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23 Reasons Healthy People Get Sick

Why Healthy People Get Sick

If you're around children much you know they get sick
hard and fast. The healthier the child, the most intense
their symptoms and the quicker they get well.

As adults upgrade their health, they recapture their
ability to enjoy rapid "karmic return". In other words,
the healthier a person the harder and faster they detox.

Most people's energy is invested just maintaining their
health in the face of eating cooked and animal foods,
toxic dental work (root canals and amalgams), dealing with
huge mycotoxic loads (fungus) and environmental pollution.

Couple these factors with chronic dehydration and malnourishment
and the result is slowly declining health. In other words, as
the results of these factors accumulates over time, all energy
is invested just keeping the person alive.

In this case a person's "karmic return", the speed at which
they reap what they sow is slow. Well, until a certain level
of accumulation, then symptoms intensify with death sometimes
being the first recognizable symptom.

People exploring the Raw Food Diet which is covered here:

begin to revitalize and accumulate vast reserves of energy.
Initially, these energy reserves create rapid cycling, which
is covered here:

   Pathogen Flushing - Part 2

This article covers many reasons why people stay in rapid cycling
for years and how you can breeze through detox, into rebuilding and
your final stage of dramatic transmutation.

23 Reasons Why Healthy People Get Sick

The core of why this occurs is usually people staying in detox
for years, because of their health habits. The challenge is the
abundance of incorrect health information. This becomes obvious
when you visit hospitals, doctors offices and nursing homes.

You'll notice they are full of sick people. If you're interested
in being sick hang out with people in the "Sickness Industry".
If you're interested in health, find the most healthy person you
can and do what they do.

Here are some of the top reasons people stay overly long in detox:

 1) Incorrect Food Combining: Master this topic and you'll quickly
    understand the chemistry behind digestion.

    Solution: Master Food Combining. In short, separate
    proteins from starches/sugars/carbs. Eat melons alone. Each
    mucho greens. Enjoy digestive enzymes with cooked meals and
    meals of unactivated nuts and seeds.

 2) Protein Poisoning: Because of rampant protein myths
    mass marketed by various industries - soy, meat, dairy - most
    people suffer from severe protein poisoning.

       One of the first activities we do in our client practice
       is removed excipients, ascorbates and excessive protein
       from people's eating style.

    We grow fastest between birth and 18 months. During this time
    our best food is mother's milk which is 2%-3% protein, which
    around the same protein as raw white potato juice.

    As adults we are no longer "bulking up", we're maintaining.
    This means we require far less protein, than we did as children.
    Protein Poisoning acidifies tissue causing rapid aging and
    many strange symptoms which are difficult to diagnose.

    Solution: There's plenty of protein in most greens,
    hemp seeds and activated nuts to maintain our adult protein
    requirements. Other great sources are Chocolate Silk and
    Fiesta Mole which include protein co-factors, which are
    essential for maintaining tissue integrity.

 3) Rancid Nuts: Nuts become rancid after a few months
    and many times bulk bin nuts at local health food stores
    are 2-3 years old. Many people think their allergic to nuts
    and find out they were only allergic to rancid oils the first
    time they enjoy cold stored nuts.

    Solution: Only eat cold stored nuts, seeds & Bee Pollen.

 4) Rancid Oils: Oils become rancid by contact with oxygen,
    light, heat and by aging.

    Solution: Only purchase first virgin pressings of oils
    packed in dark, preferably glass, containers. Add oil after
    any cooking, as cooking turns oil into carcinogenic stew.

    The exception is Coconut Oil. It can be heated to 375 degrees
    and exposed to light for years.

 5) To Many Hidden Mycotoxins: Many so called health foods have
    hidden mycotoxin loads. This includes mushrooms, nutritional yeast,
    grains and dried fruits. Mycotoxic means a food tends to feed pathogens,
    especially Candida. Many times Mycotoxins are the root cause of severe
    dis-ease and are difficult to diagnose/treat.

