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The following are candid testimonials. The only changes are to abbreviate names when requested.

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May 2nd, 2007: Vanilla Agave, Triple Select Cacao & Indium: Kevin Ensminger: Kansas City, Missouri

Hello David,

Wanted to take a moment and express my thanks for the freebees you sent with my order. The vanilla agave is incredible, though sweets(unfortunately, even, the agave) don't agree with me, my mom and sister love it!

The triple select cocoa nibs are the best pure chocolate I have ever tasted, period! Smooth, free of any bitterness and loaded with intense flavors.

I also wanted to add further to my indium comments. Definitely can tell a difference in your newer formula now. I think I just didn't give myself enough time to distinguish between the two last time I wrote to you. The newer version seems to last longer and the focusing and calming effect is more profound. As like all your products, they are among the best I have every tried! And I have become quite the health food and supplement connoisseur over the past few years. Sincerely, Kevin Ensminger

April 27th, 2007: Coco Chai: Michael Lawson: Lexington, Kentucky


The chai is so good that i keep thinking maybe its illegal to sell.

Thanks, Michael Lawson

April 26th, 2007: Coco Chai & Weight Balancing: Diana Lee: Austin, Texas


Just got your email on the Chocolate Silk and I am sure it is OUTSTANDING. However, I am going to stick with my "secret weapon" Coco Chai!

I wanted you to know that I have dropped another 5 pounds and numerous inches since my last testimonial to you! You will be impressed! My friends and family (and esp my boyfriend) are wowed by how thin I am becoming. Also my skin is glowing and hopefully my hair will start growing thicker than before.

I also use the chi massager and with the Coco Chai and Vitalize my lymph is now flowing so much more efficiently. Growing older DOES NOT mean that your body starts falling apart and you dont feel as good as you did when you were younger. I am feeling better than I have in decades! I am still detoxing some days more than others, but that is a good thing.

Today I went for a walk on such a gorgeous day and was amazed how much better I could smell and hear and see everything around me. Tell Yemiah that my hormones are now so balanced for the first time in many years and it is wonderful, as I also use extra bee pollen in my green smoothies during the day as she suggested.

I feel like such a snob now when it comes to eating food and looking at what other folks eat. I ONLY want PRISTINE quality raw stuff going down my gut!! I will be ordering the 5 lb bag of chai next since now my boyfriend and grown children want to try it! Also cant wait to try the new salt as well! THANK YOU!

Diana Lee

April 7th, 2007: Super Indium: Kevin Ensminger: Kansas City, Missouri

Thank you for the 120 mg indium of the older version. I have yet to notice a distinct difference between the two formulas. They are both excellent! In fact, when I first came across your site, the indium was the first product I tried. I have been hooked ever since. The overall experience of calmness and focus, and less need for any kind of excessive eating has been the result of taking your hot indium product. I work in a demanding, sometimes chaotic environment. It is very important to me that I am functioning at my best. The hot indium helps to give me that calm, focused center amongst the chaos. For those committed to feeling their best, I would highly recommend trying! By the way, I love taking the indium right before meditation, it is so powerful.

I have tried other indium products on the markets and they just don't compare.

April 4th, 2007: Coco Chai: Patty Faykus: Austin, Texas

Wow, I was in tears when I came by to place an order with you. You graciously served some Coco Chai and I feel like a different person! I am able to focus at work, and my spirits have lifted. I am riding the wave again, ready to face my day!

Thank You,


March 25th, 2007: Bee Pollen: Garbrielle Brick: Warwick, New York

Loving the bee pollen... I am really intrigued by its flavor... this is the first time I have come across one that actually tastes sort of floral! Really... it's amazing... I keep getting these images of bees flying in a huge field of brightly colored flowers and a slightly cool breeze... the bees buzz as they sway in the breeze along the flower tops .... and a smile on my face!


~ Gabrielle

March 24th, 2007: Coco Chai: Cassandra Woodin: Houston, Texas

Hi David,

Actually, I had been subscribing to your newsletter for probably at least a year before I decided to make my first purchase. I think the coco chai is heavenly-tasting. It is amazing to me that you could combine that many nutritious ingredients into one item that can taste that good!


March 21st, 2007: Coco Chai: Garbrielle Brick: Warwick, New York

Hi David!

