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My Personal Story

David Favor
Over the years I've shared parts of my personal story with many people. This is the first time I've chosen to share a more complete time-line publicly. Until now, I've only shared bits and pieces with those very close to me because I've still been processing. Many events I've held in silence for years, slowly absorbing and integrating the mass of energy and information I experienced.
Heartfelt thanks to those who've made my journey easier. In order of appearance Mom & Dad, Michael Skirtc, Alice Stewart, Kat, WOC, Antero Ali, E.J. Gold and Bob Stevens.
Special thanks to My Sweet, Beautiful, Divine Partner Yemiah. Your love, consciousness and Raw Food culinary wizardry are continual inspiration and joy to me. You keep me pushing my consciousness envelope.
I'm choosing to "go public" because of my experience Surfing the Great Goji Wave. Our Goji Juice business has opened a huge, conduit of new people into Many people ask me how we've taken a company from 0 to a Global Tribe of 1,000's in few years. If you're wondering how to duplicate my marketing, here's what I did.
The other reason for "going public" is to assist people who've experienced drug use related trauma. If you're a past drug user, be at peace knowing whatever damage was done can be reversed, easily, quickly and comfortably. A little time, intention and simple Radical Health technologies are all you require.

Timeline: 1960-Present

My Personal Story

1960: Birth: My First NDE

My health journey began, July 26th, 1960 - my birth day and my first NDE (Near Death Experience). How I came to recall my birth will be the subject of another article. Suffice it to say, the recall process to me back into my experience so my recall was first person personal. A rockin' wild ride.

1962: 2 1/2: My Second NDE

My second NDE occurred at a ripe old age of 2 1/2. Dad was a farmer and I loved to emulate him. He had a huge water bottle he drank from continuously, as rural Oklahoma's summer heat was intense. I asked him for a bottle also. Dad got an big old Clorox bottle and wrote WATER, in big black letters on the side.
I'd fill up my bottle, carry it with me everywhere and drink just like Dad. One hot, dusty day a farm hand dumped out my water and filled my jug with gasoline. Later, I found it and being very thirsty, popped the cap, turned it on end and filled my throat and stomach with gasoline.
Struggling into the house, my mom's quick intuition and presence of mind saved the day. She knew what happened in a flash and called our country Doc. Now old Doc Hass was no slice 'em, dice 'em and drug 'em, brain washed, cookie cutter medical man. He was a common sense healer. He knew if I vomited, I'd die instantly. Gasoline in lungs destroys villi (small hairs) which allow oxygen uptake. So I'd have suffocated.
Doc Hass have mom pour mineral oil down me and I hovered in various states of life and death for better part of a week.

1975: Attack of the Killer Pin Worms

In 1975, by intuition I picked up an herbal parasite cleanser and took a hyper-dose. First I'd ever voluntarily taken anything in a pill. A few hours later I passed a huge ball of pin worms. Yuck! I was only 15 and the very thought of worms crawling around in my gut was the stuff of horror movies.

1978: Doctors Say Colostomy or Die

In 1977, I took my first full time job. Balancing 40+ hours/week during senior year at high school was a bit extreme. I was drinking mucho Dr. Pepper and taking aspirin daily for a low grade infection, which stretched on for months.
In 1978, my gut on fire and head aching with fever, I resorted to a doctor. After a short exam and recount of my last year. He said my stomach and entire intestinal tract was destroyed. Only a radial colostomy, surgically removing everything from the bottom of my stomach down would save my life.
My thoughts were, "this guy must be out of his mind if he thinks I'm going to let him cut out my entire intestinal tract." I did a 180 and left, no doubt while he was sharpening his knives in the back room.
This was my first lesson about doctors. They are excellent for fixing emergency structural problems, like broken bones. They're also excellent at rapid diagnosis. For treatment though, they're "dumb as stumps", which is a technical term I became familiar with growing up in rural Oklahoma.
The problem is doctors are very educated about drugs and surgery, both of which are sure killers. This is when I formed my core belief about health.
Health is a function of healthy habits, rather than a drug or surgery deficiency.
This experience set my life's health trajectory, of self healing. I figured, soda and aspirin got me in this jam, getting rid of them would get me out. Stopping these gave near instant relief.

1979: Kicking Allergies

Until this point I'd had awful allergies, which improved greatly when I stopped the soda and aspirin. This got me thinking. I wondered if other foods were negatively effecting my health. After many experiments, getting rid of dairy reversed my allergies in a few days. Amazing, yes?