    Solution: Find alternatives by trying recipes out of the
    books listed at the end of
    Read the two Pathogen Flushing articles at

 6) Too Much Hybridized Food: This includes oranges, bananas,
    carrots and beets. All these foods are bred to have unnaturally
    high sugar levels, making them highly mycotoxic (fungus food).

    Solution: Only eat these Raw, as cooking concentrates
    sugars even more. When eating enjoy some Himalayan Salt or
    seaweed, like Dulse or Nori, to add back in the minerals which
    have been bred out.

 7) Too Much Sweet Fruit/Sugar: This relates to the previous
    item and particularly refers to both natural and dried sweet fruits.
    These foods give rise to Candida overgrown and create huge sugar
    spikes putting excessive load on the pancreas and elimination.

    This also relates to Honey, Maple Syrup, Stevia and other
    cooked sugars.

    Solution: Eat non-sweet fruit instead, like avocados,
    coconuts, tomatoes and peppers. Replace honey and cooked sugars
    with dates or better, Raw Agave Nectar, which has a very low
    glycemic (sugar) level.

 8) Eating To Early: Most people begin eating to early in
    their day. Our first, and only meal, is usually around 2-3PM.
    This allows our bodies to have a 18-24 hour fast every day,
    which dramatically increases energy, as digesting is the most
    energy intensive activity of our bodies.

    Solution: If you're still eating early, begin your day
    with nutrient dense, non-sweet food. For example, fresh vege juice.

    You can also experiment with Salt Flushes, which flood the body
    with nutrients. Salt Flushes are best done only with pure salt,
    like Himalayan Salt (directions here)

        Hot Indium User's Guide

    If you have early sweet cravings have either:

        Activated Pistachios, Dulse and Dates

    or better Chocolate Silk, Goji Punch or Orange Julius (recipes here)

        Keep Your New Year's Resolution The Easy Way

 9) Eating To Late: Most people eat too much, to late. Bodies
    operate in two distinct modes - activity and regeneration. Bodies
    switch between these modes by light effecting Serotonin. This is
    why it's essential to have a dark sleeping environment.

    As light levels decrease, Serotonin metabolism (chemical reactions)
    transition the body out of activity mode into regeneration mode.
    When this occurs, digestive systems are quiesced (suspended) and
    regeneration begins.

    If food is introduced to late in the evening (when sun is low),
    then the body flips back into activity mode. These modes are
    mutually exclusive and depending on type/amount of food eaten
    and time eaten, the entire regeneration cycle for the night
    can be skipped.

    If this occurs continuously all the Raw immaculate food and
    expensive SuperFoods will still result in premature aging.

    Solution: Begin and end eating when at Sun's zenith
    (when the Sun is highest). If you have cravings later in the
    night enjoy a Pummelo (alkaline grapefruit), apple or glass of
    Chocolate Silk.

10) Eating Too Much: This happens for most people at every
    meal. Eating and weight balancing (gain or loss) is simple.
    Bodies eat for nutrients. If low nutrient food is put into
    the body, hunger persists and over eating results.

    Another challenge is most people eat cooked food which inhibits
    aliesthetic response, which is the stop eating signal. This signal
    "fires" by monitoring nutrient intake levels. The challenge is
    aliesthetic response appears to only work off raw (uncooked),
    natural (unprocessed), pure (no chemicals additives).

    Cooked food inhibits this signal, so people eat until their
    stomach backs up, which we call acid reflux.

    Solution: To reduce eating and rapidly balance weight,
    increase your nutrient density. If you're eating out, always
    carry a few Kelp/Dulse capsules or Himalayan Salt to use on
    your food.

    Better, only eat at home and eat mainly high water content,
    nutrient dense, Raw Super Foods.

    When eating any cooked food, try enjoying a few Digest and
    Salivarius with your meal and notice the difference. This
    will also get rid of any after lunch energy slump.

11) Eating To Complex: Most meals are complicated. A
    SAD (Standard American Diet) meal of meat, potatoes, salt,
    soft drink and dessert can take 40-50 hours to transit the
    entire digestive tract and be eliminated.

