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Living Well Doing What You Love

You're the right place if you're excited about Living Well Doing What You Love.

Living Well Doing What You Love or Right Livelihood arises naturally from Your Great Work - translating your Calling, Life Purpose or Divine Blueprint into valuable contribution to the specific community which benefits from your service.

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Radical Health, Raw Food Diet & Super Foods, The Easy Way

Thriving at Your Continuous Peak Energy, Mood & Beauty is essential to ease and accelerate Your Great Work. Thus your first 21 Day Adventure will focus on activities to upscale your nutrition and consciousness.

Radical Health supports you by:

Choose Your Gurus Well

A Guru is a person you trust to give you good advice. I recommend you listen to many sources, test the information which seems right, good & useful for you, then keep what serves you well.

When choosing Gurus, first be clear about your desired outcome, then find someone who has personally made the journey from where you are to where you desire to be. Once you identify these people discover how they did what they did and first model their approach and after you've mastered what these people prove has worked, add your own refinements.

Your 21 Days to a New You Adventure Activities

Your activities are best completed in the sequence they appear.

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Day 1 - First Things First

Day 2 - Your Sweet & Savory Dance

Day 3 - Your Salt, Water & pH Equation

Day 4 - Your Deep Sleep, The Easy Way

Day 5 - Your Perfect Weight, The Easy Way