1982: Regenerating Offshore Hearing Loss

1982 was my first experience with highly alternative lifestyle. I began working on offshore oil platforms and drill ships. This meant my income doubled and I worked one month on, one month off. Sounds good, right? The off time was great. On board was surreal.
Working offshore is a trip. Whenever I'd walk on deck, I'd open the bulkhead door and first look for shadows to see if any large objects were overhead, hanging off one of the cranes. Nothing says bad day as being crushed like a bug and the first time I saw a multi-ton load drop and one guy barely jump in time to live, that's all it took for me to be focused.
Just like combat, every day someone was injured or maimed so bad they had to be medi-coptered out. And there were less visible health hazards. The worst - absorption of petrochemicals from well operations and the well itself, absorption of odorless gases escaping the well, absorption of other chemicals.
Then there was the noise. Imagine being in a closed steel room with eight EMDs, massive diesel generators which could contain 3-4 jet engines. Now imagine the noise when they're all running. No one told me to carry ear protection with me, because no one used any. Insane.
After a few days I stared stuffing cotton in my ears because I could tell my hearing was being impaired. After a year offshore, even with sophisticated hearing protection it appeared I'd lost most of my hearing. So much hearing loss I had to turn my head so an ear pointed at a person when they spoke. So at 22 I was deaf and my aspiration was to be a full time musician. What to do?
Whenever some bone or tissue is damaged the simple rule of thumb is to immobilize and protect the area to maximize healing. There are massive noise levels all around us. In fact, there is so much noise in most metropolitan areas people can cover their ears and they "ring" with residual hearing damage.
Today my hearing is at least twice as good as when I was a child. All I did was ware foam rubber ear plugs and noise suppressing head phones pretty much 7x24 for several years. This relieved all ambient noise so my hearing healing accelerated at a phenomenal rate. Within just a few days all the ringing had stopped and every few weeks I could tell major increases in hearing.
If I were doing this today I'd also add in:
  1. Chocolate Bliss to open up fluid passes so nutrients got delivered to damaged areas faster
  2. Chocolate Bliss to provide a broad spectrum of super nutrients
  3. Raw Chocolate by the handful to flood my body with the chemicals in Chocolate which inhibit the breakdown/recycling of neuro-chemicals suspecting this might allows subtle nutrients to work longer once they reached repair sites
  4. Crystal Manna to ensure any contributing DNA mutations were reversed
  5. DHA, Hemp & Pine Nuts to flood my body with the equivalent of pounds of Salmon (DHA & Hemp) and other EFAs to accelerate cell membrane integrity repair
  6. MSM & Pure Radiance Vitamin C to provide raw materials along with EFAs for rapid cell production