So I added your Coco Chai mix to my smoothie this morning and wow! My body is responding in more ways than one!

What an incredible source of energy! The energy is surging like a grounded source of electricity that is free from jitters and nervousness! Solid, constant, and powerful!

In addition, it offered me two types of elimination ... I started sweating and felt a beauty filled warmth that came from deep within my core... as if I had ingested garlic or cayenne! And then activated the elimination of bodily solids!

I am really impressed David with the quality! Bravo! It has been a long while since I have come across products of this value!



March 21st, 2007: Maca & Bee Pollen: Gabrielle Brick: Warwick, New York

OK! So I blended bee pollen in my shake and WOW! The whole shake turned yellow! That is a FIRST! It was creamy and frothy! I also added... your Pristine Maca and Vanilla!!! Honestly! I went into instant BLISS LOVE VIBE!!!

Send my love to Yemiah!



March 21st, 2007: B Vitamins: Ann Favor: Bowie, Texas

To begin with, David is my eldest son, so it is indeed fun to write this for the web page! I have always been nutrition conscious but David began to really get serious about it and I have learned so much from his adventures in eating! My middle son, Mark, and I began to really be serious about this, a couple of years ago. Our main diet consists of raw live foods, goji berries, raw Chocolate nibs, which I use in fruit smoothies, and some supplements such as Vitamin C, blue green algae and bee pollen. I am especially conscious of the fact that I need lots of B vitamins, to fight Alzheimer's, which runs in the women of my mother's family.

I refuse to let that get a hold on me. Since zeroing in on those foods and nutrients that are high in B vitamins, my mind is sharper than it has been in 20 years. I am 72 but more like 20 in my spirit! I walk 3 to 4 miles, every day, which is as important as eating the right food, but I really like the lifestyle of a live food eater!!! I 'fudge', once in a while, and have some other foods, but my main diet is built around those live foods such as fresh fruit and veggies, nuts and seeds and whatever else David chooses to send me, from time to time! Every day is an adventure. I intend to enjoy every minute of that adventure!.........

Ann Favor

March 20th, 2007: Several Products: Garbrielle Brick: Warwick, New York

I feel high ... it has been so longs since I have been able to get these affects from superfoods! Clear, alert, multidimensional (although I spend most of my time here anyway) and like a super hero! AWESOME!

This feels good. Thank you.



March 19th, 2007: Several Products: Garbrielle Brick: Warwick, New York

Oh my God!

Thank you so much for the goodie box! It arrived this evening!

I made some fresh sesame milk... so I added the mate and the Guarana... ( how is that spelled again?) any way... it feels amazing and it actually is making feel as if I must lay down to sleep!

I am going to have fun testing everything out! I only smelled the Maca... it instantly made me giggle! The Vanilla... Divine! (again, through smell and touch!)

... your products feel amazing just hloding the package! I can imagine the feeling once ingested!

Thank you again David! What a great surprise!

Much love and many blessings!


March 19th, 2007: Vitalize: Alan Bailey: Bozeman, Montana

Hi David,

I just wanted to let you know that I upped the Vitalize to 4 each night, and I'm sleeping very well. Dreams also are more vivid. It does work.

I'm comparing it to the oral chelation product I had been using -- and I think the Vitalize does produce a better, deeper sleep.


March 16th, 2007: Coco Chai: Diana Lee: Austin, Texas


Just a word of Thanks to you for turning me on to the Coco Chai. It has made such an amazing difference in my health and sense of well being in such a very short time! I never want to be without it. I have tried so many products and foods over the years also since the 70s, but because nothing ever made a radical shift in how I felt, I never stuck to anything. I have been involved in about 10-15 network marketing companies that had the "best products" on the planet.....but NOTHING has come close to comparing to Coco Chai. Your combination of nutrients is absolutely amazing and I have dropped 7 pounds in 3 weeks. I do NOT lose weight easily and have never been on more than 1000 calorie diet a day, but it definitely is the quality and density of the nutrients that really count not the calories. I am 50 yrs young and now weigh 10 lbs more than I did as a senior in high school. My goal is to lose that 10 lbs and have thicker longer hair and be healthier than I was in high school! I think I can now with your delicious Dulse, Hemp Seeds, Bee Pollen, Gojis and Coco Chai. I am raving and telling everybody about it. I would also like to try the Angstrom Minerals but I cannot imagine how much better I could possibly feel!!!!

