Transmuting Guide - Grief, Stress & Depression - V1.0

Transmuting is changing from one form, nature, substance
or state to another, as Alchemy transmutes lead into gold
or Indium transmutes cell wall cholesterol.

This is the first in the Transmuting Guide Series,
inspired by conversation with two dear friends:

   Alex Carroll, Master authority of Radio Publicity

   Aurora Winter, Master authority of Grief Recovery

We were talking about the inspiring events behind the
articles I've written about reversing the effects of
bio-chemical trauma - grief, long term stress, panic,
anxiety, depression, PMS and Menopause which I've talked
about some in past articles:

   2003 Article: Chemistry of Grief

   2005 Article: Chemistry of Grief Revisited

All these pathologies (symptom sets) have at their core
a single, underlying cause:

   Rapid nutrient depletion.

As nutrients deplete, bodies shift into intensifying
"emergency modes" where longevity activities cease and are
replaced by survival activities. This state is called:

   "Fight or Flight"

"Fight or Flight" mode is meant to operate over very short
spans of time, usually minutes. Vast quantities of nutrients
are called into play during "Fight or Flight", which should
be replenished when the emergency ends.

The combined factors of:

   - Dehydration

   - Malnourishment

   - Acid Diets

   - Air/Water Pollutants

   - Constant Low Grade Stress

   - Insomnia

   - Pathogen Overgrowth (Candida, mold, fungus, viruses, bacteria, parasites)

   - Prescriptions and Food Additives

tend to elongate "Fight or Flight", sometimes for years. When
you hear someone has "died of natural causes", chances are they've
really died from some minor event which became major because they're
bodies were compromised from years of sustained "Fight or Flight".

To put this in perspective, sustained "Fight of Flight" is similar
to injecting pure methamphetamine every few minutes.

As "Fight of Flight" elongates, Insomnia sets in and pathogens
begin to overgrow, then the Insomnia and pathogen overgrowth
accelerates and intensifies nutrient depletion. A vicious cycle.

Chemistry of Sustained Fight Or Flight

The chemistry of this process is complex and in future versions
of this guide I'll go over all the details. For now, on to the
Transmuting Process.

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Transmuting Process - Step-By-Step

The key points for rapid transmuting of Grief, Stress & Depression are:

  - Alkalize

  - Energize

  - Purify

This relates to all body systems including blood, lymph fluid,
digestive tract, mineral reserves and neuropeptide reserves.
In particular, minerals and neuropeptides (feel good chemicals)
get burned up at a ferocious pace during "Fight or Flight".

These nutrients have to be replaced as fast as they're burned,
to coast through these situations with grace and ease.

Here's what I did recently, when we had a death in our family.

1) Angstrom Morning & Daytime Mineral Formulas were my first top.
   I guzzled Daytime Minerals to keep my chromium, vanadium and cobalt
   reserves high. Morning Minerals to keep my platinum and molybdenum
   reserves high.

2) Next was salt, water, enzymes, probiotics. Super hydration is essential
   for flushing out adrenalin and related metabolites. Miss this step and
   adrenalin poisoning starts, which is a Pandora's box of ailments.

3) Green Food, MSM & Berry Vita-C is next, to revitalize tissue
   which gets fractured by excessive adrenalin, which leads to the
   haggard/aged skin look of "people on the edge".

4) Guzzle Goji, 1-2 times/day:

      6oz. Goji Juice
      2oz. Water
      1/8t Pure Organic MSM
      1    Berry Vita-C, poured out of cap
      1t   Lemon Juice
      1/8t Himalayan Salt

5) Live on Chocolate Silk Smoothies:

      2T   Raw Cacao
      1/2t Himalayan Salt
      1/4t Cinnamon Powder
      1t   Solar Hemp
      1t   Rainbow Bee Pollen
      1t   Island Gold, Raw Coco Butter
      1/2C Dark, Premium, Raw Agave Nectar
      1/4C Blue Berries

      1C   Cold Stored Nuts - Macs, Cashews, Brazils, Hazels
      6C   Water

6) Enjoy Orange Ambrosia

      8-10  oz. freshly squeezed orange juice
      1t    Hemp Seeds
      1t    Bee Pollen
      pinch Himalayan Salt

Wrapping Up

The Transmuting Process is simple, flood your body with nutrients
so your emotional processing can happen quickly, with little residual
adrenalin poisoning to clean up.

Keep your body prepared at all times and you'll coast through major
live events, smooth and easy.


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