Your Perfect Weight, The Easy Way

Perfect Weight is the holy grail of health and beauty seekers. People spend vast sums of time, money and energy on lose weight. Entire global industries are designed capitalize on yo-yo weight shifts, promoting "diets" and creating health challenges which land people in a medical system where the cure is usually worse than the symptoms.

Perfect Weight is a one-time activity, so if you're attached to dieting, working and will power, you're the wrong place.

You're the right place if you're excited about balancing to your Perfect Weight, once and for all, the easy way.

Your Quickstart Program

If you're a Quickstart person, try this simple 3-Step program...

  1. Join the Inside Track Party to share time with like-minded people.
  2. Do the Chocolate Bliss Quickstart Guide, if you're a Chocolate Lover.
  3. Do the Radical Health Step-By-Step Guide, implementing every step for 3-4 months. You'll be suprised how fast the inches melt.

Your Perfect Weight Equation

Having Perfect Weight once and for all, the easy way is simple. Here's the secret...

You know how well you're nourshished the the number of hours you forget to eat. If you always feel hungry, then what you're eating is incorrect food, for you.

You eat because you're hungry and hunger is a signal you're running low on some nutrient. There may be emotional & psycho-spiritual components to eating... and replenishing nutrient reserves is starting point of hunger. Satisfying hunger is the starting point to Perfect Weight. Independent of other issues, your body will always overrule your head when it comes to eating, until you "top off" all your nutrient buckets.

This is similar to breathing. It's rare anyone can simply stop breathing, as automatic physical systems trump mental constructs any day. This why 12 Step Programs are virtually useless for dealing with substance abuse, until sugar metabolism is balanced.

When nutrient reserves are "topped off", living by choice becomes a breeze. When you're satisfied there's no requirement for will power, effort or constant enforcement of choice.

Going through 21 Days to a New You is the best way to master what's required with grace, ease & speed.

Perfect Weight revolves around nourishment... multi-dimentional nourishment. We all require physical, emotional, mental and spiritual food. All are of equal importance. To the degree we receive adequate nourishment for all our bodies is the degree we experience vitality. Perfect Weight is just one small side-effect of correct physical nourishment.

At this point in Your 21 Days to a New You Adventure we'll focus on physical nutrition to produce rapid physical effect. While it's true you can create physical effect through emotional, mental and spiritual activity, this is similar to moving a boulder with a toothpick. Success moving your physical boulders will be faster and more assured if you use a physical bulldozer.

Your Weight + Beauty Tracks Your Consciousness

Beauty is more than "skin deep". Beauty is consciousness deep.

We appear as we believe. In other words, we outpicture our bodies as a physical representation of our emotional, mental and spiritual experience.

Creating small physical effect creates massive emotional, mental and spiritual effect. Thus the slightest success balancing weight and enhancing beauty has a huge effect increasing inspiration, motivation, which creates momentum of forward movement producing further physical change. This in turn repeats this entire cycle.

We'll begin by considering some of the reasons we eat the way we eat.

Why You May Eat The Way You Eat

In a perfect world you'd eat a small amount of nutrient dense, calorie sparse food each day, along with plentiful, pure, clean air, water, sun in the midst of your rich experience of Divine Partnership and Right Livelihood leading to you Living Well Doing What You Love.

While our world is less than perfect we have all we require to thrive in our world's current state. Exploring reasons for eating and then upleveling each in small ways guarantees big wins.

As we consider why people eat the way they eat we'll use a banking analogy. Consider your body as a bank. Each physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nutrient has a bank account.

Nutrient account withdrawals produce aging.

Nutrient account deposits produce youthing.

Keep this in mind as you consider why people eat how they eat and why you may eat the way you eat. Keep in mind all these nutrients are required for life. Salt, Sugar & Fat are just as essential for life as sunlight and Vitamin C.

Some of the primary drivers of eating style include:

  1. Macro Nutrient Replenishment: Water, carbs, sugars, amino acids (protein), fiber, EFAs (essential fatty acids).
  2. Micro Nutrient Replenishment: Salt, minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, enzymes.
  3. Insulation: From emotional negativity, environmental toxins, EMF (electro magnetic fields) from engines, microwave towers, cellphones, computer monitors, televisions.
  4. Eating For Many: Parasites, fungas and microbial friends may drive appetite in odd directions.

Little Known Weight Loss Tech

Losing Inches Verses Losing Weight

Confusing weight with inches is pervasive in our culture. Using our Radical Health Step-By-Step Guide you may have rapid physical changes, which may occur as weight or inch changes. Best to trade in your weight scale for a flexible tailor's rule for 6-12 months. Focus on inch changes rather than weight changes.

Trade in your scales for a cloth tailor's rule. Track your inches. Ignore your weight.

Rapid Cycling Weight Loss + Gain is Expected

Rapid cycling of weight and inches is normal and expected as eating style (diet) upscales. This occurs as a person increases their intake of high quality salt, pure (non alkaline) water, Raw Super Foods, greens and high water content produce.

As high quality, natural state, minerals become available for the first time, a person's body will accumulate and hold these minerals. This in turn allows more water to be moved into deep tissue and held there. The purpose of this physiological, detoxification process is to allow water to naturally dissolve and extract toxins.

When water becomes saturated with toxins, it expels through skin or huge volume urination. Then the entire process starts again. During this time weight and inches may fluctuate considerably. Once this process is complete, weight and inches will balance to perfection.

Once balance occurs, a person's body then begins a natural sculpting process, where maximum beauty, vitality and charisma (electrical field) express.

Notes to integrate follow...

Gaining weight, specifically lean muscle mass

A great way to increase strength and put on lean muscle mass is combining exercise and specific Raw Super Foods.

For exercise, work with a trainer to isolate the areas where you're desiring increased strength and develop a specific plan to accomplish your goal.

Enjoy morning and evening walks, slightly increasing your walking distance and speed each time you walk.

Another great trick is to do as many correct form push ups as you can, until your winded. Then divide your push up number by two and do this many push ups 2-4 times daily, increasing by one push up every day. So if you can do 5 push ups, then start with 2 push ups, 2-4 times daily. Next day do 3 push ups, 2-4 times daily. Keep this up until you're doing at least 100 push ups.

As for Super Foods, my favorite strength foods include:

  1. Primal Digest - Multispectrum Enzymes - make your entire body work better
  2. Chocolate Bliss - Chocolate Super Food Drink Mix - with added Bee Pollen + Primal AFA Green (Blue Green Algae)
  3. Fiesta Mole - Rich, Savory Tomato Super Food Mix - for blended soups with additional Golden Flax, Hemp Seeds & Chia Seeds
  4. Chia Pudding - as Chia is amazing enhancer of oxygen metabolism and tissue building

Eating Raw Food and Your Weight Loss or Weight Gain to Fast?

This is probably due to rapid cycling which we talked about earlier. Weight gain is expected with Raw Food, because nutrient dense food builds stronger, denser cells.

With Raw Food expect to lose inches, gain weight and maximize your beauty, vitality & charisma.

Some Raw Fooders gain weight because they're still eating on automatic, due to emotional and psycho-spiritual issues. Best to be conscious of your eating and ensure you're feeding your body, rather than some outdated patterning. Do this by eating slowly and consciously.

As nutrient density increase, food intake should naturally decrease. When you start eating Raw Super Foods expect to eat voraciously as your body replenishes your nutrient reserves. If this persists for months and your awareness suggests an emotional or psycho-spiritual component, best to consider expanding your healing in these realms.

Salt + Water, is Your First Food

You're primarily composed of Salt + Water, so you best focus first on quality + quanity of your Salt + Water.