I feel so blessed that you and Yemiah are in Austin and that I found your website. My knowledge about nutrition and the body has grown by leaps and bounds and I always thought I was very knowledgeable before! It is a very complex science and most folks wont bother with it and just prefer to be unhealthy and eat whatever they want and have been taught to by their family and society. You know most folks that I know use the excuse that it costs too much and I cant afford it. Well let me tell you this...I am single and make less than $36k a year, which is poverty level by today's standards, but I always find a way to fit health foods into my budget. I could easily say I couldn't afford it either, but I really cant afford to be sick and diseased and this is a major investment into my health and longevity. How can you place a price tag on that????!! People will always continuously amaze me...

Thank you again for wanting to share your experience and knowledge and energy with folks like me who love to feel good and healthy and eat outside the box!!!


Diana Lee

February 15th, 2007: Angstrom Minerals: Mary Anne Mayer Redmond: Addison, Texas

Hi David,

First of all: a testimonial:

I believe the minerals are a great and essential boost to my health & well-being. When I doubled the amount I was taking each day, I noticed a comparable increase in a sort of being-in-the-zone energy. A couple of days into increasing the dosage, I swam twice as many laps as I had the last time, weeks before. I also notice that the minerals support a much stronger immune system, and eliminate most if not all food cravings. My stamina stays consistent through the late afternoon hours, and I am content to eat rather sparingly.

December 15th, 2006: Coco Chai & Vanilla Agave: Michelle Zahavah: Austin, Texas

Hello David,

Here is what I found about the CoCo chai so far....

  1. It gave me lots of energy last night, for about 2 hours. I am going to monitor my intake amounts.
  2. It tastes best when it has been mixed up for a while. I put the extra in the jar in the refrigerator and when it sits for a while the flavors seem to become enhanced.

That is my report for now.

Oh, and I love the taste of the vanilla agave.

Thank you,


December 13th, 2006: Coco Chai: Paul Diprizito: Middle Village, New York


thanks for the order. I have to say you wifes chocolate is the bomb, best I have ever tasted from a raw perspective

the structure was set perfectly-Would never know it was not hand made

great job

Paul Diprizito

November 9th, 2006: Coco Chai: Vanessa Katz: Palm Desert, California

Dear David,

OMG - I have just mixed up my first coco chai of the new bag you sent me. First of all it looks and smells like it is just chocolate powder. I mixed it with water, a small amount of agave, fresh blueberries and a little of the coconut butter that you so kindly sent me.

It is so delicious and rich and scrumptious - very different from the first chai you sent me. It tastes so awesome you almost cannot believe it could be good for you!!!!! And I can drink up to 2 liters a day of this!!!!! and then have my greens. Am I in heaven on earth!

I don't know how you changed the formula or what you did but it is magnificent.

Anyway I will contact you in about 2 weeks regarding the next steps and upping the ante. The minerals feel like a really good addition. Do you have any of the Enhance available.

I also want to set up an auto ship so I can be sure not to run out of the basics that I need.

Well have a fun weekend.

With much gratitude,


October 10th, 2006: Indium: Alyson Simms: Austin, Texas

Hi David~

Great meeting you, too. Thanks for the wonderful evening and tips for health. I have been reading some of your articles... very cool stuff. I look forward to implementing some new ways into my life and the pot luck in Jan. Can I bring something?

The indium is very relaxing for me... grounding... like pressure is being put on my skin in a comforting way. I have only done one drop, so we'll see what happens with more. :) Great door prize..I appreciate it!

Have a wonderful day...

xoxo Alyson

October 10th, 2006: Cacao & Indium: Mark Nowak: Livonia, Michigan

Goji Juice Update
Chocolate Bliss is our choice of Super Food Drink now.

Hi david,

my name is mark and I've spoken with you a few times in the last couple of years and our conversations were always insightful and very helpful to me and I have to thank you.

First of all i have to thank you for the asian gold cacao and the hot indium, they are 2 of the most profoundly healing and life changing things i have ever tried on my road to health. For the first time in my life going and staying raw is easy thanks to your advice and asian gold cacao.

everything in my life seems to be accelerating and improving. I'm just holding on for the ride and waking up excited to see what is next every day. syncronicity is increasing in my life like never before and it was a common occurence to begin with. Its hard for me to express my gratitude for the help your insight has given me.