    Solution: Eat simple and eat combinations which
    digest rapidly. Separate proteins and carbs. Eat melons
    alone. Master food combining.

12) Eating To Little Salt: Eating to little salt can
    be deadly. It's amazing to watch chronically ill people
    return to great health in a few days on a high salt diet.

    Salt allows water to be held in the body. Adequate salt
    is required to allow hydration (body to hold water).
    People have massive health increases when they go on high
    salt diets, because low salt diets results in massive

    Solution: Eat only pure salt. Our preference is
    Himalayan Salt. You can read about why we avoid grey salt
    like the plague here:

       What's the Grey in Grey Salt Anyway?

13) To Many Cold/Wet Foods: Eating primarily salads and
    high water content fruit (unless your in the tropics) tends
    to water log the spleen and shutdown immune function.

    Symptoms usually involve sinus inflammation and respiratory
    (oxygen uptake) interference. You can read more about this:

       My Personal Health Story & 100% Raw In 2 Days

       100% Raw In 2 Days

    Solution: Keep up your intake of heating and drying foods.
    Spicy foods - arugala, peppers, onion, garlic, ginger. Dehydrated
    foods like Golden Flax Crackers and Activate Pistachios.

       Activated Nut Recipe

14) Eating To Little Fat: Fat is essential to life. EFAs,
    Essential Fatty Acids, are the majory building block for cell
    walls. People on low fat diets tend to become dehydrated, as
    cells are unable to hold water. Then finally, loose brain function
    as the body steals fat from the brain and neurolgy to regenerate
    life essential tissue like heart and lungs.

    Solution: Eat high quality fats like avocado, activated
    nuts and Chocolate Silk Smoothies. Add Hemp Seeds to salads.
    Add Hemp Seeds and Olive Oil to salad dressings.

15) Malnourishment: Most people are malnourished. The first
    sign of malnourishment, in advanced countries, is being over
    weight. There can be many reasons for this. Quality of food
    is to low. Food is cooked. Some part of the persons metabolism
    (ability to digest food and uptake nutrients) is reduced or

    Solution: Eat nutrient dense, satisfying foods. Increased
    (high quality) salt and fat is the best first step.

16) Eating Too Much Soy: Soy is one of the most extreme
    accelerated aging substances on the planet, as cooked soy
    contains estrogen (hormone like) substances which instruct
    the body to "speed up", age faster.

    Products like lechithin, tofu, tempe and soy milk are the
    worst. Miso and whole Edaname beans are okay, in moderation.

    Solution: Replace your lecithin with Bee Pollen. One
    tablespoon of Bee Pollen has the equivalent of 20-30 egg yolks
    worth of lecithin and a bag of citrus worth of rutin.

    Replace your soy milk with fresh nut milk. Recipe is here:

       Asthma, Arthritis & Cancer, Three Faces Of The Same Dis-Ease

    Replace your tofu and tempe with activated nuts.

17) Eating To Many Unactivated Nuts/Seeds: Most people new
    to the Raw Food Diet naturally gravitate to Raw Nuts as they
    phase out flesh, foul, fish, dairy, grains, rice and beans.
    Raw Nuts are in a natural state and they are in stasis. Put
    a dry nut on the window sill and nothing happens. Soak it over
    night and you'll start getting a sprout.

    Raw Nuts are coated with chemicals to encourage bugs to move
    on to more tasty meals. Their are also enzyme and protein
    inhibitors which allow the nuts to remain viable (able to sprout)
    for long periods.

    Consistently eating Raw Nuts floods the digestive tract with
    these substances, which can interfere or completely shutdown

    Solution: Germinate (soak) your nuts before eating them.
    Activate your nuts and seeds for a dry, salty taste:

        Activated Nut Recipe

18) Eating Isolates Supplements/Prescription Medicines: Both
    of these are the same. Each are unnatural foods, cooked up in
    laboratory test tubes or extracted from foods/herbs.

    In either case, the broad spectrum of nutrients which occur in
    whole foods are missing, which create chemical imbalances in
    the body and over time accumulate into what is referred to many
    times as "death by natural causes".

