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Goji Tip #2: The Chemistry of Ecstasy

Sometimes we're served to remember the reason we
invest so much energy in enhancing our health,
vitality and longevity.

Money is the currency we use to purchase lifestyle -
time freedom, material resources and new experiences.

Health is the currency with which we purchase Ecstasy.

Ecstasy is a state of intense consciousness where higher
emotional and mental functions fuse into expanded sensory
experience, massive energy and continuous peak mood.

In short:

   You feel way good!

A great reason to guzzle Goji Juice, eat 100% Raw
Vegan Food, eat lite and experiment with other
interesting health practices is how these choices
may make you feel.

Having lived with years of chronic dis-ease and intense panic
attacks, in the past my appreciation for feeling like $1,000,000
every day is intense. I'm willing to be fanatical about my health
to keep my mood, energy and creativity constantly expanding.

Goji Berries are Happy Berries

People who grow, eat and live with Gojis fondly refer to
them as Happy Berries. Many areas of the world enjoy
multi-week Goji Festivals every year, celebrating the
sacred gifts of the Goji.

There are many reasons Gojis create continuously,
expanding Ecstasy. Here are a few of my favorite
aspects of Goji Juice. We'll cover these and many
more with vivid detail in future Goji Tips:

1) Nutrient density means:

   - less appetite
   - less eaten
   - greater eating satisfaction

   - perfect weight
   - extreme natural beauty

   Gojis are natural body sculptors.

2) Stimulates secretion of HGH (Human Growth Hormone),
   which is the substance many feel is responsible for
   how young we look and feel.

   Most humans produce huge amounts of HGH and few
   humans secrete HGH into their blood stream to do
   its magic. Gojis increase our body's ability to
   release our HGH reserves to rapidly turn back
   the hands of time.

   Maybe Goji Juice is the fountain of youth you've
   been looking for.

3) Reduces cholesterol, which is the substance most
   responsible for keeping us alive when micro-fractures
   (cracks) occur in our vascular system (pipes and tubes).

   Attempting to reduce cholesterol can be a one-way
   ticket to the Great Beyond. Cholesterol bandages
   over these cracks until they can heal.

   It appears Gojis actually repair these tiny cracks,
   so our body signals our cholesterol system we no
   longer require "cholesterol bandages" to keep us alive.

   Best to repair the reason for cholesterol build up,
   rather than strip cholesterol out of our bodies as
   so many drugs and surgeries do.

   Repairing your pipes and tubes is your best ticket
   to staying around a long, long time. Along with
   increasing HGH secretions, rapid repair of your pipes
   and tubes is a great way to enjoy increasing youth.

4) Keeps energy high, mood peaked and blood sugar
   stable through high-quality, protein bound chromium,
   vanadium, iron and copper. Forget those health food
   store Franken-supplements, these are the real deal.

   This combination of minerals dramatically increases
   our ability to enjoy rapid sugar metabolism (energy)
   and high oxygenation in our cells (feeling good).

   Diabetics will appreciate how Gojis tonify their
   entire sugar/insulin metabolism. Just be sure to
   adjust your insulin, as requirements sometimes
   rapidly decrease or disappear.

5) Super immunity from natural Vita-C and Vita-E.
   500 times more Vita-C than oranges. So you feel
    great whatever the season.

   Colds, allergies and seasonal annoyances like
   sinus problems, all in the past.

6) Improves depth of sleep by tonifying the lymphatic
   system. You can read more about why sleep tracks
   lymphatic health here:

      Menstruation & Leukemia

      Eating Raw, What's The Big Deal?

      7 Keys For You To Look And Feel Your Best Ever!

   When lymph flows fast, sleep is deep and continuous.

7) Repairs DNA. This is a big one with all the unusual
   environmental agents we're exposed to daily. Cancer
   is a process, rather than an event.

   Contributers are chronic dehydration, malnourishment
   from primarily eating cooked/processed food, stagnant
   lymph and environmental pollution inside our homes,
   offices and cars.

   Each of these contributers slowly mutates DNA. At some
   some point mutations become so wide spread, people are
   said to have Cancer.

   Best to keep your DNA in tip-top shape by guzzling Goji
   every day.

8) Reduces and/or reverses hormonal symptoms including PMS,
   Menopause, Andropause (male menopause) and morning sickness.

9) Improves memory, creativity and cognition. This is your
   brain on steroids. Natural, good steroids.

10) Strengthens Digestion.

11) Increases energy and stamina. My sweet wife Yemiah says
    it clearly, "Goji Juice has doubled my workout time."

12) Goji Juice reduces stress by increasing income. Financial
    increases come from many sources. My ability to enjoy great
    productivity in all my businesses has increased. And my most
    exciting income stream is now Goji Juice, as there's no product
    handling or order processing. They just send me a check. Ah...

You can find out more about Goji health benefits watching the
superb Goji Juice Flash Presentation for more details about
how Goji Master Molecules work. Email me for the site link.

Goji Juice Even Better Than Berries

Now for the best news yet! Each liter of Goji Juice has
the equivalent of over 2 lbs. of Goji Berries, mixed with
other juices to create a smooth, delicious flavor.

So each bottle of Goji Juice contains around $65 of
Goji Berries. Besides getting your Goji Berries for
1/2 price this way, Goji Berries are an acquired taste.
Goji Juice goes down smooth and easy.

To give you an idea of how long-term Goji Berry users
compare Goji Juice, 100% of our Goji Berry customers
have transitioned to Goji Juice.

My belief is the reason Goji Juice is so superior to
Goji Berries is juice from the Raw Goji Berries better
captures the essence of Goji Energy. The drying process
seems to deplete many subtle nutrients.

One taste and you'll immediately tell the difference.
90 days of daily Goji Juice and my guess is you'll be
on a life-long, upward spiral.

Wrapping Up

Goji Juice is expanding my entire life into new areas.
My income and free time are increasing. My excitement,
energy and mood are expanding rapidly.

I'm a Goji Hyper-User for life. :-)

Be in touch with the person who sent you this Goji Tip
and ask them how Goji Juice has changed their life.

Enjoy your best, most Goji-riffic day ever!

- David Favor, Publisher

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