Your website provided important information that i couldn't find anywhere else that was life saving for me. Because of this I have been recommending your product to the people i care about. Marlene H.... is one of them. She loved the chocolate by the way and will probably be ordering more soon. I just recently got turned on to goji juice because my local store just started carrying it. I want to become involved in helping to provide healthy products for people that i know are of the highest quality and this seems to be a good place to start.

The way i got my whole family and many friends and their family members hooked on something healthy like cacao makes me feel good and it got me thinking why not support my healthy lifestyle by providing people with things that support health in their life. Many of the people that i recommend cacao, goji, and other superfoods and supplements have gone on to make improvements in their diet and lifestyle. even people who didn't plan on making any changes in the first place and that feels great for me and them.

In case you can't tell i'm really juiced on this whole raw lifestyle and i just want to share that with others and support my healthy lifestyle at the same time and goji juice seems like a good place to start. The company put me in contact with someone in michigan where i live but i am also very interested in working with you and gaining some knowledge from your personal experience and helping to spread the raw knowledge in any way i can.

peas mark nowak

p.s. i would like to know if their is any chance that the whole foods stores in michigan will start carrying asian gold cacao. the whole foods store in ann arbor has a rapidly growing raw food community with healing centers ,raw food catering, holistic doctors promoting raw foods, and several potlucks in the area. i have sent them the chocolate flier and i would be very willing to do anything else to facilitate that process. the first day i tried asian gold is a day i will never forget, the world doesn't seem the same anymore. maybe i just didn't see how beautiful it was before. i'm filled with intense love and clarity everyday now is like a waking meditation and communion with god feels constant.

thank you

March 26th, 2004: Goji Juice: Anne Van de Water: Santa Barbara, California

Goji Juice Update
Chocolate Bliss is our choice of Super Food Drink now.

Thanks David..

I'll look forward to hearing more about the 21 day program when it is updated. Thanks for your message today about Goji. I actually ordered directly from the company where you get it and have been taking it for a few days. So you do not need to order me any. It's makes me want to gulp it down. But I'm being mindful of my consumption because it is a very pricey little elixir.

Thanks for turning me onto it. My friend was just here at my home and she said just being in my field made her feel as if she had had 10 cups of espresso. So, the raw food, minerals and goji is uplifting me and my whole property.

Thanks for everything.



March 26th, 2004: Eating Cycles: Allison Pineiro: South Bend, Indiana

Dear David:

I loved your personal story. Recently,I was following your advice regarding eating my last meal at 12p and until sun goes down just drink Yemiah smoothies. It worked for one day, and the next day, just like you described in your story. I had intense hunger, headaches, and I was very very cold day and night. I only have few capsules left of the Lymph, I'm trying to save as much as I can.

As for the eyes, no change yet. I may need more suggestions regarding that. But overall, I feel better!!!! I have more energy. I'm losing weight everyday. Do you only eat avocados in the morning with nuts or something else? What about fruits and other vegetables? Thank you ! P.S. I'm so far from where you are but I'm not giving up. Your facial skin in that picture looks flawless and young like my twin girls.


Allison (Customer for Life)

March 3rd, 2004: Several Products: Allison Pineiro: South Bend, Indiana

Dear David:

I am very impressed with the products and advice of Radical Health. Here are some examples of how Radical Health has changed my health and life:

6 lymph capsules+ Angstrom Evening minerals immediate sleep upon the first night.

Chinese Sea Salt Update
Sun Fire Salt is the Salt we recommend now.

Chinese sea salt: It's the best salt and so beneficial. It curbed my sugar cravings, bowel movements between my twin baby girls and myself were regular. I would use a pinch of salt with water 2x a day / also use salt on Yemiah delicious recipes.

Bee Pollen: goodbye Sudafed decongestant Super Bee Pollen has taken your place. I finally can breathe through my nose, no more mouth breathing I would take 2T in smoothies and salads.

Kelp/Dulse capsules: balancing my hyperthyroid I am taking 6 in morning (open capsules), 6 in the evening

Penta Water: delicious and beneficial: increased energy buy it as much as you can.

Thank you once again David Favor, Founder of Radical Health.

You truly blessed me.

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