    Solution: If you're on prescription medication, stay on
    it as going off cold turkey can result in organ damage and/or
    death. Find a practitioner who has enough knowledge to assist
    you with supervised transition off your prescriptions.

    If you've been directed that your only hope for a natural life
    or survival is drugs/surgery, find someone with enough knowledge
    to assist you with alternatives.

    If I'd followed doctors directions, I'd have had my entire
    digestive tract and most of my stomach removed twice:

        My Personal Story

19) To Little Variety: When people first start their
    Raw Journey, they usually get a rush from eating sweet
    fruit which is fast to digest, burns clean and is full
    of sugar. This initial feeling can be addictive and some
    people begin eating very limited diets. This sets up
    subtle imbalances which accumulate over time into strange

    Solution: Fill your diet with a variety of SuperFoods.
    When you invest in produce, pick bright, deep, rich colors.
    Have some dark greens every day.

    Enjoy Chocolate Silk, Goji Punch and Orange Julius's on
    a regular basis (recipes here):

        Keep Your New Year's Resolution The Easy Way

    Chocolate Silk is filled with small amounts of a variety
    of the most important SuperFoods - Cacao (chocolate), Hemp Seeds,
    Bee Pollen, Himalayan Salt, Cinnamon and especially Blue Berries.

    Many times I'll mix in Pure Radiance, berry based Vitamin C and
    MSM to further increase nutrient density.

20) To Little Fiber: An old adage is "Health begins in the Bowel".
    Very true. Fiber, both soluble and insoluble, is essential for fast,
    complete elimination. When elimination is slow and incomplete, food
    spoils producing highly toxic substances which are then absorbed
    into the blood stream.

    This keeps the body in a state of continuous emergency, which
    reduces or suspends regeneration, creates adrenal/thyroid exhaustion
    and produces CICs (Circulating Immune Complexes) which pathogens
    love to eat.

    Solution: Eat a high fiber diet. Apples, activated nuts,
    greens and Golden Flax are house staples with us.

21) To Little Exercise: Most people are very sedentary. To
    little movement encourages stagnant lymph which leads into the
    insomnia, arthritis, cancer cycle. Exercise/movement is the
    only way so allow lymph fluid to make it's one way trip through
    and out of the body, cleansing as it goes.

    Solution: Build movement into your entire day. Park far
    away from doors and walk to buildings. Take the stairs instead
    of the elevator. Take the long way at every turn.

22) To Little Sleep: Many people have challenges sleeping
    because of stagnant lymph. Once stagnant (lymph nodes clogged),
    no amount of exercise will move lymph fluid.

    Solution: Take a lymph dissolver like Vitalize anytime
    you feel sleep will be long in coming. Be sure to use this 2-3
    hours before bed and drink plenty of water, so you can sleep
    straight through instead of getting up every few hours.

23) To Little Sunlight: Sun is the primary source of human
    assimilable (usable) Vitamin-D, which is required for correct
    digestion and nutrient uptake. When Vitamin-D is reduced or
    absent, nutrient uptake is reduced or interrupted. This leads
    to malnourishment and resulting challenges we talked about

    Solution: Get some Sun every day. Preferably full body
    Sun. Live somewhere cold and dark in the winter? Move! This
    may seem harsh and if you seem to have health challenges, move
    to a sunny location for a few years and see how you improve.
    Sun, and lots of it, is essential for health.

    If you live where the sun seems brutal, then take direction
    from tropical peoples. They all have "Island Glow" and rarely
    have skin cancer or aged skin. Why? Coconuts. If you live in
    a location like this, make sure you have access to lots of
    fresh coconuts and you'll be amazed how the sun revitalizes
    your skin.

Wrapping Up

We've covered massive ground today. Be sure and
pass along your questions.

Be good to yourself. Slow change is the best and most
persistent type. Go slow, as Raw is a process/journey,
rather than an event/arrival.


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Enjoy your best day ever!

- David Favor,, 512-280-5802

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making changes.

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