1982: Sinking Ship Horror: My 2 1/2 NDE

This next section is a bit of a long read. You may choose to skip ahead.
Was just looking at my resume to see exactly when this happened and the exact dates are lost. Sometime in hurricane season 1982 I exited the offshore industry, post haste (quickly).
Hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico is brutal. This particular night was the worst in history. Nearly 100 miles offshore, we were the only vessel within radio range of vessels around us. There were many that night because a slight storm went ballistic. Wind approaching 80 mph with waves cresting 45-65 feet.
I was just coming off watch in the steering/computer room at midnight. My backup Harry was leaning at the top of the spiral staircase, holding on because seas were so bad. It started.
A small red light labeled "BAT1" came on and the alarm rang. Harry and I peered over the massive console and looked at each other. Harry had been doing this for years, so I asked what it meant. He was clueless. We cracked the manuals and found "BAT1". It meant we were on emergency battery backup, meaning the entire ship was being positioned, in a hurricane by some batteries. Harry and I looked at each other, looked out the window and shuddered at the thought of being adrift in this storm. If the boat every got crosswise, where the wind/wave action hit our side, the force along with the nearly 200' drill tower would surely sink us and mean certain death for all hands aboard from drowning or the sharks.
No worries though the manual said there were two battery backups, each having 30 minutes of operating time. So we had an hour to figure why power was interrupted at the bow (front) from the EMDs in the stern (back). Also we were anchored by the drill string. No worries.
We logged the alarm and rang up the engine room to figure out how to restore power. We were just drawing straws to see who was going to start tracing wiring in crawl spaces when "BAT2" came on.
Harry and I both went white and dived for the log, then our watches. 7 minutes since "BAT1" went on. Not 30 minutes, 7 minutes. Harry was on the intercom waking all hands to get into their life preservers and get the supervision crew to the steering room.
Three minutes later the small steering room is full. Gil, Mike, Harry and I map out how we're going to deal with fixing this in the dark, as the seconds tick down. Someone else arrives and says based on weather and our weight we've got to disconnect from the well head because if we get crosswise to the storm the force on the drill string will probably rip a hole in the boat and take us all down. Great another way to sink.
I get on the horn to the drill floor and call for a disconnect and the drill manager for the evening, a greenhorn refuses to take responsibility and do the disconnect. I tell the Drill Super, which is with us now and just as he reaches for the phone Harry's looking at his watch and says, "times up."
The lights dim and all dozen of the CRTs collapse dark, to pin points and the lights are out. We go to direct wire phones and the Drill Super starts screaming for a disconnect... and... we realize the direct wire phones aren't working. In the dark, with my life flashing before me I have a short laugh. It couldn't get worse, could it?
No one had ever considered what might happen if the primary and secondary computer lost power. With no control to the EMDs, massive back props and 12 jet engine size thrusters up the center beam the control lines started to float. Ambient voltage feedback, random electrical noise from the system began to control the boat and we were off. We could hear the thrusters near us spin up to maximum. Someone in the dark said, "what the hell's controlling them?" We all knew in an instant random signals were now choosing our fate.
Houston, we have a problem. In the dark, with the ear deafening whine of thrusters we had a 30 second meeting and divided what had to be done. The thruster control lines had to be shorted out, because if the thrusters thrashed themselves by running at max for more than a few minutes, when power was restored, we'd be unable to point the bow back into the wind and waves to stay afloat. The thrusters were our life line.
Only half the thrusters were accessible from the front of the ship though. We also only had two people who knew the layout enough to do the work, so they had to stay forward. Someone had to man the steering room to begin recovering when power was restored and the phones were dead. Someone had to get to engineering in the back of the ship to shutdown their thrusters, the props and also beat the night drill manager silly and do a disconnect so the drill pipe and riser could be pulled up enough what it didn't hit seabed with each rise and fall of waves.
Lucky me. I guess it can get worse. Someone cracked the hatch and I started crawling the 200 feet to an engineering hatch with waves crashing over me every few seconds. Freezing waves, with so much water I had to hold my breath to keep from drowning on the deck.
When I made it to engineering, sure enough the EMDs were masking the thruster noise. Everyone saw the high energy load and thought it was some system malfunction. Once they knew someone used some weird backup system which shutdown all the thrusters. Great one job done. Now we're floating dead. No props. No thrusters. Just waves and wind.
Next is the drill floor. I explain to the night drill manager he has to disconnect or there's a good chance the drill string will rip through the tower and boat, sending us down. I could see the drill manager go white in the lightning. He started the disconnect.
Whew... Maybe we'll live after all. Then it got worse. The wind and waves already had us. The drill string and riser were already jammed and each time we dropped and rose, cables whipped and metal screamed. The drill string was hopelessly jammed. No hope for a disconnect. Since phones were dead, someone had to go forward and tell the forward crew no disconnect was coming.
He was looking at me. "Oh no! I barely made it the last time." Gospel truth. I'd barely made the trip without getting washed overboard and this guy's trying to get me to make a return engagement. Then the whole boat fell 20-30 feet. We all flew up in the air. I heard a massive draw-works cable snap and metal grinding, breaking and heard pieces hitting around me.
Okay, maybe getting to the other end of the ship is a better idea than I first thought. I start my second crawl, muscles screaming as this trip is much faster to get away from the breaking drill tower.
When I hit the steering room it's pitch black. Harry's on a walkie talkie calling out coordinates off wiring diagrams to people in crawl spaces. They heard the thrusters go off and once they know engineering can at least control this much of thruster function, everyone starts removing the wiring shorts they put in so when power comes back, thruster control will work too.
Then the lights come back on. No one knows why. No one cares. "BAT1" and "BAT2" are off. Great. We're back in business, sort of. Harry hollers over the walkie talkie for everyone to get back to steering. Now time for the mother of all magic tricks.
The computers were designed to run of Calculus integrals. In other words, over long periods of time the computer would figure out all the many vectors of wind and waves, as they were changing. This would allows for slow heading changes based on force averages. Except the computers were cold. No memory with integral data. Also, we had a disintegrating draw-works and 12,000 foot anchor attaching us to the seabed.
The boat was already listing nearly 10 degrees. We were only still afloat because of the drill string connection to the seabed and all the hatches being locked down correctly. We were all holding on for dear life, slipping on wet floor, bracing ourselves so we could stand and operate the console controls because we knew we were going to have to steer manually. Great.
Where to start. Everyone who steered the boat always kept tabs on wind and wave force. Second nature. Since no one could see anything outside and I'd just come from two trips across the deck, I took a guess at wave and wind angle. Some crossed themselves and we started.
We tried kicking on the computer to assist and all the thrusters ran up to max and kicked their circuit breakers. Dead again. Someone had engineering reset the breakers and we began manually running up 12 jet engine sized thrusters.
Over the next hour we played thruster roulette. Some would overheat and drop off line. We had the front six thrusters moving us toward starboard (east) with the port (left) screw (back propeller) ahead full and the back six thrusters moving us toward port (west) with the starboard screw back full. The effect was to manually turn 472 feet of steel into the wind and waves, fighting against a hurricane which had us pinned against 12,000 feet of drill string and riser.
We did it. Finally the 10 degree roll abruptly stopped and the boat leveled. The integrals began building again and we could breath. Then the adrenaline positioning kicked in. Sustaining high levels of adrenaline simply have to be thrown up, so everyone gathered around the trashcan to make their contribution, then back to business.
Another hour and we were good.
Bodies operating under extreme adrenaline load change. Being in a sustained close to death state impresses on consciousness a hardwired distrust of ones environment. For years after, hearing a siren at night would have me jumping out of bed trying to pull on my clothes and life jacket. The point is extreme stress of any kind creates imprints. Reversing these imprints takes time, conscious effort and massive nutrients required to reverse adrenal damage.

