Kicking Sugar and Alcohol Cravings The Easy Way


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Holiday Cravings

It happens for many each year. You're visiting
some relative's home and you're tempted by sweet
desserts or glasses of high proof, holiday cheer.

Some people have ongoing cravings with sugar and
alcohol. Others only seem to experience cravings at
times of great stress, like being snow bound with
well meaning relatives for days on end.

There's a good reason for this and once you know
the secret you'll be well on your way to taming
the wild beast of sugar and alcohol.

The Chemistry of Sugar & Alcohol Cravings

The brain feeds off pure sugar. To operate well,
our brains require sugar and a lot of it.

Even the slightest disruption in sugar uptake
or sugar metabolism will register an emergency
condition and setup cravings to increase sugar
levels back to their optimal.

As bodies lose their ability to rapidly metabolize
(process) simple sugars - cravings begin for ever
increasing concentrated sugars, finally ending
with alcoholism.

This is why therapy and A.A. like programs are
only useful after the physical aspects of alcoholism
are addressed.

The usual suspects/culprits for sugar metabolism
disruption are:

   1) enzyme deficiency

   2) mineral deficiency, specifically chromium,
      vanadium and magnesium

The Secret for Kicking Sugar and Alcohol Cravings The Easy Way

You could go for years of psychotherapy...

You could join Alcoholics, Sugaraholics or
Narcotics Anonymous...

You could join weight watchers...

You could use will power...

All these are way too much work and prone to
leave the door open for relapses.

A better way is to flood your body with whole
food sugars like Agave Nectar along with whole
foods rich in chromium, vanadium and magnesium.

If you've tried my "Chocolate Silk" smoothie from
last week's article:

   Keep Your New Year's Resolution The Easy Way

You're probably had the ride of your life. Cacao
and Agave have been rolling out the door here like
hot cakes.

The reason is simple and revolves around combining
rich sugars and sugar related minerals:

   - Agave Nectar: low glycemic, dense, liquid sugars

   - Cacao: high magnesium, chromium and vanadium

   - Cinnamon: high chromium and vanadium

coupled with:

   - Bee Pollen: 5000+ rare floral enzymes

   - Hemp Seeds: all 8 essential amino acids and
                 rich fatty acids

   - Coconut Butter: rich fatty acids

   - Himalayan Salt: rich magnesium, chromium, vanadium

Warnings About Chocolate Silk

Chocolate Silk is instantaneously hazardous to the
health of your sugar and alcohol habits.

And giggling abounds. Chocolate Silk has the same
effect as drinking Goji Juice with wild abandon.

You'll soon be addicted to your ever expanding elation
of alkalized blood, nourished tissue and your brain
running at light speed, clicking it's heels as it goes.

To bootstrap you kicking your sugar and alcohol cravings
check out our new "Starter Pack":


Just add your own nuts and blueberries.

Better yet, stock up on our "Cold Stored" nuts. (These
are first come first serve as we only receive a very
limited supply and they go fast.)

Be sure to email me with your stories of kicking your
sugar and alcohol cravings.

Wrapping Up

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