MSM, Bio-Hazard Trill Seekers & Chemistry of Grief Revisited

Reading This Article May Save Your Health & Your Heart

You'll be served to read this article if you have
concern about dealing with immune system issues
and lessening the effects of grief when your loved
ones make their transition through death.

Bittersweet Christmas

Our family had a bittersweet Christmas this year as
our beloved child Super Raw Dog Sam passed away.

Sam and I were very close. He was always on my body
or curled up under my arm. Sam was quick to greet me
when I walked in the room and followed me everywhere.

Sam contracted a fast multiplying bacteria and coupled
with the intensely cold weather, his body was consumed
in a few days.

Bio-Hazard Thrill Seekers

Sam's passage was particularly ironic as one of my
client groups are Bio-Hazard Thrill Seekers. These
are people who voluntarily go into ground zero areas
of Ebola, Marburg, SARS, Bird Flu and Influenza,
which killed nearly 400,000 world wide last year.

Fast Mutating Viruses

They have to deal with fast mutators and fast multipliers
quickly and effectively to stay alive.

Fast mutators are viruses which mutate faster than the
immune system can respond. It usually takes 3-4 weeks
to program antigens and killer T-cells.

Antigens destroy virons (viral particles) before they
hijack cells. Killer T-cells destroy hijacked cells
after they stop normal cell division and switch to
viron production.

Antigens and T-cells are programmed to recognize and
attack specific viral signatures in the body, so they
leave healthy cells intake.

If a virus mutates on a faster cycle than 3-4 weeks,
say 10 days like SARS, then chances of painful death
are high.

Fast Multiplying Bacteria

Fast multipliers are a bit different. Bacteria give
off toxic metabolites. Each bacteria's metabolites
attack some region of healthy tissue. For example,
the polio virus releases toxins which destroy nerve
cells. If the polio virus multiples faster than the
body can eliminate these nerve toxins, these toxins
accumulate, overrun the body and result in paralysis.

Your Primary Immune System

You can get the jump on both fast mutators and multipliers
by upgrading both your primary and secondary immune systems.

Your primary immune system is biological. There are two
views of pathogenic (microbial) dis-ease:

   1) Germ theory says germs (microbes) cause dis-ease.
      If this were true, we'd all have the same dis-eases.

   2) Biological Terrain theory says dis-ease is based
      on tissue integrity. Strong Biological Terrain
      results in continuous health. Weak Biological Terrain
      allows germs (microbes) to take root and cause dis-ease.

Most empirical (direct experience) quickly gravitate toward
Biological Terrain as a their working model for diagnosis
and treatment design.

Primary immune system is upgraded to peak levels by:

   1) High quality Salt, required for optimal digestion,
      adrenal function and tissue regeneration.

   2) Seaweed, required for optimal thyroid and parathyroid

   3) Raw Food & Digestive enzymes with cooked food
      and stasis food, like raw (unactivated) nuts and seeds

   4) Fast multiplying probiotics. Pro meaning for and
      biotics meaning life. Probiotics are essential for
      digestion and will displace unfriendly pathogens.

   5) Keeping lymphatic sediment dissolved and lymph fluid
      draining quickly and completely.

   6) Get plenty of full body sun. No sun where you live?
      Then move, as your life may someday depend on sunlight.
      Vitamin D from sunlight is essential for digestion which
      is the core process for building strong tissue.

   7) Stay warm. Lots of sun, warm clothes and warm baths are
      great when the temperature dips, as raising body temperature
      requires massive energy.

   8) Angstrom Minerals, Indium, Vita-C and MSM, all required
      for extreme (rapid) tissue regeneration.

In retrospect, keeping Sam warmer might have been the edge which
saved him. Who knows this may be the edge for you or your loved
ones someday.

You can all the items mentioned above (except the sun...) in
our catalog:

   Radical Health Catalog

A Note About MSM

Currently there is a link in our catalog to where you can
acquire high quality, Organic MSM. In the next few weeks
we'll be packaging what we believe to be the highest quality
MSM. Look for the availability announcement.

Pure Organic MSM, to me is neutral tasting. Whenever I drink
Chocolate Silk I throw in one cap of Pure Radiance Vita-C
and 1/8t MSM in 8-10oz. of Chocolate Silk.

Be sure to shake well before drinking.

MSM is also vital to recovering from deep grief. More about
this shortly.

Your Secondary Immune System

We live in a high pollution world. Some estimates suggest
over 30,000+ chemicals are present in city water systems.
This will get you thinking twice before drinking tap water.

