinking Goji Juice. I'd be hard pressed to eat this many
Goji Berries. The berries are good. The Goji Juice is great!
Here's a quote about Himalayan Goji Berry polysaccharides from the FreeLife's Himalayan Goji Juice FAQ:
Are the 4 polysaccharides unique to Himalayan Goji Juice?

The 4 polysaccharides are unique to goji, but can vary
in quality depending on the ancestry of the plant and the
growing conditions for a particular region in a particular
year. FreeLife is the only company that has developed a
Spectral Signature to ensure that you always receive the same
high potency polysaccharides in exact balance when you drink
Himalayan Goji Juice.

Himalayan Goji Juice

Ordering Goji Juice

Contact the person who referred you for ordering assistance. If you're a long time Radical Health News subscriber or came by way of a search engine you can setup your FreeLife account here: or 800-882-7240, ID# 4170712.

Goji Juice ORAC Scores

ORAC scores relate to the effectiveness of balancing free radicals. In other words, ORAC scores are an indicator of longevity potential. I've seen some informal ORAC scores and assays for Goji Juice in the 35,000 range. This is orders of magnitude greater than other foods so the septic in me is unconvinced.
In the future I plan on publishing a set of ORAC scores and assays for Goji Juice. Stay tuned for more.

Is Himalayan Goji Juice Really Raw?

This was my primary question when first approached by people promoting Goji Juice. After all, how can a product in a bottle by Raw? FreeLife has reported to me all products in their Goji Juice are processed below 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
In particular, Goji Berries are juiced in Asian in or close to the fields where they are harvested. The berries are juiced and immediately stored in 200 kilo PET Plastic containers. PET is used as it provides nearly the same protection against oxidation (air) as glass does. The containers have sharply tapered necks, so there is minimal surface area of juice exposed to air. Once filled, the necks of the containers are flushed with nitrogen. Containers are stored at 34 degrees Fahrenheit until shipping. When shipped containers are transported in refrigerated planes, which maintain the 34 degrees Fahrenheit environment.
Based on this processing, my requirement of maintaining subtle nutrients and enzymes is met. Also met is my requirement of low heat processing in respect to minerals, which are denatured at high temperatures which results in mineral accumulations through people's body.
So for me, Himalayan Goji Juice is really Raw.

Is Himalayan Goji Juice Organic?

I know of no organic standards body which governs Asia.
Section 205.300 of the US Certified Organic Act says:
(c) Products produced in a foreign country and exported
for sale in the United States must be certified pursuant to
subpart E of this part and labeled pursuant to this subpart D.
Technically products can be certified organic, if the foreign producer fills out the paper work and pays their fee, per section 205.400 of the act. Practically though, the chances of a USDA official traveling to Asia to spot check a company for compliance are slim.
Are they Certified Organic? No. The conditions Himalayan Goji Berries are grown in seem infinitely cleaner than most produce on the entire North and South American continent.
Personally, I'm more at ease with Goji Juice than other Raw Food I eat daily. Further research can be done by perusing the following:

Goji Berries Verses Goji Juice

I love Goji Berries. I love Goji Juice infinitely better. Goji Berries are an acquired taste and I can only eat them occasionally. Goji Juice tastes amazing and contains the equivalent of 2.2 lbs or around $65 of Goji Berries. Because Goji Juice tastes so good, going through several pounds/month is easy for me. As my focus is Extreme Radical Health the more Goji Energy I imbibe, the better.
Goji Berries are represented as being dried at low temperature. I doubt this, because I've never been able to grow a plant from dried Goji Berries. To me this indicates the life force of the plants have been compromised. If you ever grow or come across a Goji Berry bush, send me a few and we'll start some growing here.
This being said, even if Goji Juice was cooked into oblivion, I imagine the ORAC potential for Goji Juice would still be higher than Goji Berries, because of where these berries are grown and because the anti-oxidants in Goji Berries can withstand high heat and still survive.
For example, the anti-oxidants in Blackstrap Molasses can survive heat nearly 1000F. I'm guessing Goji Juice is as high or higher. When time and budget permits, I'll have a lab determine this temperature.