1985: Between Two Worlds: My 3rd NDE

In 1985 I had a profound interaction with death. Over a period of a few hours I went from perfect health to fever so high I was unable to move and finally blacked out for a 12 hour period.
During this internal excursion, I had a variety of experiences which transformed my views about physical and multi-dimensional reality. Much of this involved recall from my 2nd NDE after drinking gasoline. This involved reacquainting myself to alternative perceptions of material reality and the inhabitants thereof. The next day I woke up, cleaned off death's many residues, and drove to a local book store. Thus began my devouring of writings about esoteric technologies, reality selection (AngelTech) and consciousness amplifiers.
This experience set my consciousness trajectory, to continually wake up more every day. The next few months went into isolating some technology which could hold my consciousness in a near death space, for a sustained period of time, while my physical body stayed safe. At the end of my research the chemical LSD looked most promising.

1986: Systemic Arthritis & Fibromyalgia

This is when all the animal flesh and products I'd been eating since birth caught up with me. Being raised on a beef farm, flesh was my primary food. At one point my joints and synovial fluid (in joints) was so calcified and acidified, I'd lost 80-90% of my joint mobility.
The pain was near unbearable at times. It took nearly 18 months of no flesh and massive quantities of water to alkalize my body and dissolve the built up calcification. If I had it to do again, I'd be done in a few weeks. Look forward to a future article about how I'd deal with this, with what I know today.

1986: My Life With Gojis Begins

At the end of 1986 was my introduction to Internal Arts (Kung Fu) and Goji Berries. The kwoon (school) I studied in was founded on the teachings of Master Li, the ultimate Goji Guru.

1987: The Docs Nearly Get Me: My 4th NDE

At the end of 1987, my drug days (or daze) was winding down. After a tromp through the woods, I got a small patch of poison ivy. As a simple, structural matter (external skin) I figured this was actually a useful application for doctors, so I went in, got a script and took it as directed. Mistake!
They gave me an inflammation and immune inhibitor, which completely shutdown my immune system. The poison ivy toxins disbursed through my body and I broke out across my entire external and internal skin surface. When I went back in, it was estimated I had lesions over 90% of my internal and external skin surface.
The prescribed and recreational drugs then began to interact and I had a repeat of my 1985 experience, only much worse. Rigor set in. I was alone and immobile. Every time my eyes shut, my breathing and heart would stop. It was strange to hear my heart pounding one moment, then deafening silence. This continued for the better part of 18 hours.
As you might expect, this put me off prescribed and recreational

1987: Sustained Death Exploration

On the heels of my 1985 NDE my research became increasingly focused on ways to access death related states of consciousness. Sustained Bardo, for those familiar with the term. This culminated in 1987 when I made a conscious choice to begin LSD use and then wondered how I'd access this subculture.
Unbeknownst to me, two of the people studying at my kwoon (Chinese Internal Arts school) were part of an urban tribe. A highly intelligent and alternative community doing very intense, chemically amplified, psycho drama (trauma recall and re-patterning). After interviewing me for several months, again without my knowledge, they extended to myself and a friend an invitation to join their tribe. Most of 1987 was shared with this group, cycling between massive nutrient saturation and chemical ingestion every 2-3 days.
In retrospect, I'm amazed to have exited this period of my life with my sanity intact. Drugs are very powerful technology. Using Raw Food, Super Nutrition and other technologies I'll be writing about over time can create the same results, while avoiding the change of permanent psychological destruction.
Drugs have vicious, unforgiving teeth. Drugs are fun, unless these teeth come out. People are said to be "caught in strange loops", when they ingest some chemical that forever renders them incapable of continuing to participate in consensual reality. This is caused by drugs hard wiring their own reality into people's neurology. It's simple to reverse this. Simple and intense to the point of psychological death. Buyer beware.
My advice after taking 100s of chemical trips, "Avoid all forms of drugs." Use Goji Juice, Radical Health super nutrition, Raw Food and alternative re-patterning technologies. You'll get the same results, with your sanity intact.
The only thing which saved all of us during that period were the tribe tripping rules for chemical excursions:
  1. You're responsible for your set (internal state) and setting (external surroundings). Only trip when and where you're safe.
  2. Only trip with people you're willing to be psychologically and telepathically merged with forever.
  3. Bring a journal and come prepared to work (on yourself).
  4. Never even think about having sex while tripping. You've got enough trauma and karma to work out on your own, without creating more or merging with someone else's trauma and karma.
  5. You may spew forth the bugs in your head, ad nauseam, so long as people around you are willing to listen. If asked to desist, you must immediately cease or you'll be tossed out the front door, most unceremoniously.
Chemicals were used intentionally, with the express purpose of breaking down old patterns and putting in place new patterns of one's choosing. There were additional guidelines for each specific chemical. For example, if amphetamines were used, people had to log in the amount of food and water they were ingesting, before drawing from the chemical pool. Nutrient saturation was done before and after tripping, to accelerate organ repair from the chemical damage.
Some of the techniques used included:

1989: Detox & Natural Hygiene

After my experience with drugs and arthritis, I was on a quest for ways I could feel peak experience while regenerating, rather than destroying my body. This was the time I came across the writings of Herbert Shelton. I instantaneously converted to Natural Hygiene as my core foundation, except for Raw Salmon. chemicals for life.

1989: My 4.5th NDE

This was one of the most odd experiences I had with LSD. A great friend A.Z. and I had been ingesting from a single batch for a while with mild effects. The last two tabs were from an edge though. This means when the blotter paper was hung to dry, LSD accumulated in elevated levels as it dripped off the paper.
We knew something was up 13 hours in when we were still ramping up with no peak in sight. We'd been roaming downtown Houston in the museum district for hours and headed back to my place to figure out what do do, since we had yet to peak.
We were sitting on the edge of my futon talking and both passed out simultaneously. For next space of time we experienced a shared landscape which matches many "heading down the tunnel toward the light" experiences detailed by NDE returnees.
We ended up in this landscape resembling a field with an open door in a door jam, on the top of a beautiful hilltop. Somehow we both inferred we had the option to go through the door or go back. Our choice. We clasped hands and opted to go back and both snapped bolt upright, stone cold sober, back on my futon. Hours had passed. We were glad we opted to come back.

1994: Colostomy, Take II & Radical Health Crystallizes

In 1995, my childhood gasoline experience caught up with me. While the Hygienic diet probably saved my life, I required more. My body was completely overrun with Candida. I had CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) so bad I was sleeping 16-20+ hours/day and could barely conduct my life. My hair went nearly gray overnight. I had Crohn's Disease so bad my intestines inflamed to 3-4 times normal size.
My digestion and elimination stopped. Once bowel movement stops, it's a short road to septic shock and death.
Visions of ending up in an emergency room with knife happy butchers (doctors) hacking out my guts motivated me into extreme action. I transitioned to a diet primarily of Raw Vegetable juices, with plenty of spicy goodies - garlic, onions, radishes and peppers - to make my body an inhospitable place for microbes to multiply.
Sometimes going weeks ingesting only juice, with no solid food.
In around six months, I went from 155 to 128 and lost five inches off my waist line. My digestion and elimination kicked on again. My sleep began balancing and I got my life back.

1995: Returning to Source: My 5th NDE

In mid 1995, I had the opportunity to go through a series of esoteric meditations with an amazing practitioner. All of these were quite moving and we were in no way prepared for what happened in our last session.
As I went into deep meditation, some aspect of my spirit/body connection snapped and my consciousness was freed from any physical reference point. Upon awakening, the practitioner was white as a ghost and began slight weeping. I asked what happened and she told me I'd been dead for 20 minutes. No fog on a mirror under my nose. No heartbeat. Body cold and blue. She was about to call 911, when I came to. Keeping this simple and short, in concise language, here's what I experienced.
My sense was of being at the end of a long, tightly stretched rubber band. Once free from my physical reference, this rubber band snapped back to Source. Maybe my reverse course through time was simply becoming aware of memories encoded in DNA, progressing through each generation of my ancestry. Maybe these memories were of other incarnations. Your belief system will filter your response.
This question of rememberings from other times has never concerned me much, as I've had them all my life and have met people who I've shared common remembrances with. This is just part of life to me.
What was different was the place I became aware of at the end of the rubber band. Words suspend here. Interacting with the intelligence of this place revised my views on every aspect of life and crystallized my purpose in life, "People wake up in my presence".

1996: Manifesting My Divine Partner Yemiah

After a few months of reintegrating, I terminated my polyamory lifestyle and became clear about being in divine partnership with a woman participating in a similar or the same life wave. A woman who embraced a complimentary view of multi-dimensional reality and health.
I created a ritual and mantra designed to invoke my Divine Partner into my life. I constantly repeated my mantra. Set the table for two. Took walks with my Divine Partner and talked with her every night. In six weeks, I met Yemiah.