Having a high level primary immune system 100 years ago was
the only requirement for enjoying healthy living. Today...
You'll be served to protect yourself with a secondary immune

Here's what I'd do:

   1) Go through the Radical Health Step-By-Step guide to
      bring your primary immune system up to peak levels:

          Your Step-By-Step Radical Health Guide

   2) Periodically do a round of Pathogen Flush, which you
      can find in our Radical Health Catalog.

      Doing the occasional Pathogen Flush is a great way
      to stay "ahead of the pathogen curve", one step ahead
      of them.

In retrospect, greatly increasing the amount of Pathogen Flush
we were giving Sam might have been the edge which saved him.

The Chemistry of Grief Revisited

In June of 2003 I wrote an article:

   The Chemistry of Grief, Stress & Depression

My primary focus was sugar metabolism, specifically minerals
which are rapidly depleted during extreme stress like the
passing of a loved one.

Another nutrient component is neuro-peptide (feel good chemicals)
precursors which also rapidly deplete with minerals.

Sam's passage reminded me of an equally important component
of the grief process which is rarely discussed and is perhaps
the reason why people feel so much pain during grief.

The physical and chemical structure of our brains are formed
by repetitive experience. As we experience, we learn what gives
us pain and pleasure. Then we avoid pain and repeat pleasurable

My interaction with Sam was consistent. An integral, constant,
essential part of my daily life. Each day my pleasure with Sam
burned neural (structural) pathways associated with our daily
activities. Playing chase. Shaking a bush for him to bark and
nip at my hand. Sleeping with him curled under my arm with his
head on my arm, surveying his domain, the living room.

When Sam passed, his absence caused what's sometimes referred
to as a neurological, interference pattern. The pathways burned
into my neurology were firing, except Sam was absent. My resulting
grief was incapacitating.

Brain Structure Re-Patterning

Flooding my body with nutrient after nutrient had no effect.
Finally I recalled how neuro pathways are burned in brain
structure and began considering how to rapidly reset these
pathways, so I could get on with living.

My intuition began directing me to take large quantities of
Vita-C and MSM. Several days later I was viewing a video I
shot of a speaker at our house. Some of the info he covered
was so radical, he called me the day after his talk and
requested I never release the video. So we only have private
showings now and then.

I walked in half-way throught the 4+ hour screening on his
discussion of Vita-C and MSM. He was talking about these two
substances being the basis for building tissue, especially
collagen. In a flash, I realized Vita-C and MSM are also
essential for rapid neurological regeneration.

Then I really ramped up on Vita-C and MSM and in 3-4 days
my memories of Sam and what I could have done to serve him
better in his last days are still with me... and have no
impact. I remember, notice and let it go.

Using Vita-C and MSM with Himalayan Salt, Angstrom Minerals
and Indium for me is:

   "Instant Zen in a Bottle"

Final Thoughts About Rapid Grief Recovery

As I think back over the past 30 days I reach several

   1) Being able to flood my body with appropriate Super Foods
      and Super Nutrients allowed me to complete my grief in
      short order.

      People who experience lingering grief, especially for
      years my have serious disruptions in their nutrient
      intake (diet) or cellular uptake.

      Best to ensure your operating a peak so you can
      comfortably weather your storms of grief.

   2) Vita-C and MSM are far more prevalent in my
      diet today. You may choose to experiment with
      these also.

   3) Indium is becoming more amazing to me by the day.
      I'll write more about this in the future. For now,
      here's a summary of what I notice. Indium:

      a) Dialates (enlarges) cellular fluid exchange
         pathways increasing nutrient uptake and
         increasing metabolite (toxin) elimination.

      b) Puts me strongly in present time, deeply
         "in my body".

      c) Lowers brain frequency into the alpha range
         for mainstreamers and theta for long term
         meditators. Alpha and lower (Theta) brain
         frequency is required for regeneration.

         This is why sleep is so vital. Insomnia is
         a highly effective rapid aging technology.

         Deep sleep is essential for regeneration
         required for extreme longevity... and...
         where normally bodies suspend regeneration
         when awake, Indium appears to be the key to
         unlocking 7x24 regeneration.

There is one other way to accelerate grief. When Sam
passed we lovingly annointed his body with rare oils:

   - Frankincense, Blue Tansy and Spruce

These oils were used in Eygyt to seperate the soul
from the flesh, speeding souls along their journey
to their next step. Being able to serve in this last
step of Sam's incarnation touched us all.

While all these technologies are useful, your best
service for yourself and your loved ones is to stay
alive and well. I recommend you start serving today
by ramping up on your Raw Food, Raw Super Food and
Super Nutrient intake today.

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