Himalayan Goji Juice compared with Berry Young Juice and others

The technical difference between these two juices are the Berry Young Juice is cooked and contains high levels of preservatives. It's unclear to me why it's cooked and has preservatives.
After trying both myself, Himalayan Goji Juice wins hands down. The same feedback comes from many Berry Young Juice refugees who are now enjoying Himalayan Goji Juice.
The same goes for all the FreeLife knock offs (copies), which are arriving to market at a rate of 1-2 every three months now. My primary challenge with these are they all have one or more cooked components. As a Radial Health-er and Raw Food-er, my focus is 100% Vegan, Raw Food to maximize my vitality (energy, mood, regeneration speed) and longevity. FreeLife Raw Goji Juice is the only Goji Juice which meets my personal criteria.
If you're working with FreeLife to increase your financial health, you're probably seeing the same huge increases in business we are. Interestingly enjoy, as FreeLife Goji Juice sales increase, the number of email I get about Berry Young Juice promotionals also increase. Since it use to be rare to receive any marketing info about Berry Young Juice, I imagine Berry Young Juice refugee market will increase more and more over time.

Himalayan Goji Juice compared with Noni Juice

I've tried many different Noni products. So far all are cooked. The flavor and the feeling are undesirable to me. If you have a question about Xango Juice, doing a taste/feeling test of Goji Juice and Noni Juice is the best way to get your questions answered.
Because of my Raw Lifestyle Path, Goji Juice is my preference.

Himalayan Goji Juice compared with Xango Juice

Xango came out recently and is cooked, I've never tasted it. If you have a question about Xango Juice, doing a taste/feeling test of Goji Juice and Xango Juice is the best way to get your questions answered.

Himalayan Goji Juice compared with Chocolate Bliss

Chocolate Bliss is differnent than juices, which are primarily water. Chocolate Bliss is shipped as a dry powder.
Click for Chocolate Bliss ingredients.
Click for yow I make my Chocolate Bliss.
Compare price of $1.80/8oz. Chocolate Bliss with $17.50/8oz Goji Juice.
Keeping mind, "You know how well you're nourished by the number of hours you forget to eat..." The difference between Goji Juice and Chocolate Bliss is clear. Chocolate Bliss satsifies for hours. Goji Juice tastes good and fails as a nourishing/satisfying food.

Why The Preservatives?

Tara C. writes:

I was a little shocked to see that this goji juice has
two preservatives mixed with it. It's not mentioned anywhere
in the advertising.  I also didn't expect the other fruit
juices mixed with it. Just wondering what your take on the
preservatives are?

Here's a quote from FreeLife's Himalayan Goji Juice FAQ:
Are there preservatives in Himalayan Goji Juice?

Yes. Freshness preservation is required to keep this
chill-blended product from spoiling. We use less than one-tenth
of 1% of naturally-derived sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate
in Himalayan Goji Juice. Both ingredients are safe; they are
even on the FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list. The
only way to avoid preservatives would be to hot-fill the product
in glass bottles. Hot filling would destroy our delicate active
ingredients-the bio-active polysaccharides.
My response to Tara was:
Great questions! I had the same ones you have.

Here's the link talking about the amount of preservatives used:

Less than 1/10 of 1%. This is required, as Raw Juice is living and will
become a science lab (growing microbes) in a matter of hours without some
form of microbial control.

I much prefer Raw Juice with minor preservatives than cooking at high heat.

My first question when I spoke with Dr. Earl was about preservatives and
my second question was about the "fruit juice concentrates". Earl said they
were unable to purchase cold processed concentrates. He said even worse
they were unable to purchase any concentrates (cooked or raw) which were
guaranteed to be pesticide free.

As a result, he reported FreeLife has to make all the concentrates also.

Keep those great questions coming!

Enjoy your best day ever!

- David

Why The Fruit Juice Concentrates?

For most, Gojis are an acquired taste. The addition of other fruit juices evens the taste. When I asked Freelife why "cooked concentrates" were added to this juice, the response was all the juices in Himalayan Goji Juice are cold processed. I looked on the bottle and sure enough the "This product pasteurized." note was conspicuously missing. This is a false statement. Juices must be pasteurized or they will spoil.
Freelife also states...
Our proprietary recipe incorporates a small amount of other
fruit juices to ensure uniformity, and to help bring out the
best flavor from the goji berry.

Why Does Himalayan Goji Juice Cost So Much?

Karen writes:

Thanks for the invitation.

I was using  Goji Juice and it is great.

Of course, the problem is, as with most things today, it's
a little too expensive.  Hopefully one day it will be less
expensive to import and be available at a much more reasonable
Goji Juice at $1/day seems highly cost effective to me. $1/day is around 1oz/day. Nowhere else can I get access to Gojis grown in soil rich in gold, platinum and iridium where temperatures swing from -20F to 120F, creating anti-oxidants we health researchers have only dreamed of for years.
I recommend people with budget considerations give up $1/day for something else and drink Goji Juice instead.
Better yet, enjoy Free Goji Juice. Read on...