2001: is Born

In 2000, Yemiah and I formed Life Feast, which started as an Austin local monthly 100% Raw Vegan Feast. This began with 50 Austin people on an email list. Next we transitioned to a local coop.
In 2001, Radical Health was born and we formal health consulting and began shipping products all over the world. We hosted many Raw speakers in Texas and through the magic of Internet Marketing are expanding our Radical Health News Service by 20-30 people/day.

2002: Birth Recall, Panic Attacks & Angstrom Minerals

2002 was a full year. This was the year I have full birth recall. This process was highly stressful and resulting in me reliving my birth, throwing up drugs given to my mom and meconium waters I'd swallowed. You'd be amazed at what's stored in your cells.
This set in motion many biological shifts in my body. Extreme transformation, deconstruction and re-integration tends to burn up minerals at an accelerated pace. The resulting requirements for cobalt, chromium, vanadium and supporting minerals soon did me in.
I'd experienced panic attacks for many years and the worst one yet hit me late this year. Luckily I'd just begun experimenting with Angstrom Minerals. This panic attack left me in a fetal position on the floor. Based on its intensity and how long it usually took me to recover from these episodes, I guessed I'd be dysfunctional for months.
Angstrom Minerals saved the day! 8 Tablespoons of what is now our Angstrom Daytime Mineral Formula and every trace of panic, anxiety, paranoia, delusion and depression was gone in 2-3 minutes and has never returned. Shortly after this was when we released our Angstrom Mineral Formulas, to assist others in their quest for continuous, peak mood. I even wrote an article about this called The Chemistry of Grief, Stress & Depression.

2002: 100% Raw In 2 Days

After 12 years of struggling, going back and forth between cooked and Raw, I went 100% Raw in two days. Since then I've done one week-long experiment with cooked food, to see how it affects Raw people, which I'll write about in the future. Yuck. Never again!
Here's how I went 100% Raw in 2 days and you can too. Most people go Raw by just eating salads, fruit and nuts. This sounds good on the surface and can be deadly. In Oriental Medicine, salads and fruit embody cold/damp energy. If a person eats only cold/damp energy their bodies undergo a specific progression of decline:
  1. First there is exhilaration and massive energy as the body begins building up steam to detox.
  2. Next there are various degrees of detox. All manner of strange, transient experiences which can look rather bizarre to doctors.
  3. Eating a continual Salad/Fruit diet pushes the body toward alkalosis (extreme alkaline pH), which is just as bad as acidosis. Eating Raw, inactive nuts along with this slows down and clogs up digestion. If cashews are eaten consistently, many people have massive sinus inflammation and lung congestion.
  4. At some point, the body becomes so "cold and water logged", the spleen shuts down. Oriental Medical Doctors may refer to this as a cold/damp humor.
  5. A body will only tolerate spleen shutdown for a short period, as the spleen is the center of the immune system. At the point of spleen shutdown, cravings for food to heat and dry out the body become intense.
  6. People then begin eating baked potato, butter and sour cream; salsa and chips; massive quantities of salt or pastries.
These cravings are life savers meant to immediately heat up and dry out tissue, so the spleen can turn back on and immune response restarts.
I went 100% Raw in 2 Days by increasing my intake of nightshades like peppers and tomatoes, which are salt rich and heating to me. I started sun bathing, taking hot baths and piling on covers at night. I started started eating other heating (spicy) veggies like Arugula, onions, garlic and radishes. I started eating drying foods like salt, seaweeds, activated nuts and dehydrated, golden flax crackers.
The combo of salt and fat to taste, solves many of the strange cravings I just mentioned. Using combos of hemp seeds, pine nuts, olive oil and avocados feeds the body much like salmon and tuna do, so these cravings pass quickly too.
It took me 12+ years to learn how to go Raw in 2 days. You can skip the years of experiments by using salt and fat to taste, then using Super Foods as much as possible. Many of Yemiah's and my preferences for Super Foods and Super Nutrients are in our catalog -