FreeLife Wholesale Goji Juice Accounts

Tax Breaks On Goji Juice

I've heard if you share at least 2oz/bottle with people, you may write off the entire bottle. I'll get a definitive answer on this and update this section.
Even if you only plan on being a Goji Juice customer, you'll be served to elect Marketing Exec status and share samples of your Goji Juice. This gives you amazing tax benefits. You can talk with your referring member for more about this.

Your Investment To Become A FreeLife Wholesale Customer

Your investment for becoming a FreeLife customer is Free! You'll receive a 30% discount on all FreeLife products, if you've elected auto-ship (AC) status, covered later. You'll receive a 10% discount, without AC status.
Customers only receive product discounts. To refer people to FreeLife and receive compensation requires you elect Marketing Executive status for your wholesale FreeLife account.

Your Investment To Become A FreeLife Marketing Executive

Your investment for becoming a FreeLife Marketing Executive is $35 to setup your account and $20/year to maintain your account. Included is a Free FreeLife Web site exactly like for which most network referral companies charge $20-$100/month. A great value!
You'll receive a 30% discount on all FreeLife products, if you've elected auto-ship (AC) status, covered later. You'll receive a 10% discount, without AC status.
As a Marketing Executive you may refer others to FreeLife and receive compensation. Most people choose to create one of the following types of businesses:
Free Goji Juice: Enough income to pay for their monthly Goji Juice.
Medium Business: Create a few $1000s/month income as pocket money
Large Retail Business: Working with retail businesses like Juice Bars and Health Food Stores
Large Auto-Pilot Business: Business which creates increasing income with decreasing effort for having complete time and income freedom

AC, AC35 & AC100 Account Status

AC status simply means you've elected auto-ship status for your account. FreeLife will then send you product automatically each month. The numbers following 'AC', like '35' and '100', refer to the number of "business volume points" associated with product. In this case '35' for one bottle of Goji Juice and '100' for one case of four bottles.

Marketing Goji Juice

Getting Started

Before you start, be in touch with your referring member. They'll either know the answers to your questions or know who to ask.

Email Lead Services

Before using any lead service, please check with your referring member. Many lead services say their customers are opt-in and they are really gathered by spiders, crawling the Web and Usenet collecting email addresses.
Even if your lead source really does provide opt-in service, their leads will have no idea who you are and many times will report you for spamming.

Do Your Own Lead Generation

Doing your own lead generation is straight-forward and inexpensive, usually around $1/lead for people who are know you by name, are excited about your product and will quickly convert to a FreeLife customer and/or Marketing Executive. Be in touch with your referring member for assistance with this.
If you're on our email service ( you'll receive updates about tele-conferences I do on this subject.

Free Goji Juice is the Best Goji Juice!

The 1-2-3 Of Free Goji Juice & Beyond

Many people we've referred to FreeLife enjoy Free Goji Juice, because their monthly FreeLife check covers their increasing Goji Juice habit. Some people are greatly expanding their "financial health" by consistently forwarding Radical Health News and Goji Tips to people.
Talk about simple marketing, if you have an email address and can hit forward, you can enjoy a great, rapid increase in your financial health. Here's the secret 1-2-3 steps I use:
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    2. Complete an auto-ship form, which gives you a 30% discount on all FreeLife purchases. This is referred to as 'AC' status. Remember, first orders are 30% off. Subsequent orders are only 30% off if you elect auto-ship (AC) status.
    3. Elect to have at least one case of Goji Juice auto-shipped to you each month. One case of Goji Juice is 100 points of business volume and is referred to as AC100 status, which the next section covers.
  2. Refer three AC100 Marketing Executives
    1. Forward people Radical Health News and Goji Tips (
    2. Engage whoever referred you for assistance, as you desire.
  3. Assist Your Marketing Executives Duplicating What You've Done
    1. AC100 Marketing Executives are the building blocks of the FreeLife compensation plan. Once you have this process down, you're good to ride your Goji Wave to whatever level of financial abundance you choose. Be aware there are many nuances to the FreeLife compensation plan. All good I might add. Rather than understanding all these nuances now, stay focused on the 1-2-3 of Free Goji Juice.
    2. Engage your referring member to assist your AC100 Marketing Executives to duplicate creating their three AC100 Marketing Executives.
    3. Next, refer one more set of three AC100 Marketing Executives and you'll be set to enjoy every one of the many compensations streams built into the FreeLife compensation plan.
You'll start enjoying Free Goji Juice after step #2 above. After you enjoy completing step #2, life gets very interesting.
There are other activities you can do to accelerate this process. If you desire to turn up the juice on your Goji financial abundance, you can be in touch with me or the person who referred you to this site.
- David Favor - or 512-280-5802 after 3PM CST most weekdays and after 10AM CST weekends.
Copyright (c) 2004 by David Favor