2003: Reversed Intense Hypothyroidism in 3 Days

My hypothyroidism peaked in 2003. I could walk out in the blistering sun of afternoon Texas summer heat, be bundled up and still shake like a leaf because I was so cold. I'd struggled with these symptoms for years and starting around 2000 they began escalating. From 2000-2003 I invested countless hours and $1000s, even resorting to using animal products (colostrum, which I recommend everyone avoid) because my pain was so intense.
In 2003 I was having a conversation with a friend and in passing mentioned my symptoms and he said, "Oh that's easy to fix. Just load up on Seaweeds."
Being skeptical I went looking for Dulse. What was available at upscale markets was unacceptable, as it was dry, discolored and tasted stale. So we opened a supply chain to import Dulse from Canada.
After eating 1-2oz./day (which is a massive amount of Dulse) for one day my pain became manageable. After two days I stopped shivering. After three days I was toasty warm.
Now I eat Dulse a few times monthly and stay toasty warm year round.
I believe there are several reasons I came upscale so quickly:
  1. I was eating excipient/ascorbate/non-nutrient/anti-nutrient free, Raw Food Diet rich in Natural State, Raw Super Foods.
  2. I was using high octane, practitioner strength, pharmaceutical grade enzymes multiple times daily.
  3. I was ingesting high quality salt, to taste. Also I was eating lots of Nori. Our adrenals, thyroid and parathyroid operate as a single glandular system. The only way to really reboot any of these glands is to reboot them together and...
If you have hypothyroid or hyperthyroid symptoms, be in touch as these symptoms can range from annoying to uncomfortable to down right dangerous.
Before you start down the track of synthetic thyroid medicine, which destroys thyroid function, I recommend you be in touch and try a week experiment using Natural State, Raw Super Foods like our Chocolate Bliss and Fiesta Mole first and avoid drugs as long as your symptoms improve.
I also recommend you do this experiment with products known to produce your desired outcome. If you go into the marketplace and attempt to use off the shelf products, your mileage will probably vary. You may have no effect or much slower effect.
This is especially true of salt, much of which is full of nickel dust (highly toxic) or petroleum (as with gray salts). These toxins along with excipients (non-nutrient or anti-nutrient flowing agents) added to most capsules/caplets/tablets may either contribute to or directly cause both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

2004: Surfing the Goji Wave

Please note I've left the Goji Juice info here for historical purposes. And we recommend our clients use Chocolate Bliss & Fiesta Mole now instead, as the price/nutrient density is light years better with these Raw Super Food Synergists.
In 2004, a primary piece of our Super Longevity program dropped in our laps. Thanks Dr. Matt Silver! Your sharing Goji Juice with me has forever transformed our physical and financial health.
You can read Goji FAQ for more details about Goji Juice. In quick summary, Goji Juice is the most nutrient dense food I've experienced. My results on Goji Berries were impressive and Goji Juice is far superior.
Radical Health customers agree as nearly 2 people/day are joining our Great Goji Adventure. If you've ever desired to serve people well and enjoy great compensation for your contributions, you'll love exploring Goji Juice as one of your multiple streams of income.

2004: Radical Health's Global Expansion

People continually ask me why Radical Health has expanded so quickly. First is courage. All Radical Health members are courageous to the max. They are willing to "go where no human has gone before." As more people network with their peers and refer people to Radical Health, more complex relationships come into being and people synergize with each other.
Recently I've begun to consider the mechanism I used to create Radical Health, which is very different from say Nature's First Law. At NFL they have a large infrastructure. At Radical Health there's me. NFL has facilities and David Wolfe as their traveling, expert celebrity. Few people can duplicate building this type of infrastructure or becoming a world renown celebrity, even appearing on television (Mad, Mad House).
Anyone can do what I do at Radical Health. In the future, I'll give away all my secrets. Be sure you're on our News Service to stay in the loop. For now I'll summarize:
  1. Formalize your network of email contacts. Find some theme common to many and begin conscious mailing to these people. For me, I chose Radical Health.
  2. Create an ongoing, physical event. In Austin, Texas we have a monthly 100% Vegan Live Feast. We also have guest Raw speakers, Satsangs and marketing workshops. Chances for client "face time".
  3. Be in the zone. Serve your expanding email list well. There will come a day when Spirit directs you to how to increase your service and be abundantly compensated. With Radical Health, first there were Super Foods, Garden of Life products, then Angstrom Minerals.
  4. Wait to catch the "big wave". With Radical Health, Goji Juice is our "big wave". The Raw Food market is voting with their pocketbooks about how well Goji Juice works. When you catch your "big wave", you'll be surfing Spirit into the horizon of extreme abundance.

2004: Your Own Personal Fountain of Youth

This brings us current, March 25th, 2004. I've regenerated the destruction of my digestive tract by drinking gasoline as a child and eating an animal based, acidic diet. Only in the past few years have I felt this regeneration complete. My Personal Fountain of Youth now in includes:
  1. Eating 100% Raw Vegan
  2. Living off Goji Juice and other Super Foods/Nutrients
  3. Being in Divine Partnership
  4. My income and wealth, increasingly independent of my time and effort

2005: Retired From Cubicle Work

First four months of 2004 the rate I was charging for doing software development plummeted from 60 hours/week work @ $69/hour to 40 hours/week work @ $35/hour.
In May, I retired... Never shall I wear a tie again or darken the entry of a cubicle again.

2013: Book Writing Experiment

2013 was my book writing experiment year. First 3 months of year I build a book writing system on top of AsciiDoc (later moved to AsciiDoctor) coupled with tech to catch misspellings + areas where writing can be punched up or sharpened. Then last 9 months of year, I wrote one book each month.
Beautiful Business was my primary focus. I learned a great deal about how to effect Amazon Sales Rank (ASR) which determines how many eyeballs land on a book, so how much income a book generates.
Making Kindle Updates Available to Your Existing Readers is a must watch video about how to effect your ASR (Amazon earnings) + ensure your existing readers receive notifications when you book(s) are updated. Hint: If you think publishing an update is sufficient to notify your existing readers, you're wrong... as I found out after months of Amazon Customer Support interaction.
If you have Amazon books + are focused on increasing your income, be sure to watch the above video.
What I found was I can generate far more income monetizing content in other ways, than by using Amazon.

2014: Harmless Whim + One Small Habit - Living on Chocolate Bliss

Back in March 2004 I started a project patterned on E.J. Gold's "Practical Work on Self", Chapter 8, "Harmless Whim" + Chapter 9 "One Small Habit". Chocolate Bliss reformulated + became Chocolate Bliss + I began enjoying Chocolate Bliss as my primary food. It's 10 years later now + I still enjoy 1-2 quarts of Chocolate Bliss drinks daily. My usual recipe is 25% fresh Orange Juice + 75% liquid Chocolate Bliss. So far so good...

2014: Good Times With Black Salve

Months (January - June) of experiments with Black Salve trying to clean up the mutagenic tissue in my right arm. Some success + pain intensity disrupts my work + thought process.

2014: Good Times With Turpentine

I've had these random hard encrustations on my scalp, which create bald spots. Symptoms + appearance fail to match normal diagnosis. Starting in January, I began experiments with different combos of seed oils, essential oils, castrol/neem/coconut oil. No real effect.
Starting in July I began Turpentine experiments. Great improvement + some unexpected side effects.
Turpentine tends to crawl through the entire system. As a result, my entire right arm has become... "involved"... in a healing crisis. On the top of my arm, from wrist to elbow, white pustules seem to be bubbling to the surface. These pustules are intensely sore to touch + feel like acid when they open. Ingesting Turpentine (small doses of 1/4 tsp in fresh Orange Juice) or topical application seems to accelerate this process. This has also spread to my face + eyelids. Awesome.
Areas of my body involved relate to where I've had intense mutagenic tissue episodes, chickenpox, herpes simplex sores, poison ivy, pink eye, seed warts. Most of my body is unaffected. Turpentine appears to have the facility to reverse out suppressed viral + mutagenic + other buried residues.
Currently I'm experimenting, to find a dosage + protocol which keeps healing process running + allows me to continue with my life. Right now, some days, I'm barely able to work.

2014: Turpentine Caution + Source Requests

NOTE: If you use improperly distilled or denatured (chemicals added) Turpentine, you'll likely hurt yourself badly. If you'd like me to refer you to my source, you'll have to prove you're a non-FDA personage by following these steps.
  1. Purchase a copy of my "Beautiful Business" book.
  2. Leave a review for some random chapter of the book.
  3. Follow instructions embedded in book's appendix of how to contact me.
This will cost you $10 + a few hours of time. This may seem like overkill + no way I'm going to speak about this topic to random strangers, which might draw undue attention to my source by the FDA, causing the FDA to shutdown this company.

2014: Fast Stable Hosting Public Offering

Since 1994, I've privately hosted Websites. In 2013 I began giving talks about how I use Meetup (Meetup Magic) + how I setup WAMPL (WordPress running on Apache/MariaDB/PHP/Linux) to produce sites running at 1000s requests/second, rather than than <10 requests/second with is typical speed of WordPress sites.

2015: Telomere Experiment

2015-03-27 began Yemiah + my Telomere Experiment. Unsure what I think about this entire body of work. It's a bit woo-woo, even for me + I'm game for testing out a product for a month.
No effect over a 30 day test period. My guess, people with decades of vegan, upscale health habits have maxed out their Telomere production.

2016: Gum + Scalp Experiments

A couple of places on my scale are very dry + hard. Doing experiments to restore my scale quality.
I've had some receding gum challenges since my 20s (1980s). Doing concerted experiments to regrow my gums.

2017: Gum + Scalp Experiment Update

Did 6+ months of oil pulling (coconut oil) for 20 minutes each morning, followed by 15 minutes of Dragon's Blood. Both in direct contact with my gums. No appreciable effect.
No worse or better. Discontinued.
Currently around 6 months into meticulous Rododent use with Young Living's Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste. Also going through a course of Dr Morris Lymphatic + Organ cleansing herbs. Also reduced my meals to one/day.
No worse or better. Continuing.

Wrapping Up

Serve yourself by considering how you can stay young. Experiment. Plug into support. Be around people who have what you desire. Find what works. Do more of what works every day. Simple daily upgrades are your ticket to having Your Own Personal Fountain Of Youth.
Like to join in our fun? Join Inside Track Party Meetup.
Enjoy your daily adventure. Your fun is your journey.
- David Favor, April 2015